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Washington Capitals defenseman Dmitry Orlov is up in New York City tonight with his girlfriend Varya for a special occasion. Varya is flying home to Russia tomorrow. To properly see her off, Orlov called up former Capital Alex Semin and had a double date at Cipriani’s on Broadway.

Excuse me for a second here.

Okay, much better. Thank you.

In fact, Semin recently married his long-time girlfriend Alena, whom he first met in Krasnoyarsk several years ago.

Orlov states in his photo that “we are starting to prepare for the new season.” Does that mean Orly’s planning on training together with Semin? I do not know, but that’d be pretty frigging cool. That Semin guy is pretty good at the hockey.

At least it does hint at the fact that Orlov’s arm is finally getting healthy.

Now Peaches & Herb, sing us out.

Translation by Igor Kleyner.

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  • pixiestix

    Matching. Striped. Shirts.

  • Yo8

    Who wears short shorts? I wear short shorts!!!

    Man, Sasha has gotten bigger… he is married tho T-T such cute couple.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Why is it that Russian girls are always dressed up to go out, yet the guys always look like complete slobs? 😛

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    What, not a jorts fan? 🙂

    He may not look ready for a night out in NYC, but dude makes $7 mil a year, those jorts are probably woven from unicorn hair, the shirt was preshrunk using angel tears, and the sandals are game worn Jesus authentic.

  • Shaun Phillips

    I was more thinking Orlov with the skull t-shirt/blue jeans. At least Semin has a collared shirt on.

  • Sarah

    I’m always amazed at how expensive it can be to look like a total goofus. I mean, c’mon, if you don’t care how silly your clothes are, Old Navy practically pays you to take their stuff.
    Still, very attractive people all around.

  • Sasha))))))))

    “Orlov states in his photo
    that “we are starting to prepare for the new season.” Does that mean
    Orly’s planning on training together with Semin? I do not know, but
    that’d be pretty frigging cool. That Semin guy is pretty good at the hockey.”

    Training together or trade looming where they play together?

    Biznasty did say he was waiting for a trade to happen to sign with a team. (assuming the rumors are correct in that the Caps are the team gunning for him) Orly to Carolina? Semin back in Washington?

    Probably none of the above

  • Yo8

    I think the question here should be why in the world of hell Russian women always dressed up to go out when they are probably only going to the marked? Men everywhere in the world care less about what they wear and is actually easier for them since is just shirt and pants most of the time. Women have it more difficult since society judge us by the way we look so I guess that depends on how much you care or don’t care.

    In my opinion I think is important to look clean and presentable but dressing up like that all the time is over the top unless you spend all your time in a night club or business trips.

  • Sarah

    I’ve found that whether you wear designer clothes or Old Navy, all men seem to give a damn about is, er, a low waist to hip ratio and a sense of humor. Extra points for liking sports; points subtracted (if they even notice) for expensive hand bags and shoes.
    My takeaway is if you’re a heterosexual girl, you can save your money on fashion. Most of that stuff is just to impress other girls, and I don’t give a crap what other girls think.
    So basically yeah, I agree with you. 😉

  • Yo8

    My cousin is like that. She married a very wealthy man so she is always caring one those expensive bags and is definitely just to brag because I don’t think any man would give a damn about her bags. I think it would be more of turn off like “that girl is going to drain my wallet” or “hell no she is not going to help with the bills” Hahaha! Only a rich man which is the reason she got herself one.

  • Sarah

    I actually determined this empirically. I went to high school somewhere extremely image conscious, then college at a mostly male school. I initially kept doing what I’d always done, but the lack of a) other women, and b) social skills in the student body meant that life was just one unending sit com of awkwardness. This was entertaining for my friends, but I had a lot pf work to do and was hoping to tone things down a bit. In desperation, I started wearing ripped jeans and my older brother’s old shirts, thinking this would turn the guys off. Apparently it just made me more approachable because it had the opposite of the intended effect… Lesson learned.
    To quote Dave Barry: “Fashion will always be meaningless as long as the men are aware, and believe me they are, that the women, underneath their clothes, are not wearing clothes.”

  • john

    looks like a cigg in semins hand, no?

  • dylan wheatley

    man sasha is such a boss. excuse while i turn all my jeans into cutoffs.

  • Pat Magee

    I guess us americans will never understand… lol

  • Eddie

    The pegged shorts. Yikes. My God.