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Not everyone loves it when Orioles fans cheer “O!” during the National Anthem at Verizon Center. Such as Nats fans and The Washington Post’s Mike Wise (just search for the words “tainted gene pool”). Also sharing that sentiment are these Cubs fans at Wrigley Field, who first were confused, then outraged by the shouting.


Yes. What. Was. That?

Well here’s audio from The Baltimore Sun’s Eduardo A. Encina of the cheer. Maybe this is why they were so outraged. It was deafening.

In total, 33,761 fans came out to the park today, many of which were O’s fans, such as the guy wearing a Natty Boh shirt who caught Nelson Cruz’s home run and refused to throw the ball back. Pretty cool.

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  • I see through you

    This is just an excuse to talk about the Orioles.

  • AV

    Not being from the area when I first began my caps fandom, I thought the “O” was a tribute to Ovechkin. I ignore its origins and do it for that purpose anyway, screw it it’s fun.

  • PleaseKillMe

    Now that I know that pig Mike Wise hates it, I will do it even louder. Then I will follow him around saying Redskin Redskin Redskin Redskin.

  • Dan

    Right or wrong, annoying or not, having Wrigley swimming with Orioles fans makes me smile.

  • themav80

    I will continue shouting “O!” and “RED!” during anthems.

  • CapsfaninChi

    Anytime a Chicago Fan claims its disrespectful, ask them why they make noise during the anthem at Blackhawks games

  • BurgerKingDiamond

    How is it disrespectful? If it wasn’t for Baltimore the star-spangeled banner wouldn’t even be our national anthem

  • Matt Berley

    The Cubs fans should be annoyed by the Cubs…again.

  • NovaCath

    Going against the majority, If you want to shout certain words, how about also singing the rest of the anthem instead of remaining silent except for shouting O or red. I hate that Peter Angleos tried to, and did for many years, keep baseball out of DC so no way will I ever yell O during the anthem. Just think it is sorta sorry that this is DC, the capital of this country, and fans here can’t be bothered with singing the anthem of our country and only want to yell O or red.

  • Hahaha I don’t yell “O” anywhere but OPaCY (and bus league affiliate games), but this is great.

  • Tom

    I do shout “Oh” and “RED” during the anthem, but I do also sing the song loud and proud every time I attend any sports event. I’m proud of that song and what it meant at one point in time. I still think the coolest thing ever was being at Heinz Field and being able to audibly hear both loud and clear.

  • Mark Chaffer

    what it meant? what exactly is it?

  • Tom

    The song, it’s self. There was a time when every American who really took pride in their country(W/E Race or Creed) knew the song word for word. Now most people don’t know the lyrics or any history about the poem and who wrote it.

  • Mark Chaffer

    still didnt answer my question

  • Sarah

    In Dallas the crowd yells “Star” during the national anthem, and I remember my parents telling me not to when I was a kid. I still don’t do it. Dad’s a Viet Nam vet, and he and Mom raised us pretty traditionally. They said the whole point of playing the anthem was to put aside our team for literally just a minute and give thanks for America (and/or Canada, depending on who’s playing).
    I don’t get upset about it because I don’t think people have any bad intentions, they’re just having fun. But I still just stay silent and laugh and cringe slightly when the crowd yells “Star.” That’s how quaint some people are…
    As for singing along, well, I had to memorize all the lyrics of all three verses as a child, and that wasn’t too bad, but then you had to sing it solo in front of the whole class. It is a bear of a melody, and singing it at all, let alone solo, is not for the faint of heart. My poor tone deaf best friend and I bonded for life over the humiliation.

  • DashingDave314

    Very good point about singing the whole national anthem. I do it silently, except for, when appropriate, O and Red.

  • balmoreman

    Nova, are you against the redskins because they kept football out of baltimore for 13 years.