Photo: @UMCP_Hockey

Continuing with our Maryland pride theme this week, the University of Maryland hockey team on Friday debuted their new jerseys for this season and they are awesome. They’re designed by Rebirth Sports, a custom jersey creating company located in Saginaw, Michigan.

I’m going to go ahead and declare that these sweaters are superior to last year’s.


And they certainly will go well with these pads.


  • DustinPenncakes

    Sooooo can we actually buy these?

  • Smiley456

    Where’s the terrapin biting a hockey stick in half? 🙂

  • Smiley456

    Where’s the “terrapin bitting the hockey stick in half” logo?

  • Fedor

    When will the join DI hockey already?

  • So fans of these jerseys will also be fans of this (via @rivalpiper)

  • i would do pretty much anything for maryland to make the jump to D1 so we could have #cawlidgehawkey in the dc area. penn state did it and now there’s a #B1G hockey conference, sooooo… #GoBucks

    yes i am aware that hashtags are meaningless here but whatevs

  • Danielle Colassard

    Pretty sure it’s been awhile since they’ve had those other jerseys. They had some sick white ones last year and the year before with the Maryland flag

  • Mark Mille

    Can’t believe the team isn’t collegiate

  • Mark Mille

    When I worked tickets/donations for the team a few years ago, an old captain of the team told me that because it has the College Park Logo and since they were not an official collegiate team, just a club team they werent allowed to sell them. I do believe they have an online store though

  • Mark Mille

    Ian, you are making me fall in love with College Park Hockey all over again

  • Jon Farrell

    Here’s a full gallery from the guy that painted it.

  • Sarah

    Thanks for the gallery. He’s a Chipotle fan!

  • Dan

    Can’t find the store, but would love to get one of these!

  • Mark Mille

    After doing some searching as well, looks like they no longer run the store on their website, the team doesn’t get much coverage and stuggles, at least it was a few years ago, to fully pay for ice time at Lauren Gaurden’s ice rink. It is tough for students to go out to their games because they play in Laurel and not at Herbert Wells Ice Rink, but they practice there and have a team room there as well.

    It is largely unknown or cared on campus that there is an ice hockey club play up to the D2 level. This is a college club team, not a collegiate team sponsored by Maryland, the jerseys in the post would be unavailable for purchase due to copyright/trademark laws (specifically the black jersey) given the presence of a UMDCP symbol.

    Coverage by RMNB is fantastic for this them and hopefully increased interest will legitimize the team.

  • ACHA2theShow

    If only the on ice product can match the jerseys after finishing last in their division last year. As for why they arent collegiate….money. Give them a 90 million dollar donation to build a program and they will (like Penn St did). Just hope the dont waste it on the 4th best college team in the state (Navy, UMBC, Towson).

  • Dan

    Oh! Their FB page says info on ordering the jerseys will “soon be available”:

  • Mark Mille

    Sweet! Im definitely gonna get one

  • Mark Mille

    Great news!

  • Marky Narc

    They just tweeted this: …so good news!

  • DustinPenncakes

    Thanks for the info!

  • CapsPsycho

    So sick.