For those of you who’ve been having heavy Ovi thoughts lately, here is some upbeat news. Today, Alex Ovechkin will shoot his first music video since Sasha Belyi’s Champion.

O rly?

I’ll let Anastasiya Gnedinskaya of MK.ru explain.

Alexander Ovechkin will be in the next Katya Lel music video. Shooting will begin today, September 3rd. The plot of the video is centered on a relationship of a young couple, and, according to the producer of the video, Sergey Tkachenko, it will contain “unusual and somewhat provocative images.” The main male character in the video will be played by Alexander Ovechkin.

“We have been friends with Katya for a long time,” commented Ovechkin. “I liked the song, and the main idea of the video, so I gladly agreed to participate in it.”

The song and the video will debut in the fall. Katya admits that the new work will be a birthday present for herself – in September the singer is celebrating her 40th birthday and 20 years of singing career.

“My whole life has been connected with performing art,” said the singer. “It’s a great pleasure for me that I can celebrate such important milestone by doing what always brings me a great deal of pleasure – a new song and a video. And, of course, the fact that Sasha accepted our invitation to make this video is a special gift for me.”

This will not be a show business debut for Ovechkin. Two years ago he was in a video “Champion” produced by Russian rapper Sasha Belyi.

This is not Katya’s first music video with a hockey player. In 2004, she shot scenes with Pavel Bure in a phone booth during the lockout.

Our hope is that Ovi can best Alex Radulov’s performance in the video he shot with Nyusha, “It Hurts.”

Radulov appears at 1:25.

Yes, watching Rads feigning emotion does hurt.

Ovi’s caption translated: “very good picture!))) with Katya and Arthur” (Phoyo: @a0gr8)

Translations by Igor Kleyner.

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  • I feel like it’s important to add she’s 40. #unusualandsomewhatprovacativeimages

  • VeggieTart

    As long as he doesn’t sing, I don’t care.

  • Yo8

    Ooh… I’m afraid and excited at the same time LOL

    40? Looking for experience I see. Good thing the roles aren’t reverse because that would be just gross, right people? “Eww, she is 19 you pedophile!” Idiots.

  • Sarah

    I’d love to think he was coerced into this tragedy, too.

  • Vicki Albarano Blucher

    thank you for linking the rap video, i had no idea he did that. i was having such a bad day today but listening to a russian rap and then hearing ovechkin do it, i havent laughed this hard in months. thank you RMNB lol

  • Freedoooom

    Should check out the picture of Ketler this morning. Tons of people on the ice.

    Ovechkin instead too busy shooting a music video with a degenerate.

  • CJ Easton

    If the roles were reversed she would be Ovi’s age… as in almost 30 and not 19.

  • Yo8

    Yes, I know the age difference isn’t that much here however that wasn’t completely my point. The 19 reference was about the whole Ovi summer fling with the 19 year old rhythmic gymnast. Some people commented how gross that was which I thought it was stupid because one, she is an adult and two, what is so wrong with a younger woman wanting to be with an older man? I don’t hear the same reaction when is younger man with older woman in fact that has been a well known high school male fantasy that somehow is always portrayed as a cool thing on the media but if it is the other way around everyone loses their minds.


  • CJ Easton

    Generally this surprises me. Historically speaking the whole of the world has a greater tradition of older men with younger women. Napolianic era England women were considered a liability, or “on the shelf,” if they were not married by the age of 23. The Greeks such as Athenians, for a much more extreme example, would marry girls once they had their first period. The Spartans as contemporaries were considered odd since they did not marry women until the age of 18.

    Throughout traditions of the globe Men would typically be older and marry younger women. Men needed to establish themselves and prove they could care for them while women were frequently more something to maintain.
    While perhaps the most common has always been two people of a similar age if there was a common occurrence outside of this it would be with the man older.

    All that said one would think it strange that men would be attracted to older women since that is more counter to what history tells us.

  • Sarah

    All true, of course. Actually I don’t think a lot of people really objected to the age difference between Ovechkin and that gymnast, assuming they even had a relationship. For the love of Mike, this was all based on one stupid photograph on Instagram.
    There was one person who apparently came to the site for no other reason than to insult and smear Ovechkin and Maria with anything he/she/it could possibly come up with. This lovely individual decided at one point to make a comment (which got deleted) expressing the view that Yo8 summarized and objected to above. Just to be extra classy, the troll threw in some language to provide our young readers with free sex education as they try to learn about hockey.
    Yo8 rightly pointed out the stupidity of calling him a pedophile, even he did have a relationship with that woman. I objected to the foul language (I mean, I don’t object to salty language or off color jokes “offline,” but this is a website kids look at, for God’s sake). And other people objected to this one person too. So I’d hardly say this was a majority opinion, or even the opinion of one person with any intention other than poisoning opinion against Ovechkin, for God knows what twisted personal reason. It was lovely.

  • Sarah

    And anyway, I hope there’s nothing wrong with women who like older men, ’cause I do.

  • Guest

    It seems perfect to add his tweets to…