Download and Print the JAGR Signs

Jaromir Jagr Sign

After years of knowing he was on the far side of the world, Verizon Center is about to have another unpleasant outbreak of Jaromir Jagr. Tuesday’s game with the Philadelphia Flyers marks Jagr’s return to to his old team, reminding us all of a dark time in Caps history.

In deference to JJ, I have created two posters, ready to print and download.

The mondo links below will download PDFs, which fit an 8.5 x 11 page perfectly. Download the files and print a million of these little dudes out (on post-consumer paper, duh) to pass out to everyone you see at Verizon Center. Make some noise for 68 and let ‘em know you remember him fondly. Hahaha.


Also, check out our DALE posters (recently seen on NHL Live!)

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Download and Print the Dale Hunter Sign

Your boy Dan Steinberg found some old posters celebrating Dale Hunter’s 1993 return to the Caps after a 21-game suspension. Now that Dale is the team’s head coach, we’ve recreated those posters.

The mondo link below will download a PDF, which fits an 8.5 x 11 page perfectly. Download the file and print a few dozen of these bad boys out (on recycled paper, obvs) to pass out to everyone you see in Chinatown. Let’s make some noise tonight and make Huntsy feel welcome.

Pdf (213kb)

Crash the net.

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Alex Reut's painting for Winter Classic and Lokomotiv tragedy

He’s baaaaaaaack!

Alex Reut, the man behind the not-at-all-cursed Capitals/Stanley Cup painting, is here to do some good. Reut is auctioning off the work above, and he will donate the proceeds to Love for Lokomotiv.

This is a gigantic link to the auction page.

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Kanooblian, a Work of Art Inspired by Mike Knuble

Mark Burrier is an artist (and my friend and colleague) from Frederick, Maryland. One of his many projects is a website called Rare Words, where users submit words that become the starting point for drawings. To ring in the new season, I submitted a word to the blog. It’s a word I use a lot: kanooblian. It means As of or pertaining to Mike Knuble’s net-crashing ways.

Here’s a tiny version of the drawing:

"Kanooblian" by Mark Burrier

You’re gonna have to follow me past the jump to see the whole thing. You’ll be glad you did.

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We set out a task, faithful users of the Russian Machine, to create birthday cards worthy of our gut-less (wait, did that sound bad?) leader. The only rules: use an inferior graphics program to make it.

What we avoided telling you again this year was that we didn’t have to follow the same rules. Above, is our Penguin-Pinata card for Ovi via RMNB illustrator, Rachel Cohen.

Meanwhile, you guys rocked this assignment harder than a Bruce Boudreau fitness test. Unfortunately, only one of you could win our grand prize: a RMNB t-shirt and a Mr. Big Bar. Cruise on past the jump to check out the gallery.

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RMNB Hearts Captain America!

Fanboys, today is the day of days. Marvel Studios’ Captain America film will debut at midnight tonight. You know I’ll be there.

Sneaking some Junior Mints in my cargo shorts cause ain’t no way I’m paying $8.50 for Junior Mints.


But because the memory of the hockey season has not yet faded, we had to find some way to tie this back to the Washington Capitals. Can you guess what we came up with?

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Photos via Moscow on the Potomac

I’m a 26-year old male without a mortgage, so my only life goal right now is to save cash like a squirrel hoards nuts. And every month, I fail. Looking at my growing stash of gadgets, jerseys, and random Capitals memorabilia, my family and friends just sigh. Somewhere deep inside I know I don’t need any of this stuff. But dude, I just can’t help it.

Last week the Caps’ new official Tumblr, Capitals Overtime, furthered my spending woes with another product I don’t need but must have: Washington Capitals Matryoshka dolls. The dolls feature Ovi, Backy, Sasha Minor, Greenie and good ol’ Kanoobs, and are beautifully hand-painted by Moscow on the Potomac. They are available for $39, and you can purchase them here.

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Is Brooks Laich Still a Capital Dot Com

Some questions plague our summer months. We already addressed “who the heck is Alex Semin?” and eventually we’ll get around to “Dear God, what is Ovechkin wearing now?” Today, however, is when we ponder, “What’s going to happen to Brooks Laich?”

An unrestricted free agent as of July 1, Brooks Laich looks as good to GMs across the league as he does to pretty much every girl I meet it seems like. Second (perhaps) only to fellow UFA Brad Richards, BL21 will be a tasty morsel on the open market. He’s a player who makes everyone around him better, he’s a competent two-way forward, he works on both special teams units, he can take face-offs and he might be the most eloquent hockey player you’ll ever hear. Everybody wants him.

We’re worried. Every day we scour the feeds and tweets for an update on Brooksy. Has he signed a contract yet? Are other teams talking about him? We’re spazzing out over here.

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Introducing: The Sasha Index

As the postseason winds down, we finally have a chance to answer the questions that have plagued us all year. And one question above all others keeps us up at night:

Who exactly is Alexander Semin?

Sure, he’s a 6’2″, 205-lbs., Siberian-born forward for the Washington Capitals; that’s the straightforward answer. But he’s also a mystery — wrapped in an puzzle — and nestled in one of those 3D illusion posters where you have to lie to people about seeing the hidden sailboat. A hat-tricking firecracker on one night and a reckless penalty factory on another, we now know two Alex Semins. But how do we tell which is which?

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