How The Horn Guy Made His 2014-15 Horn

The man behind the Capitals’ best-known cheer is simply known as The Horn Guy. Before every opening face-off, after a goal, or any time the Caps need a kick in the pants, Sam Wolk unleashes three blasts from the upper level of Verizon Center. The crowd responds with a hearty “Let’s! Go! Caps!” chant. You heard it on TV. You’ve probably participated in it. Sam is famous.

He has starred in a Caps commercial, he helps lead the Caps Road Crew, and– thanks to his regional hockey fame– has taken megapixels of photos with eager fans. But away from the rink, Wolk is a simple man who just so happens to be bursting with creativity. The Lead Coordinator for Direct Mail at FedEx Office and Print Services, Sam is also a talented, self-taught illustrator.

If you’ve spent a second near Sam at a game, you’ve certainly noticed his horns. Each is an elegant painted piece of art that Wolk invests hours upon hours painting before every season.

Wolk gave RMNB an inside look at process of painting his new noise device for 2014-15.

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RMNB’s 202 DC Sports Pride Shirts


On Thursday after we published our story about Brooks Orpik and his poor t-shirt selection, reader Manda made a simple suggestion: “You guys should make a 202 pride shirt!”

202 represents the area code of good ol’ Washington DC. As Wikipedia puts it:

202 is the North American telephone area code for Washington, D.C. It was one of the area codes originally assigned in October 1947. The capital was assigned 202 because the North American Numbering Plan Administration wanted to keep the number of “clicks” to a minimum for densely populated areas, given the rotary dialing technology in use at the time.

So Thursday night, I gave myself only three hours to come up with a logo and I’d only turn it into a t-shirt if 50 of you guys RT’d the image on Twitter.

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Photo: Monumental Network

Ian and I seem to like the Caps’ new Winter Classic jerseys. For me, they’re an invocation of a hockey legacy in DC– the discovery and acknowledgement that hockey has been here for awhile. It’s a synthesis of old and new. Plus I think the colors are pretty.

And while the majority of RMNB readers and commenters seem to agree, not everyone loves the new sweaters. That’s totally fine. It’s a big Internet, with room for all kinds of opinions. In the spirit of plurality, let’s share a few alternate design concepts created by and sent in by you guys. Any excuse to share your artwork, right?

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RMNB Readers Wish Alex Ovechkin a Happy 29th Birthday!


Illustration by the one and only Rachel Cohen

Today is one of the best days of the year. On this beautiful Wednesday we celebrate the birth of our blog’s namesake, Alex Ovechkin. And since Ovi has everything a guy could ever wish for (except the respect of Canadian pundits), we figured that the best gift would be something creative: homemade birthday cards.

Unlike in years past where we’ve asked you to email us five-minute scribbles in Microsoft Paint, this year we’ve simplified the submission process. You can create a card in any way you’d like: Photoshop, noodles, Vines, GIFs, YouTube, whatever. You can upload your file in the comments or put a link to it. Our commenting system, DISQUS, has a great explainer on how to properly upload JPEGs and link to all other rich media like GIFs, Youtube, Vine, and tweets.

But please, don’t pull a Gormley. It’s not Alex Ovechkin’s 30th Birthday. It’s his 29th.

Please do us proud and vote for your favorite cards. Downvote whatever Peter does. There are a lot of fun topics to potentially cover here. If you need inspiration, check out our last four years of cards.

Have a blast, and happy birthday, Ovi!

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Birthday card by Lisa A.

С Днем Рождения to the Russian machine himself, Alexander Ovechkin. Ovi turns 29 years old on Wednesday the 17th. He’s got one year left in his twenties, so here’s hoping he can scoar moar goals within that window.

But that won’t matter until October. For now, we just want your help in wishing him a happy day. We’ve done this before; you know the drill. Make a birthday card for Ovi and post in the comments of our Happy Birthday article that will be released Wednesday at 12 AM.

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After years of getting eviscerated by internet memes made by pouty hockey fans, LeBron James has had enough. He’s leaving Miami. I know many of you want him to take his talents to the District. The Wizards just need that last piece or two to become a real contender, and LeBron could be it. I’m happy to confirm the report: LeBron is coming to Washington.

…Just not to play basketball.

He’s going to sign with the Washington Capitals.

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NHL Sigil Banners: Now Available In Print Form


About two weeks ago, I posted my illustration of medieval fantasy-inspired heraldry banners for each NHL team. Little did I know that the post would go viral, getting picked up on The Hockey News, TSN, and USA Today. I had a lot of people ask about posters. Well, they’re now available!

You can get them in two sizes: 12″ x 18″, and a HUMONGOUS BIG 24″ x 36″ Both are available in my Etsy shop (along with other kinds of art prints!!) The posters are printed on nice, thick, heavy-duty paper. They’re waaaaay nicer than any kind of poster you’d find in a retail shop.

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Game of Thrones-Style Sigils for Every NHL Team


RMNB resident illustrator Rachel Cohen is a very talented, very busy little bee. Inspired by Game of the Thrones, which has totally gone off the rails btw, Rachel has crafted medieval sigils for all thirty NHL teams.

Black bear on a field of gold? That’s house Boston. Winged leaf on a field of blue? That’s house Winnipeg, who were exiled from their ancestral home in Atlanta just like the Manderlys.

All 30 below the jump. Bravo, Rachel. Go read her tumblr, which is full of feels.

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Mind Blown: A Beagle in a Jay Beagle Jersey


One week ago, Jay Beagle played his best ever game as a pro — a two-goal outing against the Chicago Blackhawks. On our Facebook page, which you should follow if you do not already, reader Crystal N. posted a photo on our game recap post. The photo got 23 likes.

Because it was a Beagle in a Jay Beagle jersey.

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