Did Steve Oleksy Change His Number to 62?


Photo: Washington Capitals

Tuesday morning, the Washington Capitals published photos on their Facebook page of Steve Oleksy, Matt Niskanen, and Chris Brown getting in a skate at Kettler Capitals Iceplex. One of those photos seemed a bit odd to reader Matt, so he sent us a tweet.

Hmmm, yeah that’s not right.

With all the number changes happening recently, I went directly to the source to inquire if all those Binkaholics in the Maryland, Virginia, and DC-area needed to buy a new #62 sweater.

“No, Easton completely screwed my sticks up,” Steve Oleksy said in a string of texts that made use of multiple “lol”‘s. “The Easton guy that does my sticks is great. It was a simple printing mishap and he felt terrible.”

He continued, “I need to make the team here or I may need a new number anyways. That’s all I’m focused on.”

Funny and astute.

So there you go, guys, mystery solved. Also, these spelling mistakes are way worse.


  • DustinPenncakes

    I really want one of these misprint sticks now.

  • VeggieTart

    What is it with guys who do a whole bunch of “hahahahaha” and strings of lol?

  • Connor

    Does anyone else think that if Binky impresses enough in training camp that he pushes Mike Green out? It seems that he has been working hard at Kettler over the summer and could be on the good side of Trotz (he was involved in the ice bucket challenge and what have you). Honestly IMO Binky was the most solid of anyone on the 3rd line toss up we saw last year and I was legit shocked when he was put on waivers. He plays a hard physical game and could compliment Orlov very nicely.

    We could then use Mike Green and Troy Brouwer and maybe a pick in a trading chip for Evander Kane to get that 30 goal scoring threat. (Sorry Brouwer Rangers) And I know Green has a NTC but it is a contract year and if you say you’re going to get limited min or play in a top 4 position in Winnipeg, I think Green chooses Winnipeg every time.

    Then we could sign the “goon” which it looks like we are going to do for the 4th line as well.



  • Shaun Phillips

    I think it’s more likely he pushes Erskine or Hillen out for the healthy scratch d-man. Hopefully he’d be the first one in with any injuries. And no way should Fehr be on the 4th line.

  • Rhino40


  • VeggieTart

    I think the signings of Orpik and NIskanen have pretty much made Erskine and Hillen the odd guys out. As for Fehr, he was pretty good centering Chimera and Ward. And no way Laich belongs on the top line.

    I don’t agree with splitting Carlson and Alzner.

    And why do we need a “goon”? What we need is a guy who plays hard, physical hockey, who will irritate the snot out of opponents, and who will drop the gloves when necessary.

    Also, am I the only one who sees Brouwer as the sort of player I’d like Wilson to become?

  • Tadd



  • Cthulu’s Alarm Clock

    I agree that Laich should be 3C, but Fehr’s a 3rd-line winger, getting top-6 time only if someone (God forbid) gets hurt. And Orpik/Niskanen are absolutely the 2nd d-man pairing. No team would shill out that amount of scratch for bottom-pairing d-men (I know Green gets good money, but despite what the Caps’ front office is saying, I really wouldn’t be surprised if Green isn’t playing for another team by next month)…

  • Cthulu’s Alarm Clock

    ……Kane? Did I miss a really big signing/trade announcement?

  • Brouwer Rangers

    That down-vote is us, just so you know.

  • Connor

    I think Laich should be 3C as well but I was making assumptions on what Trotz and GMBM have said. (Wilson needs top 4 min, Laich will be on either first two lines, We like Kuznetsov and Mojo down the middle). As for Fehr I think he has top 6 potential but there is just no where to fit him if you take all remarks Trotz and GMBM have made about the forwards.

    I think if Oleksy fits on 3rd line that does make green expendable to try for a top 6 scoring winger

  • Connor

    yeah… i figured

  • Connor

    No but with the constant rumors of him being available/ him not wanting to be there I think we could make a substantial play for him. Winnipeg gets deeper and they get rid of Kane to someone not in division or conference

  • Connor

    I don’t think we need a goon either but with names like Biznasty thrown around i think GMBM thinks otherwise.

