Photo: @juleshough

Way back in April, Washington Capitals hunky forward Brooks Laich cut a video for TSN, explaining five things every man should know how to do. Well apparently he left one very important thing off that list: how to gut and filet a frigging fish.

Laich, who is vacationing with his girlfriend Julianne Hough whom he totally loves, gave tiny-men-in-training Bronson and Quaid a lesson they’ll never forget.

Per Hough’s caption:

@brookslaich showing my little studs how to filet the fish that Bronson just caught! 6yrs old and first time fishing this trip, Bronson caught this northern pike all by himself!! Wahoo!! And then there is Quaid giving Brooks some moral support with his cute little hand on his back! I love Coeur d’Alene more than anything… And it’s even better with family! #hough #laich #family #love #nephews #fishermen #men #home #teacher #childhood

Yes hashtag men says it all.

Delving even further into Laich’s life, I have two further updates: his parents’ just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary which is awesome.

Secondly, dude got a fancy new hair cut.

Is that a faux-hawk?

  • JustinC71

    Now he just needs to grow a beard….

  • Freedoooom

    Next lesson: How to make popcorn in the microwave, where teaches them art of listening so not to get too many kernels or burn it.

  • I have two things to say and I feel equally passionate about both of them.

    1) There’s no such thing as manliness. There’s no way to be more or less manly than someone else. A man is a person who says they’re a man, and that’s effing it. I have a sneaking suspicion than women have been gutting fish for 200,000 years, and they are no more or less manly for doing it.
    2) I don’t like Brooksy’s haircut.

  • 1) I love that attitude and I agree.
    2) I also don’t like Brooksy’s haircut, but I admire his confidence to constantly try new things with it. Like remember these looks?

  • Phil Owen

    Where are Stallone and Eastwood? Figure there have to be other little boys with “interesting” names running around up there.

  • Cole Brackna

    I’m sure Julianne is 100% responsible for that hair style. Either that or Brooksy is trying to feel young again.

  • VeggieTart

    There’s nothing “manly” about slicing open a fish. I’m sure both men and women have been doing this for thousands of years. As Peter pointed out,, there’s no such thing as “manliness” (and the same is true of “womanliness”).Gender roles are so 1950s.

  • OvechkinFiresAndScores08

    Lol the last one

  • Sarah

    My family just went on vacation. We took my eighteen month old niece to a gorgeous lakefront park: water, rocks, people throwing frisbees, dogs, other kids, an awesome playground, everything a kid could possibly want. The absolute coolest thing there, though? The construction site next to the park. I could not drag her away from watching the dump trucks– she screamed and fought when I tried to take her back to the swings and baby slides.
    Every time the guys dumped a load of dirt it got a “WHOA!” and an expression of absolute awe. One of the workers, amused to see that he had a young groupie, came over to chat. “She wants to be a truck driver!” he said, laughing.
    Apparently so. She loved the dirt on the playground and got filthy, and she went nuts over a helicopter that flew overhead, pointing and jabbering long after it was gone, but nothing could compare to the trucks.
    Teaching manliness is bags of fun!

  • Graham Dumas

    He looks slightly perplexed, a la Keanu, in that middle shot. Like, “whoa, I know hockey…”.

  • Sarah

    Seriously, these are awesome pictures. Brooksy’s nephews are just cute as all get out, and they probably loved the fish guts. I’m way past caring how traditional (or not) other families are, in a world where so many kids have nobody who even cares they’re alive. The important thing is that they’re healthy and well looked after, and that you get to have fun with them. If “gender roles” get in the way of that (e.g. if we forced my truck-loving niece to play with dolls) then that’s goofed up, but otherwise, anything goes in my book.
    And although I also hate his new haircut, Brooksy’s still pretty fine… and he loves his family, like a real man! 🙂

  • Dawn

    No JustinC71. Please no.

  • Lori

    First, I agree with what you said in both posts.

    Second, a very minor correction, but in that first photo, those are HER nephews with Brooks.

    And third, I haven’t decided if I like the haircut or not. But it’s not my hair, so I don’t have to live with it. And I figure that so many people get bent out of shape and upset when his girlfriend gets her hair cut, might as well be fair and get bent out of shape and upset when he gets his cut, too, right? It grows. And when he works, he’s got a helmet and no one will see it anyway.


  • Freedoooom

    I’m kinda laughing at seeing this on a Roman Atwood vlog today.

    WARNING: Shows a woman in a traditional role. CLEARLY A VERY SEXIST VIDEO PROCEED WITH CAUTION

  • Sarah

    D’oh! You’re so right, I missed that those are her nephews.
    As for the haircut, you know what, I’m just jealous. It’s like a friggin’ steam bath outside, and I just wish I could buzz my past-shoulder-length hair and get away with it. #DeathByFrizz

  • Jonah

    we make a deep playoff run this year?
    then and ONLY then he can grow the beard.

  • Chris Cerullo

    I am a sub. Last place I thought I would see a Roman video lol.