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While in his homeland of Sweden, Washington Capitals center Nicklas Backstrom does a lot for the community. Earlier this summer, Backstrom presented his scholarship for the fifth time to two talented 16-year-old student athletes.

On Sunday, as first reported by Malin Andersson of Hockey Ramblings, Nicky amped up the cuteness to 11 while visiting a hospital in Gävle to participate in the clinic’s Play Therapy program.

The program inspires sick children before they undergo needed medical treatments. And they do it by– you guessed it– playing!

Backstrom was captured by’s Conny Svensson signing autographs for kids and speaking to them at their beds.

Later, Backstrom took to the hallway of the hospital to play goalie as one tiny, adorable blonde person took shots on him.

“It feels great to know that someone outside of my family cares about me,” said 14-year old Rohlita Larsson as translated by Hockey Ramblings’ Malin Andersson.

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Photos: Conny Svensson of

Thanks to larsnicklasbackstrom who first tipped me to the photos.

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    Swedish Gentleman Always Classy

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    We love Nicky!! Such a great and inspirational guy. Like everyone’s best sweetest favorite kid brother.

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    The little boy in the third picture looks like he’s about to burst!

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    This man is perfect. There really is nothing to dislike about nicky. Glad he’s on our team!! <3