Photo: @steelers

Get this off my screen get this off my screen!

  • Scott

    the betrayal!

  • Swirvithan L’Goodling-Splatt

    Two guys who played/coached for the Redskins when BB was coach here. Meh, I’d be more offended if he was hanging out at Orioles’ spring training :-p

  • Meh it’s just the Steelers. I respect them as a franchise, plus they frequently beat down the Ravens. And for the record I root for two teams, the Skins and who ever is playing the Ravens.

  • Thanks for the Baltimore bashing, Holy_Cal!

  • rotational

    Oh Bruce why? 🙁 🙁

    I’ll love you again after the Ravens chew them up this year 😀

  • I’m an old school maryland sports fan. The nationals and ravens never existed when I was growing up and began my life as a fan and therefore it’s o’s, caps and skins.

  • Okay – so with that essential clarification we can still be good friends.

  • Excellent. Go o’s.

  • Rob W.

    “plus they frequently beat down the ravens”….riiiiiiiiiiiight

  • Of the 39 times they’ve met the steelers have won 23 of those games, and they are 3-0 against Baltimore in the playoffs. So yeah. Doesn’t sound like much of a rivalry unless you’re some delusional water billy from Dundalk.

  • I really don’t want to get into this argument so I’ll just say this: I don’t think the record of their head-to-head match-ups is a great indicator of if it’s a big rivalry or not.

  • Fair enough. Personally, I find rivalry in professional football to be not existent in the first place… but I grew up on duke-umd and Florida-fsu.

  • Vicki Albarano Blucher

    your right Ian:

    Penn State is 35-1-1 against maryland but they last played in 1993, now they will be 36-1-1 after this year but they are gonna give them more trouble then in the past

  • DustinPenncakes

    I knew there was another reason I liked Bruce.

  • BPThomas

    I’d root for whoever beats down the Redskins, but that’s a lot of teams.

  • Todd N

    Nothing wrong with that…as long as it’s not the Cowboys

  • jenstatz8

    Gabby how could you!!!?

  • Sarah

    I’m from Dallas, and the Cowboys even scare me. Mind you, the whole NFL scares me at this point.

  • Judy Neilson Gray

    Fat f@#k…

  • mspeer

    Agreed though I do feel like a bit of a weirdo these days. Cal is and always will be the man.