Lethal Beagle: Caps beat Canucks 3-2


Good morning, hockey fans. Thursday’s game between the Washington Capitals and Vancouver Canucks didn’t start until 10 PM and it didn’t end until Alex Ovechkin said it could.

So, this is weird. Jay Beagle and Jason Chimera combined again for an impressive goal, the first of the night but not Beagle’s last. The Canucks returned fire in the second as the Sedins outplayed Brooks Orpik below the goal line to set up Radim Vrbata. A glut of penalties in that period cost the Caps: the Sedins struck again, sneaking a shot past Holtby to give Vancouver the lead.

In the third, Jay Beagle got greasy to get the game tied again. Alex Ovechkin wouldn’t let it stay that way. He scored with five minutes left in rego to restore the Washington lead and win it.

Caps beat Nucks 3-2!

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Caps beat Flames 6-2: Nothing is Forbidden Anymore


This is from a play where Ovi thought he scored. He did not, but it’s a nice thought.

The Washington Capitals looked good enough on their season-opening homestand, but against the miserable Calgary Flames on Tuesday night they looked something otherworldly. A team of destiny, complete and competing. Maybe that’s just because the Flames are a mess though. Hey, let’s recap this thing!

The Flames scored first, but I wouldn’t fret too much over it. A bad clear by Brooks Orpik led to a turnover and an easy goal by the Gaudreau/Monahan duo. But I’m gonna put a paragraph break here to emphasize how much the game changed after that.

Andre Burakovsky tied the game after taking a stupid-good pass from Evgeny Kuznetsov. The second period was all Washington: Alex Ovechkin recorded his 900th NHL point excluding the preseason, postseason, and shootout. Then, within a minute Nick Backstrom and TJ Oshie each scored, thereby chasing Karri Ramo from net.

The Caps got meek in the third, allowing Mark Giordano to get up in Holtby’s grill and score to give the Flames some life. Jason Chimera promptly urinated on that life by scoring a decidedly un-hands-of-stone goal assisted by Jay “The Cornerstone” Beagle. Nick Backstrom hushed the Saddledome with a late goal assisted by Alan May’s new fave, Justin Williams. And that’s how a very good night ended.

Caps beat Flams 6-2. Bailamos!

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Look What Winnipeg Has Done to Mathieu Perreault

Mathieu Perreault

By its absence of parks and its low temperatures, Winnipeg has corrupted our sweet, kind, winsome Mathieu Perreault into something dark and cold. His eyes, which once relayed a love for all things verdant and true, now chill the very marrow in your bones. He’s become indifferent to the joys of life. He seeks neither companionship nor romance. Perreault lives only to smote the ruin of his foes upon the park-less wasteland that is Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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Sustainably Superior: Let’s Talk About Braden Holtby


Photo by Amanda Bowen

We’re thrilled to have Catherine Silverman aboard for this guest post. Cat writes for Today’s Slapshot and The Leafs Nation. She knows her goalies and was kind enough to write some words about Braden Holtby, his beard, and what makes him a great goalie. Be sure to give her a follow on Twitter. Take it away, Catherine!

I’ll make a confession: I’m an unabashed Braden Holtby apologist, and I absolutely adore just about everything about him.

He’s got that majestic beard. He flips his hair like he’s Henrik Lundqvist, but somehow also manages to always look like he’s hair-flipping in slow-mo during some sort of theatrical trailer for a surfing movie. He’s delightfully aggressive when skaters try to push him around, and he once refused to let the linesmen help him fish a puck out of his pads (despite the fact that it probably would have sped up the game a bit). Braden Holtby, in my eyes, is really a hero.

Outside of these more lighthearted reasons to appreciate Holtby, though, I’ve got a serious love for the way he plays the game — and if you’re a Capitals fan, you’re in for a serious treat yet again this year.

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It is time. RMNB is back and so are the Washington Capitals. Ramping up for the 2015-16 season, we’ve got a special hourlong podcast for you. With us this time is special guest Alan May, CSN analyst and human flamethrower, here to share his thoughts on the Caps offseason, the evolution of fighting in the NHL, and good local beer.

It’s a good podcast, and it’s gonna be a good season. Let’s do it!

The RMNB Podcast is on iTunes. If you enjoy it, please subscribe and rate us faaaavorably.

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Questions for 2015-16: Is Alex Ovechkin a Fine Wine?


Alex Ovechin turned 30 last month, and that is scary. It is scary mostly because age is a dauntless demon who will one day lay waste to all the fun stuff about living like jumping jacks, erections, and hearing above 16 kilohertz, but it is scary also because scoring goals in hockey becomes rarer as players get older.

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Bet: Can TJ Oshie Score 30 Goals?


Illustration by Rob Ullman. You can buy a print from Ullman’s store.

Early in Monday’s preseason game, CSN analyst Craig Laughlin dropped a casual prediction: TJ Oshie could hit 30 goals this season.

Some people scoffed. Some people said heck yeah brah. Over at RMNB, Pat and Peter made a friendly wager. Now it’s our first bet of the season. There is poetry and beer-league hockey on the line now, so read on.

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Questions for 2015-16: Is the Penalty Kill in Trouble?

Jay Beagle may be asked to kill more penalties in 2015-16. This photo has nothing to do with that.

The Washington Capitals aren’t a great penalty-killing team, and they might get worse this season. With the exits of Troy Brouwer and Joel Ward, the Caps have lost two of their top-five penalty killers (in terms of shorthanded minutes played per game). Those departures are going to mark a big shift in PK workloads this season.

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Questions for 2015-16: Can Nick Backstrom Get and Stay Healthy?

Though he’s undoubtedly the Capitals’ best player who is not also a namesake for this website, Nick Backstrom has a worrying pattern of injuries. He got the terrible concussion debacle of 2012 behind him, but a series of rumored and admitted bumps and bruises have made Backstrom somewhat less effective in recent springs.

This summer’s surgery on his hip, which he says had been bothering him since last November, is only the latest of Backstrom’s woes. As of right now, Backstrom is expected to miss the whole preseason and might not be ready for regular-season action come October 8. Though it’s uncertain now, Backstrom’s health and durability may be crucial to the Caps’ success in 2015-16.

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‘Please Like My Sport!’ Why The Hell Should We?


The developments out of Chicago and Buffalo in the last ten days have been nauseating. The NHL, by its inaction to fight the intolerable treatment of its women fans and by its explicit support for the craven behavior of the Chicago Blackhawks, has revealed itself to be not merely unwelcoming towards 50 percent of this planet, but actively hostile towards them.

If you are for whatever reason no longer inclined to support the Blackhawks or watch hockey (or read the Buffalo News), we totally understand why.

No more hockey coverage from us today. We all need to spend some quiet time reflecting on what we can do and what we are failing to do to make this world less wretched for one another.

In the meantime, please consider making a donation to RAINN. Your donation is 100-percent tax-deductible, and ninety-two cents on every dollar go directly to helping victims and preventing sexual violence.

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