Here’s Your Comcast Sportsnet 2014-15 TV Schedule

The Capitals and Comcast Sportsnet have announced their TV schedule for the season. We’ve got the full list below, but here’s what you need to know now:

  • CSN and CSN+ will air 70 games, with NBCSN picking up the remainder.
  • I count 9 games on CSN+. If you don’t get CSN+, start dating someone who does.
  • Your boys Joe Beninati, Craig Laughlin, and Al Koken are all back.
  • Alan May is back as well, though it’d be better if he were between the benches for every home game.
  • Rob Carlin and Brent Johnson’s gigantic wristwatch will be doing post-game stuff as per usual.
  • The press release threatens, I mean promises, more programming from Brian Mitchell.
  • Five out of eight preseason games will be broadcast. I will recap zero of them!


Day  Date   Opponent			Time / TV
Sun. Sept. 21 Buffalo			5 p.m.	CSN
Mon. Sept. 22 at Philadelphia 		7 p.m.	CSN
Fri. Sept. 26 Boston			7 p.m.	CSN
Thu. Oct. 2 Philadelphia		7 p.m.	CSN
Sun. Oct. 5 Carolina 			3 p.m.  CSN

That’s 5 out of 8 preseason games– all on the big channel. Not bad!

Regular Season

Day  Date   Opponent			Time / TV
Thu. Oct. 9 Montreal			7 p.m. CSN
Sat. Oct. 11 at Boston			7 p.m. CSN
Tue. Oct. 14 San Jose			7 p.m. CSN
Thu. Oct. 16 New Jersey			7 p.m. CSN
Sat. Oct. 18 Florida			7 p.m. CSN
Wed. Oct. 22 at Edmonton		9:30 p.m. CSN
Sat. Oct. 25 at Calgary			10 p.m. CSN
Sun. Oct. 26 at Vancouver		10 p.m. CSN
Wed. Oct. 29 Detroit 			7:30 p.m. NBCSN
Sat. Nov. 1 at Tampa Bay 		7 p.m. CSN+
Sun. Nov. 2 Arizona 			7 p.m. CSN
Tue. Nov. 4 Calgary 			7 p.m. CSN
Fri. Nov. 7 at Chicago 			8:30 p.m. CSN+
Sat. Nov. 8 Carolina 			8 p.m. CSN+
Tue. Nov. 11 Columbus 			7 p.m. CSN
Fri. Nov. 14 New Jersey 		7 p.m. CSN
Sat. Nov. 15 at St. Louis 		8 p.m. CSN+
Tue. Nov. 18 at Arizona 		9 p.m. CSN
Thu. Nov. 20 at Colorado 		9 p.m. CSN
Sat. Nov. 22 Buffalo 			7 p.m. CSN
Wed. Nov. 26 at NY Islanders 		7 p.m. CSN+
Fri. Nov. 28 NY Islanders 		5 p.m. CSN
Sat. Nov. 29 at Toronto 		7 p.m. CSN
Tue. Dec. 2 Vancouver 			7 p.m. CSN
Thu. Dec. 4 at Carolina 		7 p.m. CSN
Sat. Dec. 6 at New Jersey 		7 p.m. CSN
Tue. Dec. 9 at Tampa Bay 		7:30 p.m. CSN
Thu. Dec. 11 Columbus 			7 p.m. CSN
Sat. Dec. 13 Tampa Bay 			7 p.m. CSN
Tue. Dec. 16 at Florida 		7:30 p.m. CSN+
Thu. Dec. 18 at Columbus 		7 p.m. CSN
Sat. Dec. 20 at New Jersey 		7 p.m. CSN
