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WUSA 9’s Ellison Barber was covering the blizzard this afternoon at a gas station. Looking for concerned citizens to interview, she approached a pair of people by a Mercedes-Benz SUV and asked if she could put them on camera. Lo and behold one of those people happened to be Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin.

You can’t make this stuff up.

The best part is he actually agreed to do the interview!

“We’re from Russia so we always have that kind of stuff,” Ovechkin said of the snow. According to WUSA9, The Great Eight was getting gas for his snowblower so he could help out his neighbors this weekend.

Ovi’s laugh is perfect when he realizes what’s going on.

Update: Here’s the full interview.

Thanks to @owlsfan9 for the heads up. Props to the @dcsportsbog for first RT’ing @IncredibleMolk’s video.

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  • Todd N

    wheres the link for the full video??

  • JessHughes

    Way less funny, but reminds me when Karl Alzner was the “Man on the Street” for an interview on a neighborhood tragedy.

  • Steve Killmon

    Side note: that “jeep” happens to be a vera-espensive Mercedes-Benz G Wagon. (Probably a G63 AMG, knowing Ovi)

  • Tweet

    Her Twitter says she’ll post soon

  • Thanks – updated!

  • Robert

    Its Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings!! Doing a dead drop at the gas station Ovi? Vladamir will be unhappy you are not filling up at Luke Oil!

  • Will Hipwell

    Pure gold.

  • LionGirl92

    Stars. They’re just like us!

  • Ted

    The City of DC will not tell you they issued a protest permit to the Walk for Life, Radical Right Protest Group who have over 2,500 people on the street out in front of the main entrance to the Verizon Center right now. Someone in the DC City Gov forgot Caps scheduled a game tonight… opps.

  • It’s in the post now. Just updated.

  • Ash

    The only way that could have been better is if Ovi’s friend had actually been Alex Semin.

  • Kim Peacock

    I find it funny that underneath the interview one of the scrolling news story is the Caps Ducks game being cancelled to ight

  • Matt Speck

    The man is fueling up his snowblower so he can help out his neighbors. What a guy.

  • Born Slippy Nuxx

    I was watching Tenacious topper shutt pointing at the hourly snow totals saying, “Hammer time, hammer time, hammer time, hammer time” when my wife was like they ambushed alex Ovechkin at a gas station. LOL i knew RMNB would have it uploaded. “In Russia snow plows YOU”

  • Yo8

    The interviewer didn’t know that was Ovechkin? Like how?

  • IafrateNoGhosts

    A Likely excuse. Probably needed fuel for his disco ball.

  • chuckbrow

    I really thought he was with Semin when I first saw this!

  • Myan

    Oh, she knew exactly who he was! In another clip, she approaches him and when he laughs, she’s like “Oh my god! I swear I didn’t…this wasn’t what I expected!”

  • BillyBones

    This has turned into a nice 4 day break for the Caps (Maybe even a week if they cancel sunday’s game). Hopefully Carly can comeback for the Pens game, they’ve got an annoying speed line with Hags and Kessel. We could really use our best D-man for that game, I hate losing to the Pens.

  • Jesse Jones

    My man rocks Ugg boots like I do! Let’s see people give him shit…

  • Bob Gordon

    It’s radical to support life for babies? Consider me radical then.

  • CapsFanInCo

    Someone Stop OVI!!! Joe Sakic’s career was finally ended by a snowblower:

  • cobra617

    Understanding that the Karl Alzner interview was in regards to a tragic situation, the Alzner one was funny because the reporter had no idea who Karl Alzner was. I was watching channel 4 when that happened live. At first, I thought some prankster gave Alzner’s name. Then I look, OMG, it is Karl Alzner. Shomari Stone later (a day or two later) admitted that he didn’t know that the random interviewee was a Cap.

  • cobra617

    This might not be a hockey town, but everyone knows Ovechkin.

  • John Shisler

    The City of DC isn’t required to us this. They have a right to protest, no matter what side they are on, as long as they have a permit. This was scheduled far in advance, so it really holds no bearing on anything.

  • Bucky Katt

    Yep, he seems to collect AMGs. The reason I know this is because I was taking my daughter to the Mall to fly kites last spring, and as we’re driving down Constitution, a G63 AMG and S63 AMG pulled up next to us. The Caps had just lost to the Predators in a matinee game, and the vehicles had the license plates OVI8 and AO8 (or something like that), so I’m assuming it was Ovi and maybe Kuznetsov, who I think was rooming with him at the time.

  • Ivan Kostelny

    Are you guys gangsters?! No, we are Russians))))

  • Yo8

    Yes, I just saw it lol
    She got lucky… we all did since we got another gem from Ovi.

  • Darla Doxstater

    “The Great Eight was getting gas for his snowblower so he could help out his neighbors this weekend.”

    Dammit, there’s that selfish shit again!