The Michael Latta BioSteel GIFs


Last week, Washington Capitals center Michael Latta was in Toronto with injured teammate Tom Wilson for Matt Nichol’s Biosteel Camp. The weeklong camp features many NHL stars (and Biznasty) working out with the renowned trainer.

Because the camp is remarkably good at marketing itself, they produced videos from each day’s training session.

Since the videos are #fancy and Latta is in some of them, I figured, hey, let’s GIF!

First, here’s Latta doing the ropes. I’m a big fan of the Batman shirt.

Next, he’s doing some track and field, throwing a gigantic medicine ball (that is surprisingly larger than my head) and then doing sprints.

Finally, Latta is a hockey player so it’s only fitting that there’s video of him with a sick snipe to the top corner of the net.

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