On Wednesday night, a six-year-old boy was critically injured after sledding into a passing car in McLean, VA. It’s that particularly excruciating kind of accident where a child gets hurt doing what kids do best: playing.

From The Washington Post:

Fairfax County police said the incident occurred about 5:40 p.m. The boy was part of a small group of children who were under adult supervision and were snowboarding and sledding at a property in the 7000 block of Matthew Mills Road.

The boy’s sled slid into a 2015 Lexus as it passed on the street, police said. The driver of the car, a 65-year-old McLean woman, heard a loud noise, according to a police news release. She recognized what had happened and “immediately got out and rendered aid to the child.”

The driveway is on the property of a vacant house that has a for-sale sign posted. Esfandiar Khazai, a developer who lives near the other end of the block, said children often go to the empty house to play. Although they are supervised by adults, it still worries him.

“They’re always doing that,” Khazai said. “I’m always very careful when I pass.”

The boy was flown to Inova Fairfax Hospital with life-threatening injuries. In a Thursday morning news release, police said the boy remained in critical condition. The driver was not injured.

The boys name, we’ve learned from the family, is Bensten. Bensten is one of us, a Caps fan.

We shared this image last night. Michael Latta and Joel Ward did as well.

Bensten’s uncle Tyler wrote us from the hospital on Thursday night:

I have been a long-time season-ticket holder and religious follower of your blog, and Bensten is no doubt following right behind me to carry the Caps torch. I may be partial being his uncle, but Bensten is the most amazing 6-year-old you could imagine. Well-mannered, fun, and just has the most amazing heart. Rarely do you find a kid of his age that puts others before himself the way he does. Yesterday afternoon B was sledding with his family and tragically was hit by a car. He is currently under the amazing care of INOVA Fairfax in a coma. His situation is very touch and go at this point and we are trying to get as many people praying for him as possible (#Pray4BMan). I have attached some photos of him. The one of the snowman was taken on Tuesday after he made his sisters help him make a ‘Caps Player Out of Snow’. He is just an all around amazing kid.

Here are Tyler’s photos.




Here’s what we’re going to do– because Bensten needs some good vibes.

Grab a pen and paper. Write a short message to Bensten. Take a selfie while holding your message. Post it in the comments below and the #Pray4BMan hashtag on Twitter. It’ll only take you a minute, I promise. Here’s what Rachel came up with.


When Bensten wakes up, we’ll show him that we’ve all been rooting for him.

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  • Eddie

    Done, sir.

  • swhirly


  • Dan

    Thinking of you Benston, and wishing for a speedy recovery!!

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  • Dmitry

    Braden helped.

  • Emily Wright


  • tinyXmatryoshka

    You’re in my thoughts little dude. You got this

  • Holly Daymude

    Done (with an assist from Greenie and Brouws). We’re pulling for you, little dude.

  • Chris Cerullo

    Get better soon little buddy

  • Lindsey


  • Cory Miller

    Sending healing and light!

  • Guest

    Colorado Caps (and Pens, Avs, and Sharks) fans are thinking about you Bensten!

  • ThrowmetheWHIP

    took me a bit but i got it! hahahaha

  • Matt Lauer

    Sending positive vibes from the West Coast here.

  • From one Ben to another. #RockRecovery #OviTooth

  • Wendi & Abi

    We are praying for a quick recovery Bensten!

  • assist from Ovi and Hook. Sending good vibes.

  • Ryan Deem


  • Matt Mendelsohn

    Lots of love from the Mendelsohns. Get well soon, Bensten!

  • Eileen

    You got this, Bensten! The Caps Nation is behind you!

  • Peter Oh
  • GetchaGrubbOn

    You’ve got this, buddy.

  • Bilal Siddiqui

    Get well soon kiddo!

  • PL Donohue

    Hey Benston! Here’s up that you’re up and feel like dancing soon! My boss, Lucy, thought she’d send you a special message with all of our good wishes! Fondly, Pat Donohue

  • PL Donohue

    Hey Bensten! Lucy’s paws got in the way so there’s a typo. Thus, thought I’d rather post a correction here. I do so hope that you’re feeling well real soon. My boss, Lucy, is posting her own sign with our good wishes that you’re feeling well soon!

  • Blair Klunk

    Baby Billy and the Klunk family is praying for you. #Pray4BMan

  • Peter Oh

    Man, what 6 year old kid wouldn’t love this! Totally awesome, Brouwer Rangers.

  • Charlie Murphy

    Hang in there, BMan!

  • ThrowmetheWHIP

    Even more colorado caps fans behind you buddy!

  • Nice shirt!

  • Kit Troyer

    prayers and love from out here in L.A.

  • Megan

    Stay strong buddy

  • Suellen Evans

    Rock on little man

  • Here’s a great video from Caps PA Announcer Wes Johnson and the Red Rockers

  • Lulu Troyer

    you got this, little man

  • J Strong

    Fight hard Bensten!! Thinking of you and your family.

  • Patrick Holden


  • Melissa Schaab

    Ann and the Schaabs wish you a quick recovery, Bensen!

