At around 5:45 pm, Nicklas Backstrom‘s Twitter account @Backstrom19 started tweeting incomprehensible links to its 90k followers at the speed of light. Take a look.


I’m going to go ahead and guess his account has been compromised.

It appears I’m not the only one who noticed.

So I know this seems obvious, but please don’t click on those long link things.

And someone who knows Nicky, please tell him to change his password.

Update: Nicky is aware.

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  • Marky Narc

    Nicky! Get those pictures off the Cloud! NOW!

  • Sarah

    Either that or Zyrtec D fueled psychosis. If you or a loved one needs help…

  • Yo8

    Did anyone clicked on the links? I did but not beyond the twitter warning. So what was it?

  • dylan wheatley
  • VeggieTart

    Good gravy. Changing my Twitter password now…

  • Graham Dumas

    Nicklas Hackstrom.

  • serpent

    Crosby virus

  • Sarah

    Ooh, that’s a bad one. I hear it makes you fall flat on your face every time someone so much as taps you.

  • DC Hockey Nut

    Nicky was just retaliating against not being in NHL’s top 14 fantasy centers, that’s all. Nothing to see here, move along.

  • Graham Dumas

    Better than McAfee: