Featured Mo: Gianpaolo of Arlington, Virginia


Gianpaolo deVito of Arlington is growing a mustache for Movember. Gianpaolo writes:

Hey guys! First, I just want to say thanks for giving me the opportunity to even try to promote my Movember run on your page. I promise it will be fantastically pathetic! (the hair growth, not the fundraising hopefully!)

My name is Gianpaolo, was a Caps STH for a few years (this year I’m getting married and had to give em up….) and I read the blog at least twice a day…. I promise I stay busy at work but we all need breaks right?

I’m doing this for a couple of reasons, the first is there can never be enough cancer research and as far as I’m concerned, Movember is one of the few organizations that actually uses the funds they raise to do good work.

Secondly, my team, the Mo Faux’s, has been one of the highest contributing teams in Movember history. A little backstory, a colleague of mine is a prostate cancer survivor. Most of the guys on the team have worked along side or with him at one point in time and it’s become a major cause for all of us.

Hope to get on the website! [Ed note: Boom. Done.]

Please consider supporting Gianpaolo’s Movember campaign.

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The best moment of Tuesday’s generally bad Caps-Rangers game was Alex Ovechkin’s goal by way of Nate Schmidt’s pass. It was Ovechkin’s 6th goal of the season, Schmidt’s first point, and occasion to celebrate with an intense hug.

Speaking with the Post’s Isabelle Khurshudyan, Schmidt called the hug “magical,” and I think he means that in the Harry Potter sense, wherein hundreds of people die horrible deaths.

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Featured Mo: Nick of Frederick, Maryland

Mo Stache

Nick Frye of Frederick, Maryland, is growing a mustache for Movember. Nick writes:

To you good people of RMNB I submit a mustache limerick:

There once was a ‪mustache named Mo.
He followed wherever I’d go.
He tickled and played, through ‪‎Movember‬ he stayed,
“Aw, can we keep him wife?” Her reply “Hell no!”

Please consider supporting Nick’s Movember campaign.

Learn how to get your own Movember campaign featured on RMNB. 

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Seven Great Hockey Writers You Gotta Read


Steve Dangle’s “Bloggers Be Gettin’ Paid” t-shirt is appropriate here

There’s a lot of bad hockey writing in the world, and we probably spend too much time and energy anguishing over it. Today we fix that. Pat Holden and I want to share with you some of our favorite hockey writers and why we love them. Accentuate the positive, ya know?

We heartily recommend that you follow these folks, and in general we promise to tout the good stuff more.

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Rangers beat Caps 5-2: Nothing Makes Sense

The Washington Capitals weren’t, like, top-to-bottom bad against the New York Rangers on Tuesday; they were just bad when it mattered. They were sort of terrific at gaining the zone and generating scoring chances, which is super nice, but an outpouring of turnovers and some blasé defense doomed the effort.

Oscar Lindberg scored first, exploiting some terrible Caps defense and Alex Ovechkin’s near-castration. Ovechkin got his revenge soon after with a goal of his own, but the period ended with the Rangers up 2-1 thanks to Kevin Hayes’ tricky snipe goal.

The Caps entered a two-goal hole early in the second period when Japers Rink’s Kevin Klein beat Braden up high. Washington started a rally, but Derick Brassard ended it with a gutshot through an uninvolved defense. Marcus Johansson tipped in Karl Alzner’s shot late in the period to put the Caps back in a less-terrible two-goal hole.

Same story in the third. The Capitals had all the possession and momentum, but the Rangers had the killer instinct. Example: Jared Stoll’s backbreaking goal as a power play expired. Some more stuff happened and then the buzzer went off.

Rangers beat Caps 5-2.

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Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 7.51.37 PM

How to beat Lundqvist, right there

Just scant moments after getting speared in the li’l Ovis by Marc Staal, Alex Ovechkin got revenge the best way possible: SCOAR. And to my own personal delight, the primary assist on the Ovechkin’s goal belonged to smile-expert Nate Schmidt.

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Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 7.30.49 PM

You’d be angry too.

The New York Rangers lead the Washington Capitals 2-1 after one period, and it’s a total scam. Yes, the Caps played horrifically top-to-bottom before Oscar Lindberg cleaned up that loose puck, but look at what happened away from the play — at the blue line, where Ovechkin contemplated man’s search for meaning after Marc Stall speared him.

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Let RMNB Boost Your Movember Campaign


Through a cruel genetic prank, few of us at RMNB can grow mustaches, but we still want to get involved in Movember, the month-long campaign to raise money and awareness for select men’s health issues. So instead of embarrassing ourselves with pathetic facial hair, we’d like to feature some RMNB readers/Movember participants right here on the site.

We need your help. If you’re participating in Movember, send us a message at thecrew@russianmachineneverbreaks.com. In your message include the following:

  1. Your name, age, and location
  2. A photo or two
  3. A link to your Mo Space or other fundraising page
  4. 300 words or fewer on your ‘stache and why folks should support you

Please make it fun and mark your messages fit to print. We’ll publish some entries right here. Thanks!

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RT Really Wants You to Think Alex Ovechkin Will Play in Russia


Alex Ovechkin was at the Russian Embassy earlier this week to accept an award for his work in getting the Olympics to Sochi. After the ceremony, Ovechkin spoke to the press in a rather routine media scrum. In front of a handful of reporters and cameras, Ovechkin discussed his patriotism, his age, and his priorities. Nothing too special — unless you’re RT, Russia’s state-funded TV network.

According to them, Ovechkin re-affirmed his commitment to leave the NHL and play in his home country. Here we go again.

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I want to point you at a story that is only nominally about hockey. It’s the story of Malik Johnson, powerfully written for The Tennesseean by Jessica Bliss. Malik is a troubled teen, a classic but tragically common tale, or he at least he would have been if not for the intervention of one of our favorites, Joel Ward.

Through Big Brothers Big Sisters, Ward first connected with Johnson, then twelve years old, six years ago. Ward and phalanx of others in the Nashville Predators organization gave Johnson support and companionship when he needed it most. When Ward left Nashville, his bond with Johnson didn’t end. “You just can’t pick up and leave somebody behind like that,” Ward tells the Tennessean.

Give the story a read. You’ll be glad you did, and you’ll probably also be glad you got to cheer for Joel Ward for a while.

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