  • Connor

    I agree. As much as I have been a Green supporter I think you have to move him to get a return. There is no way we resign him, we are basically replacing him with Niskanen. An interesting thing I saw was that Paul Bissonnette said in an interview that basically he has already found a team and basically agreed to a deal but he is waiting for a trade to go through. (many sources have linked the team most interested him in as the Capitals). Green was on his honeymoon/maybe he still is idk, could that be the trade that he is waiting for? Or maybe GMBM said we are moving the oddman out during training camp and we will sign you after, i don’t know. But as much as the front office has preached we like Mike Green, it might be to drive his asking price up….

  • Shaun Phillips

    Fehr + Nicky on the top line (while Ovi was out) was one of the top puck possession combos of last year. He’s a bigger body/stronger skater (than Mojo) with good hands and great vision, he absolutely deserves to be 1st/2nd line. For whatever reason, when he was up there, Nicky shot the puck more too which is always a good thing. I wouldn’t complain if Fehr is 3C though as good as that line was last year. If Mojo doesn’t make some major strides this year, I think it’s time to give up on him and get whatever we can for him.

    As for Green, I’d hope they’d see how the season goes for a bit before making a move. I’d rather have

    Carlson – Niskanen
    Green – Alzner
    Orlov – Orpik

    and have the option of putting Green (PP1), Niskanen and Carlson (PP2) on the PP (think we might see more 3/2 PP with Trotz) than only have 2 and have one of them get injured.

    And as far as the money goes, I’d hope with the talent on the backline that there is no clear “3rd pairing.” I hope they all get even time. And pray to god we don’t get a “goon”. That + Orpik contract + letting Grabo/Penner walk might be enough for me to give up on GMac already.

  • Shaun Phillips

    I think Wilson has way more potential than Brouwer ever had. Brouwer’s a hard worker, but Wilson has a bigger body and better hands.

  • VeggieTart

    My thinking is that Brouwer could be a mentor to Wilson for a year, maybe two. At that point (end of the 2015-16 season), Brouwer will be UFA, and Caps can let him go.

  • Shaun Phillips

    I’d hope the Caps trade him before UFA to get something for him rather than just let him go, but yeah he should be mentoring Wilson.

  • Connor

    I agree with about 90 percent of your statements you just made. The only reason I had Laich on first and kuz and mojo down the middle was because I was basing the lineup off what Trotz and GMBM have said. Personally I would love to see this lineup barring any trades:



    I do think that Orpik will be playing top 4, i think the Karlzner and Nispik (see what i did there) lines will slightly edge out the Greenlov (i did it again) in minuets but not by much at all.

    Also I have no idea what to do with Mojo. With Burakovsky being beloved in this organization (and knocking at the NHL’s door) and with how little production Mojo has i just have no idea where he fits. Maybe he is the oddman out in training camp im not sure.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Yeah I haven’t been following what Trotz and GMac have been saying in regards to the lineup closely because I think it’s likely to change come training camp and Trotz sees how they actually play together.

    Ditto with Mojo. No f’ing clue what to do with him. He’s been playing alongside the 2 best players on the team and has minimal to show for it (half as many pts as either linemate the last 2 seasons, not as much PP time, but still…).

    As for Burakovsky, I agree he’ll probably be a fixture in 15-16. Out of those 4 players named, all are under contract for 2015-16 except Fehr. After this season, Laich has 2 yrs@4.5 mil (ugh) and Brouwer has 1yr@3mil. Unfortunately, Wardo’s contract is also up after this season as is Mojo’s (but he’s RFA). Short of any trades this year that would open up roster space, I don’t see both of them being back in 2015-16 🙁 (which is too bad because they’re 2 of my favorites).

  • John M

    No, I don’t thinks so. Olesky is a decent 7th dman option, but what he does isn’t moving the needle on decisions in the top 6. That said, I think Green is gone anyway. I doubt they’ll trade him unless they are far out of the playoff race or they get back NHL-level talent. Like a competent and healthy 2C.