A few weeks ago, we reported that Russians Evgeny Kuznetsov and Dmitry Orlov had come back early to the states to start working out for next season. One Russian we forgot among that group is Stan Galiev, a Caps prospect in the last year of his entry-level contract.

With all those Russians in the weight room, an outnumbered John Carlson had no choice but to surrender control of the stereo. In protest, Carlson posted a video of what he had to suffer through on his Instagram.

Turn your sound up to get the full effect.

That’s Evgeny Kuznetsov completely jamming out.

I’m pretty sure towards the end of the video you can hear Carlson mutter, “awful.”

He also added the caption, “Worst music in the world… @kuzy092 @galixon” to his video.

Aw, man. This is so great.

  • Sara

    I’m with JC on that one!!! 🙂

  • Semintheghost

    Good to see Stan and Kuzy together. Maybe Stan can pull it together this year.

  • Sam Rosen

    but carly….you like the song beat that beat….is that really much better? nah….

  • Thank you

  • I’ll be interested to see what they do with him when his contract ends next summer. The fact that he split AHL/ECHL at his age last year does not bode well for him being a long-term, but I still believe he has a NHL level shot and NHL-level hands. Just that skating ability and system play where he needs improvement.

  • IafrateNoGhosts

    Brooksie approves…

  • IafrateNoGhosts
  • Vicki Albarano Blucher

    “we got engine problems, handling problems and, aerodynamic problems but other then that the car is fine”

    Great quote during an interview with a Nascar crew chief that i felt belonged here in some way lol

    but i do have high hopes for him and i hope he gets it sorted out and makes it to the NHL some day, i have watched him ever since juniors and he is very talented.

  • Mike

    I lived in Crimea for 2 years. Russians have the WORST taste in music. I almost feel sorry for John Carlson, but his job is much cooler than mine and definitely worth it.

  • Roman Z.

    Haha Ian it’s more of a pop tune than anything else.

    Here’s the full version: http://youtu.be/OcOe9px8uGU

    The lyrics are pretty light, the guy sings (he cross-dresses as a woman and uses the female stage name of Vera) about being depressed that she is getting older, but comforts herself by saying that she still looks fabulous because she wears Dolce & Gabbana!

  • stacyh13

    We spent a month one year in Krasnoyarsk. They have loud speakers on the streets of that city that blare that horrible eurotrash techno pop crap. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. never before had I realized how great the saying “Silence is Golden” really is!! Horrible taste in music. . . But, we have to forgive them because they play a great game!


  • Superslav

    Not electronica, but EDM. This was not it, that was remixed Russian pop crap:)

  • Semintheghost

    OK. But the last coach in HER did not seem to use him correctly and injurys have hurt Stan in the past. The coaching change should help. Unlike many Euro players who have one bad season in the AHL and then run to Europe , Stan has stuck with it. I think Kuzy coming over and Orly getting a permanent roster spot might motivate him. Its good to see him working out with some Caps players. I would love to see a Stan,Kuzy,Ovi line in preseason. I do hope the Caps resign him but he will have to earn it. I think player with some more skilled players could help with system play. ( An editor of RMNB replied to me!! Yay!!!!!!)

  • Semintheghost

    Remember Kruger and Anton?

  • Igor Kleyner

    “Я иду такая вся…” Всё. ПП. Пошёл спать. Если смогу…

  • Sage Confucius

    That’s like listening to Culture Club backwards

  • Roman Z.

    Спокойной ночи!

  • Q

    Verka Serduchka!!!!! Clearly Kuznetsov and I need to have a discussion about music. And Eurovision.