Karl Alzner Is Almost Back to DC (Photo)


Let us rejoice. Karl Alzner‘s long journey from Canada is almost over. Only 39 days until Caps hockey begins again!

Photo: @KarlAlzner

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  • Guest

    He’s gotta re-up that VA sticker!

  • VeggieTart


  • holincart

    Breezewood: The Center of the Known Universe

  • Caroline

    Probably also hoping to be in DC for 74’s upcoming wedding

  • mike

    Ah yes…the truck stop of the world. Having gone to college in Pittsburgh (cringe) I have been there way too many times…and eaten at that Taco Bell way too many times.

  • dan

    did he stop and get fireworks?

  • Owen Johnson

    Just noticed yesterday mine is 8 ’14. Whoops!

  • VirginiaPatriot

    Not Breezewood! The third level of hell.