About RMNB

Russian Machine Never Breaks is a credentialed blog/multinational media conglomerate all about the Washington Capitals. Since 2009, we have written about our favorite team, the NHL in general, and Alex Ovechkin in particular. With 2000+ articles and a few million pageviews, it’s kind of a thing now.

You see, we’re not like the other sites out there. We like stats as much as the other nerds, but the poetry of the game matters just as much to us. We don’t drop bombastic, inscrutable opinions like we’re god’s gift to sports journalism, and we’re not gonna bury you in mindless buzzwords either. Instead, we deliver original reporting, analysis, translations, interviews, and enough jokes to make your workday bearable.

Our mission is simple: Make hockey as fun to read about as it is to watch. Everyone is welcome here- whether it’s your first week watching teh capitols or you were wrapped in swaddling clothes on opening night at the Capital Centre back in ‘74. The only thing that matters to us is that we’re all together when our guys bring the Cup home.

We hope we’re more than just another bookmark on your browser, more than another name on your Facebook or Twitter timeline. We want to be the place you go to pour out your heart about your favorite team, to be the guys who throw the party where your hand gets sore from high-fiving, to be the silly shirt you wear the day after a big game. We’re here to make some noise and have some fun, and we need your help to do it.

Ian Oland, Peter Hassett, Chris Gordon, Igor Kleyner, Rachel Cohen, and weird old Fedor Fedin: those are just the names on the bylines. RMNB is just as much about you as it is the Caps. So make yourself at home, invite your friends over, and kick your feet up on the coffee table. The game is gonna be on soon.

Crash the net.

Peter Hassett
Maryland, June 2012