Once we get past the Alex Ovechkins of the world, we’re left with another tier of Ice Bucket Challenges acceptance videos, where B-list athletes we’re not nearly as excited about post vertically oriented videos. But that’s okay because in this third round of Ice Bucket Challenges (see Post 1 and Post 2 here), we’ve got toilet water, a four-minute short-film, and Nate Schmidt shirtless.


Steve Oleksy

Tom Wilson

Rocking the old school jersey. I love this.

Joel Ward

Nate Schmidt

Nathan Walker

Semyon Varlamov

Tomas Kundratek

The amount of portrait videos here is appalling. Turn that thing sideways!

Troy Brouwer

… posted his on Facebook with privacy settings so high, literally no one can see it. [sad face]

Aaron Volpatti

Elliot Segal (of Elliot in the Morning)

Actually, this one is so great, it need some GIF treatment.

The Brouwer Rangers

We will answer the Brouwer Rangers’ challenge (with all of your help) at RMNB Party 7: PARTYZORD: The Brouwer Rangers/RMNB ‘Legends of Ice Dancing’ Tour de Pouwer (to Support Fort Dupont Ice Arena)™.

And Finally, Wes Johnson Who Is The Best

Helped by Goat and Horn Guy. So. Great.

Which videos so far have been your favorite?

  • nicoley-poley

    Does anyone have more fun than the Brouwer Rangers?

  • Zach S.

    Really want someone to nominate John Walton and Mike Vogel. Ohhh boy that would be good.

  • Мatt

    Nathan Walker’s accent FTW

  • So will you guys help us at RMNB Party 7? I’m thinking like 50 of you have buckets of ice water and you all throw it at us at the same time.

  • Wondering

    Is it cheating to wait to add ice to lukewarm water until the last second before you pour?

  • Ash

    Dammit, Troy, think of the Brouwer Rangers at least. They NEED to see your challenge.

    …I do like how this only reinforces my mental image of the Brouwer Rangers as just sitting around watching Brouwer highlights in all their spare time.

  • IRockTheRed



    Nate Schmidt squeals like a girl! This isn’t an insult, just amusing – and as a chick, I can say it. 😉

    Wes is awesome!

    I hope JoeB challenges John Walton. That’d be fun.

  • IRockTheRed

    Can’t look at FB from work. What’s the date and time?

  • Brouwer Rangers


  • Brouwer Rangers

    We added ice to garden hose water and it was uncomfortably cold within a few seconds.

  • Alex

    Ima let you finish, but Wes Johnson had the best video of all time!

  • Alex

    Ok I take that back… Brouwer Rangers, you win this round.

  • Saturday, September 6 at 10:00am – 12:00pp, Fort Dupont Ice Arena

  • Shaun Phillips

    I like the guy taking a cell phone pic of them (in the background) as they’re buying the ice.

  • VeggieTart

    Schmidty is just too adorable.

  • Sarah

    Well done, guys! What’s red, white, blue and awesome? The Caps, the American flag, and hypothermic Brouwer Rangers!

  • Brouwer Rangers

    You should’ve seen the biker who asked for (and got) a picture with us so he could show his kid.

  • PWong

    If Backstrom nominated Brouwer where’s his video?!

  • Sarah

    I still can’t believe Binky let them use toilet water. I realize they probably gave that john a hell of a scrubbing, but still, that’s taking one for the team. I mean, Biznasty used Evian. Ice from the Zamboni, okay, it’s got style and it’s pretty nasty too. But Binky means business. Still gets my vote for most impressive!

  • dcr61288

    I guess my assumption of the Brouwer rangers wearing white boots with red diamonds is wrong

  • accidental_diva

    Elliot was super disappointed this morning that not one of his 3 had done it yet (he seemed understanding that Greenie hadn’t done it yet)

  • Cole Brackna

    The ending to Wes Johnson’s video was perfect lollol

  • OvechkinFiresAndScores08

    Yeah I wanna see Backy’s. Quit slacking Ian! 😉

  • Wes


  • Wes

    The awkward Larry David silence at 7-11? Win.