Mon. Dec. 22 Ottawa 			7 p.m. CSN
Tue. Dec. 23 at NY Rangers 		7 p.m. CSN
Sat. Dec. 27 at Pittsburgh 		7:30 p.m. NBCSN
Mon. Dec. 29 at NY Islanders 		7 p.m. CSN
Thu. Jan. 1 Chicago 			1 p.m. NBC
Sun. Jan. 4 Florida 			3 p.m. CSN
Wed. Jan. 7 at Toronto 			7 p.m. CSN
Thu. Jan. 8 at Philadelphia 		7 p.m. CSN
Sat. Jan. 10 Detroit 			7 p.m. CSN
Mon. Jan. 12 Colorado 			7 p.m. CSN
Wed. Jan. 14 Philadelphia 		8 p.m. NBCSN
Fri. Jan. 16 at Nashville 		8 p.m. CSN+, NHLN*
Sat. Jan. 17 at Dallas 			8 p.m. CSN
Tue. Jan. 20 Edmonton 			7 p.m. CSN
Tue. Jan. 27 at Columbus 		7 p.m. CSN
Wed. Jan. 28 Pittsburgh 		8 p.m. NBCSN
Sat. Jan. 31 at Montreal 		1 p.m. CSN, NHLN*
Sun. Feb. 1 St. Louis 			1 p.m. NBCSN
Tue. Feb. 3 Los Angeles 		7 p.m. CSN
Thu. Feb. 5 at Ottawa 			7:30 p.m. CSN+
Fri. Feb. 6 Anaheim 			7 p.m. CSN
Sun. Feb. 8 Philadelphia 		3 p.m. CSN
Wed. Feb. 11 at San Jose 		10:30 p.m. NBCSN
Sat. Feb. 14 at Los Angeles 		10 p.m. CSN
Sun. Feb. 15 at Anaheim 		8 p.m. CSN
Tue. Feb. 17 at Pittsburgh 		7 p.m. CSN
Thu. Feb. 19 Winnipeg 			7 p.m. CSN
Sat. Feb. 21 NY Islanders 		12:30 p.m. CSN
Sun. Feb. 22 at Philadelphia 		3 p.m. NBC
Wed. Feb. 25 Pittsburgh 		8 p.m. NBCSN
Fri. Feb. 27 at Carolina 		7 p.m. CSN
Sun. Mar. 1 Toronto 			7 p.m. CSN
Tue. Mar. 3 at Columbus 		7 p.m. CSN
Thu. Mar. 5 Minnesota 			7 p.m. CSN
Sat. Mar. 7 Buffalo 			7 p.m. CSN
Wed. Mar. 11 NY Rangers 		8 p.m. NBCSN
Fri. Mar. 13 Dallas			7 p.m. CSN
Sun. Mar. 15 Boston 			7:30 p.m. NBCSN
Mon. Mar. 16 at Buffalo 		7 p.m. CSN+, NBCSN*
Thu. Mar. 19 at Minnesota 		8 p.m. CSN
Sat. Mar. 21 at Winnipeg 		7 p.m. CSN
Thu. Mar. 26 New Jersey 		7 p.m. CSN
Sat. Mar. 28 Nashville 			12:30 p.m. CSN
Sun. Mar. 29 at NY Rangers 		3 p.m. CSN
Tue. Mar. 31 Carolina 			7 p.m. CSN, NHLN*
Thu. Apr. 2 at Montreal 		7:30 p.m. CSN
Sat. Apr. 4 at Ottawa 			7 p.m. CSN, NHLN*
Sun. Apr. 5 at Detroit 			5 p.m. CSN
Wed. Apr. 8 Boston 			8 p.m. NBCSN
Sat. Apr. 11 NY Rangers 		3 p.m. CSN

And here’s your press release:




Bethesda, Md. (Sept. 2, 2014) – Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic and the Washington Capitals have announced the team’s 75-game regional television schedule for the 2014-15 NHL season. The network’s live coverage will include 70 regular-season games and an all-time high five preseason contests, as well as comprehensive pre- and post-game shows.

