As you might’ve noticed from our podcast this morning, the Capitals are twenty games into the season so it’s time for us to do some reconnoitering. I’ve dusted off an old standby, Tyler Dellow’s forward x defense possession visualization, to help us better understand what’s working (i.e. a lot) and what’s not (i.e. not a lot) for the 2015-16 Caps.

Hope you like the color green.

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Ian and Pat joined me on Tuesday night to discuss the 2015-16 Washington Capitals, who, with twenty games in the books, look like a very special team indeed. Special guest Dimitri Filipovic of The Hockey PDOcast joined us to spit hot fire about Tom Wilson, Evgeny Kuznetsov, and more.

Plus, we reveal things about Chandler Stephenson you may not know and discuss our favorite Thanksgiving side dishes.

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Caps vs Oilers Pregame: Prep Your Turkey Now

Untitled presentation (5)

Happy Monday, Caps fans. It’s a short holiday week, and I’m sure you’re busy prepping a scrumptious holiday meal, so I’ll be brief.

The Caps stomped the Avs on Saturday night, and now they ought to do the same to the Oilers, who are a pretty miserable team. Edmonton is a place where blue-chip prospects go to disappoint and get disappointed. The team should be scoured from the face of the earth and then the city itself should pay reparations to Connor McDavid, Nail Yakupov, Taylor Hall, and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. Anyway, puck drops at 7 PM on CSN.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 13-5-1 54.0% 100.4 22.0% 84.3%
Edmonton Oilers 7-12-1 48.0% 99.0 19.7% 77.8%

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#MCM: Rank the Capitals For Us Pretty Please


The RMNB crew whiles away the hours during intermissions and off-days by chatting about the things that matter to us. I’ve made a pie chart of our most common topics.

image (5)

As you can see, the relative hotness of Caps players is a main point of discussion, narrowly edging out pro wrestling. Almost no one cares about Miatas, which are stupid cars.

To be frank, this debate is running me ragged. I’ve had it up to here [points somewhere sorta high] with hot takes on hot Caps. So I declare it’s time to settle this democratically.

I present to you now this authoritative Cute Caps ranking, which is not at all using technology I have shamelessly re-appropriated from Japers Rink.

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Ovi Did The Thing, but Stars beat Caps 3-2


For all intensive purposes, the Caps and Stars are both great teams–to the point that their talent is basically one in the same. In Thursday’s match-up, each team basically had the puck at their beckon call irregardless of the other team’s wishes. It was firewagon hockey. “I could care less,” each team basically said of the other’s attempts at defense, which was a mute point. Instead, offense basically wrecked havoc.

Tyler Seguin gave the Stars some leadway after a daring stretch pass and some net-front fury from Patrick Sharp, which wasn’t goalie interference after all. Nick Backstrom extracted revenge with a big bounce from the back boards to tie the game up before the first intermission.

A scoring pause began in the second period, but ex-Cap Cody Eakin nipped that in the butt in the third period with a heatseeker. In response, Alex Ovechkin became the best Russian scorer ever with a tip-in to tie the game. The Stars restored the lead by stripping John Carlson and getting Jason Spezza to rip a quick shot on net.

Stars beat Caps 3-2.

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Alex Ovechkin Becomes NHL’s Goal-Scoring Russian Leader


For the third and final goddamn time, Alex Ovechkin has taken the NHL record for most goals scored by a Russian.


That’s right. While Ovechkin’s first 484th goal was waved off for goalie interference committed by Justin Williams, and Ovechkin’s second 484th goal was waved off for offside zone entry committed by Justin Williams, Ovechkin’s third 484th goal wasn’t ruined by Justin Williams at all. Williams wasn’t even on the ice. Instead, Ovechkin simply crashed the net to tie the game and seize the record.

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Alex Ovechkin Needs to Learn to Live with 483 Goals

Alex Ovechkin has not scored a goal in the last four games. Sure, he’s put a puck in the net twice in that span [one, two], but neither counted. For twelve days he’s been stuck at 483 career goals, tied with Sergei Fedorov for the most scored by a Russian.

Since November 7, Ovechkin has stubbornly tried to score number 484. Instead of trying, he should just accept his fate as a 483-goal scorer. Forever.

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Great Goaltending: Caps beat Red Wings 2-1 (OT)


Despite all recent evidence to the contrary, the Washington Capitals are still a hockey team. But Wednesday’s game against the Detroit Red Wings, the first Caps game since the mid 80s, intimated that the Caps may have diminished in intensity during their long break.

They looked particularly a bit rusty in the early going, especially in comparison to Pavel Datsyuk and Dylan Larkin, who combined for the Wings’ first goal. But on one of their 275 first period power plays, the Caps returned fire with a tip-in by Justin Williams.

No one scored forever, so we went to overtime, where Kuznetsov won it.

Caps beat Wings 2-1 in overtime!

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The Capitals have announced this thing, and we don’t understand it. Along with the Wizards, the team is using virtual reality technology to improve coaching and the fan experience and maybe also h4x0r the Gibson? I’m really not sure.  It’s definitely not Google Glass though, and that is a relief.

Actually it sounds pretty neat. The organization’s passion for innovation is fantastic (p.s. Thanks, Ted, for instant messaging, that was real nice of you). That still doesn’t mean I understand this yet. And I work in technology. Maybe you can read the press release and explain it to me?

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Tom Wilson is on the NHL Player Safety Watchlist

Hard-hitting Caps forward Tom Wilson is reportedly due to have a friendly chat with the Department of Player Safety sometime soon. From 30-dimensional thinker Elliotte Friedman:

The NHL’s Player Safety Department met with several repeat offenders in an attempt to reign them in. One was Zac Rinaldo, who escaped suspension a week earlier for hitting Sean Couturier, much to the department’s chagrin. While in Arizona during camp, Chris Pronger spoke with Steve Downie and John Scott. New Jersey’s Jordin Tootoo was offered the opportunity after being fined for a dangerous trip. Now on the radar? Washington’s Tom Wilson. Several teams have complained about his hits. As of yet, no meeting. But it’s been requested.

[Emphasis added.]

Who do you think complained? It’s gotta be Brayden Schenn, right?

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