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Dudes! Welcome back. Grab a Surge from the cooler and take a seat, let’s do a game recap.

The Washington Capitals, your preferred hockey team, hosted the Montreal Canadiens, who don’t even make us cry anymore, to open up the season. The Caps had poise for a bit but then they didn’t. We’re just 1.22% through the season, so that’s to be expected.

Andre Burakovsky scored just two minutes into his career, a nifty one from the slot set up by Troy Brouwer.

P.A. Parenteau tied it up halfway through the third, but the goal was washed out for goaltender interference. Tomas Plekanec’s marker a couple minutes later had no such controversy and tied the game. Rene Bourque scored late in the game with an ICBM to Holtby’s far side hahaha nope, hit the post, that’s what you get for being awful, Rene.

Those nullified goals gave us a dry scrape and the first overtime of the season, but no one could score. Dammit, back to the shootout, which the Caps did way too much of last season. But at least we get to do…

Shootout bullets!

  • Backstrom put the biscuit in the basket
  • Galchenyuk put the biscuit in the basket
  • Kuznetsov did NOT put the biscuit in the basket
  • Desharnais put the biscuit in the basket
  • Fehr put the biscuit in the basket
  • Parenteau did NOT put the biscuit in the basket
  • Ovi did NOT put the biscuit in the basket
  • Plekanec did NOT put the biscuit in the basket
  • Burakovsky did NOT put the biscuit in the basket
  • I regret going with this bit
  • Gallagher put the biscuit in the basket

Habs beat Caps 2-1 (Shootout).

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Habs at Caps Pregame: We are Back, PK Subban is Gassy


For the first time since April somethingth, here comes actual, meaningful Caps hockey! Live from Verizon Center at 7 PM and on CSN Washington. It’s time we got our first real look at the Trotz Caps. Oh snap.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 0-0-0 Infinity% n/a DIV/0% NaNo%
Montreal Canadiens 1-0-0 Whoknows% ??? 0% 66.7%

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Heavily Caffeinated Caps Offseason Recap (Video)

You guys ready for tonight? Be honest: some of you bailed on RMNB, the Caps, and hockey altogether after April. It’s okay. I don’t blame you.

I’ve made this video to catch you up on what happened over the summer and what to look forward to this season. I pounded a Mountain Dew before filming this, so it goes pretty quick. Enjoy!

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Good morning, RMNBers! It’s hockey season at last!

After a million long months, approximately, the Capitals are back in action. They’ll host the Montreal Canadiens tonight. Ian and I got together on Wednesday night to talk about our enthusiasm for the looming season, what players will determine the team’s fate, and just a little bit of baseball. Not too much, but the whole Orioles/Nationals divide is so fascinating among Caps fans.

If you haven’t yet, please add us on iTunes. If you rate us and give us a review, Ian will give you one of his longrats.

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Six Capitals Predictions to Warm Your Heart

The Caps last played meaningful hockey on April 13th. Here’s what I wrote in that game recap:

…this is the end of this. Whatever’s next, it won’t ever feel like this again. The roster, the coaches, the front office– the sword of Damocles looms above them all. A shining new era is tip-toeing nearer.

And then everything changed. New coach, new system, new GM, new defense, new forwards, and I think I saw a few new gray hairs on Ovi’s head. The tumult of the last six months has been discomforting for some, but I’m excited.

I bet I can get you excited too. Lemme try.

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Alex Ovechkin is at the Nats Game and You’re Not

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 7.01.09 PM

From @rpchandler

The Washington Nationals are currently up 1-0 over the San Francisco Giants in game 2 of the NLDS.  I’m here in Frederick watching from my couch, but your boy and Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin is at Nats Parks taking in the game. Twitter person @rpchandler tweeted the photo above.

Ovi shared video from the start of the game.

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Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 1.55.23 PM

From the Capitals Instagram

It was a normal Saturday afternoon until Caps beat writer and pun master Adam Vingan shattered our worlds:

The Bulliest Dozer, self-published by author Pamela Edwards with Fehr listed as a contributor, is an actual thing with a kids book pedigree. Edwards is the author of some 40 children’s books. Fehr scored twice at the 2011 Winter Classic. We’re all gonna read it.

Update: Monumental has posted video of Fehr discussing the book. We’d embed it, but they no longer seem to allow embedding video. Interesting.

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There is debate about what was the worst moment in Canadian history. Some say it was the Halifax Explosion of 1917 that killed an estimated 2000 people. More say it was when Michael J Fox left Edmonton to come to the States in 1979. I’d have been in that second camp, but this moment from Friday’s Penticton Vees game in BC might change my mind.

Or at least it would have, until that dang neighborly Canadian crowd saved the day.

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My friend Steven Frietas did some cool stuff at the preseason game against the Flyers the other night. By now you’ve already seen Amanda Bowen’s beautiful photos, but now please check out some of that same action in slow motion.

My favorite spot is Niskanen, without a stick, smushing R.J. Umberger (I think) into the glass.

Enjoy, and please follow Steven on the Twitters; he’s hilarious.

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Crash Course on Corsi, PDO, and Advanced Stats (Video)

It’s been a big summer for hockey stats. Hoping to improve their hockey intelligence, lots of teams have snatched up numbers-based hockey writers for the 2014-15 season. Even mainstream writers and pundits seem to be more open to some of the so-called advanced stats (which I don’t think is a good label).

Still, some people are still skeptical, or at least unclear, about the new stats. That makes sense; the community hasn’t always done a good job separating the jargon from the meaning those stats are conveying. To that purpose, I’ve made this short video to explain, visually, what Corsi, Fenwick, PDO, and Zone Starts actually mean.

If you’re not on board with the fancystats, this video could help. Consider this a crash course on the basics. Please feel free to share this video wherever you want– particularly wherever folks might get be getting confused.

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