Through Comcast SportsNet, NBCSN and NBC, the Capitals’ entire 82-game regular-season schedule, including the 2015 NHL Winter Classic against Chicago on Jan. 1 (NBC), will be televised throughout the region by the NBC Sports Group. As previously announced, NBCSN and NBC will air exclusive national coverage of a combined 12 Capitals games this season.

Comcast SportsNet’s live coverage of the 2014-15 Capitals will begin with back-to-back preseason games against Buffalo on Sept. 21 (5 p.m.) and at Philadelphia on Sept. 22 (7 p.m.) The network’s five-game exhibition schedule will conclude Oct. 5 against Carolina (3 p.m.) Comcast SportsNet’s regular-season schedule will start with the Capitals’ opener Oct. 9 against Montreal (7 p.m.)

Comcast SportsNet’s live-game coverage will be led by eight-time Emmy Award-winning play-by-play announcer Joe Beninati, game analyst Craig Laughlin and longtime reporter Al Koken, who are entering their 18th consecutive season together. Analyst Alan May will again contribute regularly to game coverage, as will the network’s Capitals television beat reporter Jill Sorenson and Capitals Insider Chuck Gormley.

“Capitals Pregame Live” and “Capitals Postgame Live” will return this season to provide comprehensive pre- and post-game news, analysis and interviews. May will again serve as lead analyst for the half-hour shows, with Koken and Rob Carlin alternating as hosts. Former Capitals goaltender Brent Johnson will also provide analysis surrounding select games.

Extensive Capitals coverage will also be featured on the network’s news and analysis programs, including “Geico SportsNet Central” and “SportsTalk Live with Brian Mitchell.” Comprehensive written, video and interactive content will be delivered across the network’s online, mobile and social media platforms, highlighted by Fans can follow the coverage on Twitter at @CSNCapitals and join the conversation by using #CapitalsTalk.

Comcast SportsNet’s coverage of the upcoming Capitals season will include 66 games on Comcast SportsNet and nine games on Comcast SportsNet Plus. For information regarding Comcast SportsNet Plus channel location, check with your provider or go to or for information.

Thoughts? Feelings? Plans to meet up at the house of someone with CSN+ in HD?

  • “If you don’t have CSN+ in HD, start dating someone who does.”
    Hi. My name is Ben. I don’t have CSN+ but I am willing to bring beer and cuddle if your into that during hockey game… I also like long walks looking for meteor fragments and photoshopping. #RMNBDatingService

  • FIVE televised preseason games? Oh god. GIF’ing starting early this year.

  • I upvoted myself because I heard that girls like confidence!

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    Is CSN+ on DirecTV? I’m not even sure if I have it or not. I know I have the sports package through DirecTV.

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  • Yes. Usually it’s a split of the channel. So for me CSN is 642. CSN+ is usually 642-1.

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  • Do you get CSN+ in HD on DirectTV?

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  • I know BMitch is bad, but I feel there is not nearly enough outrage about Chuck Gormley. How is someone that awkward on live TV?

  • If I recall correctly, I got an HD and Lo-Def channel for CSN+ last year. The HD channel blinks on and off every 10 minutes to a black screen, the other looks like a 16-bit Nintendo game and is abnormally loud.

  • This is just my opinion, but I think he’s really improved over the last two years. Remember: he didn’t have much experience doing live TV shots and he basically learned that on the job. I’d be waaaaaaay more awful. I really think he’s done a commendable job and has really grown a lot in that role.

  • jp_daddi0

    Ponying up and getting Center Ice this year. Unfortunately, Comcast Sports in South Carolina only allows me to watch bad sasha on the reg.

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    Why couldn’t they have more of the away preseason games on TV? I will be AT all four of the home preseason games. Oh, well, better than nothing.

  • I can’t defend that.

  • erunaheru

    Ugh, CSN+ is always a dice roll for me on Comcast. It gets pawned off on TCN, which is HD, but at least one game a year it randomly shows the stream from some other channel instead, usually boxing. Sometimes the on screen guide even says it’s Hockey when it is clearly not hockey.

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