Still without a venue to announce, there hasn’t been much affirmative news about the 2014 Winter Classic lately, which is kind of a bummer. But this morning, I was innocently surfing the internet when I happened upon — and this is a blatant lie — the Caps’ Winter Classic jerseys for this year.

It must be. It has to be.

Instead of sporting vintage red, white, and blue, the Capitals have clearly chosen to embrace the colors of the team’s former home state– including the logo of that state’s favorite baseball team, the Baltimore Orioles.

Bold. And appropriate. This jersey is the fashion equivalent of 20 games above .500.

Now imagine the Caps skating around an outdoor rink at Camden Yards, the most beautiful baseball stadium in this area (according to one Nats reporter), with a sprinkling of snow on the field. Despite Ted’s insistence that “the “Caps will play on New Year’s Day here in DC against the Chicago Blackhawks,” OPACY still feels like a mortal lock, right?


Imagine one of the best baseball players of all-time (and a big-time hockey fan) watching from the suites with his baby blues.

Maybe after the Caps win, Brooks Laich can catch up with his name-sake, Brooks Robinson, and share some more stories.


Oh man. How great would that be? I can’t wait for January 1st!

  • The Brooksie and B. Robby pic warms the cockles of my heart.

  • Benjamin Esham

    You act like I wouldn’t spend $100 on an embroidered Orioles hockey jersey …

  • PucktotheHead

    Not biting. Nice try though. 🙂

  • Something magic happens!

  • Barrett

    They should wear a Redskins tribute jersey. That should piss some people off seeing two Native American mascot teams facing off against one another. How disrespectful!

  • i’m boycotting rmnb

  • JoeA

    Maybe you can get Michale Phelps to drop the first puck!

  • Michael Worth
  • Only if he’s wearing his douche-y, hipster apparel

  • swhirly


  • no comment

  • That’s your boy!

  • ThrowmetheWHIP

    Hey RMNB, been reading your site for years, love what you guys do, and I think you guys are the best independent hockey blog for any team out there. I will say the baseball material doesn’t interest me one bit. I’m not saying “STOP THE BASEBALL STUFF,” because it’s your site and you can put whatever you want, it doesn’t even really bother me, I just want to give you guys some feedback because if your baseball articles are anything like your hockey articles, then they are great. Meaning they will get a following and I would hate for there to be enough popularity from them to warrant RMNB turning into a baseball/hockey synthesis site. Again I’m not trying to attack you guys, just one dedicated reader suggesting maybe it’s time you made a site for the baseball people (you know, so we don’t have to sit together)

  • Teddy

    Let’s just hope Peter Angelos is kind enough to let the caps use the O’s logo, we don’t want another lawsuit on our hands.

  • C’mon. Your dudes are one game behind and probably are better constructed.

    Ugh it burned to write that.

  • you’re trying to bait me into commenting

    no comment

  • Thanks for writing, ThrowmetheWHIP.

    I think I can say this for certain: this is a fun lifestyle hockey blog and that will never change. I have to kind of disagree with you though even if it might seem silly at first: I don’t think this article really has much to do with baseball as much as it does with:

    – Updating our readers on the lack of news and teasing the NHL on how long its taken to select a venue
    – Teasing Nationals fans
    – Intentionally having absurd Maryland pride, to inspire conversation and reaction

    I think it’s healthy for our personalities and other interests to come out. If you take a look at Grantland (which is very popular), the writing over there covers everything. And it works because almost every opinion is well articulated, every article is creative. A lot of times, one of their meandering stories leads you to some greater understanding about yourself or your world.

    Any rational Nationals fan/thinking individual will read this post and giggle and be like – oh those RMNB guys. You a-holes. I’m “boycotting” you. But know we are just having fun on a hot hockeyless day in August.

    I know people read us for Caps news, and that’s cool. But from what I’ve seen, I also think they read us because of our passion, creativity, and enthusiasm in our own reporting and the awesome community (like yourself) we’ve somehow cultivated. I’m more concerned with keeping this site fun and interesting, than making 100 out of 100 conservative hockey posts. Kind of get my drift?

    That’s kind of my thinking. I really have the utmost confidence all of you Nats and Orioles fans can get along together, no matter how uncomfortable it might be. 😀

  • It burned because IT IS A LIE.

  • I dedicate this photoshop to you, Peter.

  • Dark Stranger

    I had fun reading the article, unlike some of the non-baseball fans who have posted. I’ll admit I’m a baseball fan myself who originally started watching hockey as entertainment during the baseball off season but got hooked on hockey too. While more of a Nats (and Cardinals) fan than an Orioles fan, I do like the Orioles, too, and got a kick out of seeing the pictures of the Orioles players in this article. Living in VA, I would prefer that the WC take place in Nats Park rather than in Camden Yards but will attend it at Camden, if that’s the venue.

  • Sarah

    OK, but only if we get to see a Slapshot vs Oriole Bird death match.
    My money’s on Slapshot.

  • Sarah

    You’re safe, baseball isn’t contagious. I had a severe case as a child due to massive exposure in my family, but I was fully cured in my late teens by strikes and a generation of “heroes” taking PED’s, pretty much without exception. I’ve never relapsed. True, Ian and Peter make me giggle, and this stuff provokes occasional symptoms of thinking about attending games. But I treat those with thoughts of absurd ticket prices and Derek Jeter, and they never persist.

  • Bilal

    Yeah! THe Orioles. I like that team and that one Player……..what was his name……….Oh yeah! Bryce Harper!

  • Jonah

    naw man two wrongs make a right!

  • VirginiaPatriot

    ^^^^^^ Admins, this person wrote “cockles” in a comment. Doesn’t that break some kind of rule?

  • Guest

    Well, Ian is a master.