  • Cory Statler Perdue


  • Debbie R Keener

    Praying for you Benston. I’m not a CAP’s fan but I’m rooting and praying for you

  • Dan

    Thoughts and prayers are with you bud. Get well soon

  • Satch


  • Jeanne Blue

    Get Well Bensten. Go Caps, and Go INOVA team!

  • JenniferH

    I’m technologically challenged when it comes to posting stuff from my phone onto the web, but I’m sending up prayers for Bensten. I hope he gets better and comes through this with flying RED colors!!! GO BENSTEN! #pray4BMan!

  • Anna Fitch Courie

    We are praying for your BMan!!!

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  • Dexter & Jesse

    Hockey players are praying for Bentsen

  • Peter Oh

    Wonderful! Warms my heart to see this one.

  • Gene Wu

    From one McLean resident and Caps fan to another, get well soon, fight the good fight and may God Bless you Bensten! Love, Marcus Wu & The Wu Family #pray4bman

  • Lisa Gasparott

    You got this one, B-Man!!!!

  • Harjot Singh

    No kid deserves this. Tough tired ;(

  • Julie

    Best wishes to Bensten and family!

  • Kelly Ann Kaminski

    My heart is aching for Bensten and his family! I pray that he pulls through. #Pray4BMan

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  • Mats Bergquist

    Bentsen, our thoughts are with you and your family. Take it on, you got this…

  • Brad O.

    Hoping for a quick recovery!

  • Guest

    I got a request from Bensten’s great uncle to pay. I pray God is watching over Bensten and all the doctors, nurses and technicians carrying for him. Amen!

  • Frank Helmes

    Bensten’s great uncle has asked or Small Group to pay for him. e Are asking everyone we know to be in prayer for this young man. — Good! Please heal young Bensten and guide his entire medical tan at INOVA. Amen!

  • tbaker

    Go Bensten! The Caps need you!

  • Justin

    You got this! And we all got you

  • Lisa Gasparott


  • The Trimble Family

    We love you Bman

  • The Trimble Family


  • Adam

    Get well soon BMAN!

  • Trimble Family

    Love you B!!!

  • Best Wishes Bensten!

  • God bless you, Bensten and family! Sending prayers.

  • Orlandos

    Get well soon#Pray4BMan

  • Joe B, Alan May, and Craig Laughlin share their a message for Bensten from Bell Centre Saturday morning:

  • Ginger Crittenberger Albright

    The Albright family sends prayer, healing thoughts and courage to Tyler and his wonderful family.

  • Emily Casto

    CAPS fans are rooting for Bensten! We know you’ll be playing with your buddies again soon! #Pray4BMan

  • Emily Casto

    #pray4bman We’re all all behind you, Bensten! Fight hard, little man.

  • Emily Casto

    What a wonderful message. Thanks for posting this!

  • Emily Casto

    You’re the man, Olie! What a great sign for Bensten.

  • Emily Casto

    Love me some Brouwer Rangers. You guys are awesome!

  • Emily Casto

    You guys have my FAVORITE sign for Bensten!

  • Emily Casto

    Awesome, Wes

  • Erin Leigh Wilson

    From this Caps fan down here in SC, I’m praying for you lil buddy. It seems like the Caps have an awesome fan in you and your family has a great kid. Get better, B. Sending lots of love and positive thoughts to you!

  • Erin Leigh Wilson

    Sending positive thoughts and prayers.

  • swhirly


  • swhirly


  • swhirly

    please delete this

  • Sara Reges

    Our family prayers are with you all now! Our 4th son,Charles was hit by a car 8 years ago suffering a traumatic brain injury. Through many prayers,love of family and the amazing care at CNMC and NRH he is a strong,healthy 16 year old. It is marathon,not a sprint so embrace all support around you. As a mother and a nurse going through our journey I have become a brain injury advocate working closely with families. Please know I am available to navigate,support and connect you to the many resoucres our Community has available.
    The Reges Family

  • Sally Sagarese

    Got my son’s hockey team on it.
    Boys played and Prayed for the BMan!
    Boys wore #PRAY4BMAN on their helmets
    Our love and prayers to BMan and the family.

  • Eileen Fisher

    Get well soon Benston!

  • Bev Miller Bellamy

    Get Well Soon Bensten! Rockin’ the Red with you in Roanoke, VA!

  • Mike Hickey

    The Washington Ice Dogs and the American Special Hockey Association send prayers to Bensten.

  • Eileen Fisher

    Good luck! All of us are rooting for you. Heard a segment on the radio about you!
    Get well soon, Alexander Rubin

  • Kat

    My thoughts and prayers going up for you Bman. You are in good hands God take care of you. God bless you and your family.

  • jackiefishman

    My family is rooting for you Bensten, you can do it…show us all what you’re made of!!!

  • Guest

    Savills Studley sends their love and support! #pray4bman

  • Guest

    Savills Studley VA sends their love and support. #pray4bman

  • Guest

    Savills Studley VA send their love and support. #pray4bman