More Photos From Mike Green’s Wedding


Photo: @heraweddingsandevents

On Saturday, Washington Capitals defenseman Mike Green got married to longtime girlfriend Courtney Parrie, causing a mild panic among some of our female readers. Details of the ceremony are scant, but a few more photos emerged on Sunday evening.

Hera Weddings & Events posted photos of the wedding held at an Alberta farm. Here’s a custom-built, 50-foot flower wall with Green’s last name.


Photo: @heraweddingsandevents

Here is the reception area. Notice the horses in the background.


Photo: @heraweddingsandevents

The sweetheart’s table was elevated and included this beautiful white couch.


Photo: @heraweddingsandevents

And here’s one of many of the cocktail hour lounge set-ups.


Photo: @heraweddingsandevents

The most spectacular addition to the ceremony was a vintage Rolls Royce with chandeliers hanging from the trees.

Finally, Green had country cover band, Mayfield, play the ceremony. The Calgary band posted a photo while posing in front of Green’s pergola.

Thanks for the heads up on the photos @capldy and @daniellewtdp.

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  • Bracknaphobia

    Looked like a classy affair. Why weren’t we invited?

  • Nolan Lynn

    game over

  • PJ

    All I wanted to see was a picture of a limo with the license plate: “GAMEOVR”

  • VeggieTart

    Our invites must have gotten lost in the mail.

  • Brenna

    As one of the female readers…:sigh:. This is perfect.

  • yv

    fyi, in other news during this dead season – Ovi’s big interview on :–

  • themav80

    I didn’t know Canada had chandelier trees.

  • Sarah

    I see Ian is safely back on the hockey nuptials beat. ; ) Great clutch play by Peter over the weekend, though!

  • Sarah

    I guess they miss the icicles for the six weeks they don’t have ’em. 😀

  • Ian was at a wedding so he couldn’t write about Mike Green’s wedding. See I was very busy

  • Guest

    On a semi-hockey related note, does it look like Greenie has lost some weight? If so, hope it means we see the smooth-skating Green this year. In-shape Greenie + Trotz (new system & amazeballs with d-men) = Norris potential?

  • Sarah

    That is friggin’ awesome! In the words of Lindy Ruff, “Everybody ropes, everybody rides!”

  • Haha. I think it’s hard to judge someone’s body fat % from a photo 30 feet away in which said person is in a suit.

    Also, related question when has Greener not been in good shape?

  • Sarah

    Oh dear Lord, I chose to focus only on you and the hat and the Stars and TOTALLY missed your hashtags and the other guys’ hats… (buries face in near fatal embarrassment) Just, uh, take that comment in the spirit in which it was intended, okay?

  • Yeah I was METAPHORICALLY roped-in to doing the YMCA on stage, but as you can tell I totally got into it.

  • Sarah

    Thank you, Ian. You are my hero. Also, you rock that cowboy hat perfectly, as I meant to say earlier.

  • GetchaGrubbOn

    I went all the way through grade school and high school with Courtney. Saw pictures of Courtney and Mike at a mutual friend’s wedding. They were not at mine… SHOULD. HAVE. MADE. BETTER. FRIENDS. SO. STUPID. DUMB. DUMB. DUMB!

  • NovaCath

    Think back a couple of years ago (Boudreau was the coach) and look at photos of Green towards the end of the season. Look at his face. You could tell that he put on weight during the season. That summer he got himself back into shape. I recall him even saying that he had to take more care with his diet (I think it was during a video segment of Lunch with Lindsey that was filmed at his condo in Arlington.)

  • Stevarooni

    “Details of the ceremony are scant”
    Someone passed them back to Green at the point, but they hopped over his stick and the opposition took them the other way =D

    Sorry, that came to me immediately and made me laugh, but at least I waited until the honeymoon had started and everyone had moved on b4 posting, right?

    I’ll send him an Easton Stealth as a wedding gift or something