  • ThrowmetheWHIP

    Thanks for the response Ian and Congratulations on getting married.

    Allow me to Elaborate now that I understand your perspective a bit better.

    Thirty Years ago, if you wanted to look at a magazine with some T&A, you would probably be well served to pick up a Playboy. Fast forward to today and that wouldn’t even cross your mind. Now the biggest reason for this is the internet, but also because Playboy isn’t a T&A publication so much as it is a “lifestyle” Magazine. Now if you were a dedicated Playboy reader then you probably still are, it’s not like the quality of the articles, women, or coverage went down it simply shifted. I’m Sure however, that there is a contingent of readers who decided that shift wasn’t for them, and went to go read hustler or whatever.

    Now again, I’m not saying that I don’t “like” posts like this, it just doesn’t interest me. Now Grantland. Grantland for whatever reason seems to be the jack White of sports blogs, if you were to ask 10 websites what they wanted to be when they grew up, ten of them would say Grantland. That is not a bad thing, I have caught myself an hour into an article about Serbian Soccer before I realized I was captivated by something I do not care about. Grantland is a great site that does something all blogs seem to want intellectually, which is put out great articles, but also want to achieve, which is extreme success. I cannot Disagree with you for wanting RMNB to have that Grantland feel. One thing that RMNB has that Grantland Does not is Community (not counting their obvious community among writers). There are a lot reasons for this, but the basic reason is the same, everyone likes the Caps, it’s why we all wandered over here. I personally think it is a mistake to also assume location has to do with it, I mean I watch every single game and I live in Boulder, Colorado, Northern Virginia before that, meaning I don’t care about Maryland just because my favorite hockey team plays below that state.

    If this sounds like a hipster trying to keep his favorite college band from signing a big contract, I get you, again I cant Fault you guys for wanting to emulate the most successful sports blog on the planet. so let me keep it simple, my fear in reading articles like this is that it represents your shift from a Capitals Hockey blog kept up by a few incredibly talented writers to a RMNB lifestyle site that covers anything DC Metro sports related (if the Redskins signed a shut-down corner from Moscow, would you feel the need to cover his career?) I don’t fault you for articles like this, nor do I fault you for interpreting your success in a way that suggests people like what you say because of who you are and how you said it, rather than because of its content. My purpose in commenting was simply feedback. I’m just one quite voice, who obviously came here for the T&A.

  • haha

  • Cole Brackna

    If anything it should be these:


    Edit: Moot point. The game is going to be at Nats Park….probably.

  • Sarah

    You came here for Translations & Awesomeness? You came to the right place! I prefer the Stats & Multiculturalism, but what can I say, those are my… tastes.
    Plenty for everybody, friend, there’s 50 shades of RMNB.

  • when are you coming down for a game? i’ve been to 6 of the last 9 and i think i’m an addict… come on. do it. do it. you’ll like it. just try it. doooo it.

    also i took my mom out for lunch tuesday, and she had found an old O’s hat she thought must have been my little brother’s… until i looked inside and there was a faded smudge that definitely said my name at one time. awwwww.

  • i was in a fight with baseball after the strike. when cal retired, i was done. the nats brought me back, from the moment it was announced the expos were coming to dc. and i’ve gotten tickets (EXCELLENT tickets) for $6-8 the last 3 nights, so give it another shot…

  • Guest

    Well at least I think Patrick Kane is sold on Nationals Park for the Winter Classic, oh wait he is the enemy this new year’s 🙂

  • Guest

    Well at least Patrick Kane is all in on the Nationals Hosting the Classic…oh wait he’s the enemy this new year’s….:)

  • Guest

    Well at least Patrick Kane knows where it is at….O’s Bahhhaha 🙂

  • Sarah

    Hmmmm…. $6-8, you say. I might be willing to bet that much that it’s worth seeing these days. Having symptoms refractory to thoughts of Derek Jeter, who despite being an obnoxious Yankee is at least (as far as we know) a real pro.
    Which leaves thoughts of the A Rod fiasco…. it’s tempting but I’ll probably spend that money on frou frou coffee. Let me know if you want to get a cup. The RMNB guys have my name and email. 🙂

  • Patton

    I’d buy one of those in the way team white!

  • there’s a peet’s at nats park.

    just sayin…

  • Jeremy S.

    We need to get 2 things straight guys:

    1. The Caps will never ever play a game at Camden Yards. If the Winter Classic is at OPACY I will post a picture of me wearing Orioles apparel (a free giveaway from the July 9th O’s/Nats game that I was at*). And I want to do this slightly more than I want to wear a Penguins or Cowboys jersey. On the off chance this happens, and the even less likely happening that you guys care, comment on this post to remind me.

    2. Having the Caps wear MLB hockey jerseys is a great idea. Just not that orange and black trash (not to be confused with the orange and black of the Giants, who the Nats are currently playing). That cartoon bird can stay far away from DC, the REAL home of the 2015 Winter Classic. The Caps should wear some CURLY W’S on their sweaters, keeping the city and colors of their own team intact, along with nice looking logos of the most recent World Series champions (as of the 2015 Winter Classic).

    I’m thinking one of the following would work: http://smg.photobucket.com/user/IronChefShark/media/xovers/nationalsHockey.gif.html
    or http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-jipwzLo-Ris/U2kypkF0NHI/AAAAAAAAC-o/_UaHFDdO51o/s1600/KevinBurr-WSH(MLB).png with a Curly W slapped on the helmets.

    Looks like you have met your goal of teasing and driving Nats fans crazy.

    *Ian was also at this game. He was wearing a Manny Machado road jersey. I know this because I saw him there, not because I stalked him.

    With that I say GO NATS, GO CAPS (and Go Redskins, Terps and Wizards) and screw the Orioles and that city of Baltimore.