RMNB Creates An Emoji for Every Caps Player


For one week only you can buy RMNB’s Emoji poster for $15.

Late last week, Apple released the latest version of iOS. It was cool and all, but there was still one major problem.

Apple refuses to create emoji for the greatest sport in the world!

RMNB is here to fix all of that– at least for the Capitals. You can thank illustrator Rachel Cohen (and my crazy mind too).

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Photo: Caps Instagram

Braden Holtby has been busy this year, playing in 53 of the Capitals’ 62 games. Maybe that’s why he just unveiled his fourth new mask of the 2014-15 season. Painted by Swedish artist Dave Gunnarsson, the mask integrates some design features from Holtby’s Winter Classic bucket. The hand-painted Uncle Sam portrait, an homage to Olie Kolzig, returns on the chin.

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On Wednesday night, a six-year-old boy was critically injured after sledding into a passing car in McLean, VA. It’s that particularly excruciating kind of accident where a child gets hurt doing what kids do best: playing.

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Photoshop by Ian

Barry Trotz got hit by Marcus Johansson’s stick tonight. That was maybe the most exciting part of an otherwise dreary game, so Ian cranked out this photoshop.

And now, because Peter insisted…

RMNB’s Sorting Hat sorts the 2014-15 Capitals!

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Halifax, Nova Scotia native Liam O’Brien was the biggest surprise of Capitals training camp this season. The scrappy fourth-line forward received a jersey on opening night and managed to play in 13 NHL games for the team through the season’s first two months. He even scored his first NHL goal and became beloved by fans for wagging his tongue. While his fairytale story has been compelling I’ve been fascinated with something different entirely: O’Brien’s resemblance to two-time WWE champion, Sheamus (see here, here, and here).

O’Brien must have seen this because he dressed up like the “The Celtic Warrior” over the weekend in Hershey. Goodness, this is the most amazing hockey/wrestling-themed thing I’ve ever seen.

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Nostalgia is at the core of the Winter Classic. The Caps will wear jerseys honoring the Washington DC professional hockey team of the 1930’s. Braden Holtby will wear vintage pads and a mask honoring the greatest Caps goaltender of all-time, Olie Kolzig.

We don’t know what Barry Trotz will wear. In the past, some coaches have embraced a vintage style, such as Dan Blysma’s fedora/varsity jacket getup in 2011. But each coach seems to make his own call on what he’ll wear.

We’re here to help Barry Trotz find an outfit that captures his essence. I’m sure he’ll look great and neckless no matter what he wears.

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Photo via DaveArt.com

Washington Capitals backup goaltender Justin Peters always wears a dog-themed mask which honors his nickname Pete-Dawg. For the Caps’ Winter Classic this Thursday, the general theme of Peters’ mask will be no different, but this time it integrates a dog house instead of an actual bloodthirsty animal.

Oh wait, I’m sorry Dawg House.

I’ll let Swedish air brush artist Dave Gunnarsson explain.

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Saint Nicklas Wishes You a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays


Illustration by Rachel Cohen

From all of us at RMNB to you: Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy [belated] Hanukkah, and a Happy New Year! May your nets be crashed, your goals be SCOARED MOAR, and your fury always be unleashed.

Feel free to share whatever Caps-related gifts St. Nicklas pulled out of his IKEA bag for you in the comments below!


RMNB’s New Burracuda T-Shirt


On Thursday night after Andre Burakovsky scored his second career NHL goal, Peter tweeted this.

The nickname got approximately a million retweets, and we were bombarded with emails and tweets demanding a t-shirt. I oblige. When the RMNB people need something, I come through for the RMNB people.

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Ask Not the Sparrow How the Eagle Soars, Hockey’s Back!


If you’re like me, October can only mean two things: Halloween is coming, and HOCKEY IS BACK!!!

To celebrate the return of the Caps, I did what I do best: Illustrate! Here we have Jason Chimera as the Ice Cheetah, John Carlson as Captain America, Nicklas Backstrom as Thor, Braden Holtby as the Holtbeast, and of course, Alex Ovechkin as the namesake, the Russian Machine. Our hockey superheroes in Red are ready to soar into DC again, prepared to thwart whatever stands in their way.

(The quote comes from an anime I watched summer, Kill La Kill. I thought it was pretty fitting, since y’know…. eagles/weagles.)

Hockey is here, so you know I’ll be in the stands, unleashing a little fury to do my part for the thwarting.