Over the weekend, Washington Capitals forward Marcus Johansson completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in his native Sweden. It was a no-frills affair… hey, wait a minute.

Is that…


It is!

Mojo wore his Swedish Olympic shorts from Sochi! How cool is that? I’m sure they’re woven from the finest of cottons from Putin’s personal herd of sheep or something.

Johansson kept the chain going, nominating three fellow NHL drafted Swedes: the Minnesota Wild’s Jonas Brodin, the Edmonton Oilers’ Oscar Klefbom, and the Montreal Canadiens’ Magnus Nygren.

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  • Matilda Wrigsjö

    The shorts are actually just from H&M.. so no putin’s personal herd of sheep there… 🙂

  • serpent

    Cotton from sheep? Huh?

  • ..