So, um, this is amazing.

First: some context! The Patrick family is one of the most famous families in hockey history. Lynn, Lester, Frank, and Craig Patrick are all in the Hall of Fame. Dick Patrick is the Capitals’ President of Operations.

One little known fact is that Dick’s nephew Steve is making a huge name for himself outside of hockey. Steve Patrick drums for the rock band Young Rising Sons, who had maybe one of the bigger rock singles of 2014 with “High.” You’ve likely heard it before in commercials or on the radio. It’s catchy as hell. They are releasing their first full length album in the fall with Interscope Records.

On Monday morning, after reading our story about Paige Hockman and her best friend Reagan Flemming (who tragically died of cancer this past March), Steve and lead singer Andy Tongren reached out to us. Inspired by the whole story, they graciously recorded an acoustic version of “How Do I Live” in their Caps jerseys. The song was first made famous by country singers LeAnn Rimes, Trisha Yearwood, and me on Twitter whenever I over-dramatically tweet about missing Filip Forsberg.

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Alex Ovechkin and the Fantasy Draft is always a fun combination. Ian covered the hell out of it earlier. I’m just here to add some audio because the people demanded it.

I’m on it.

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Here’s the Jay Onrait “Bobrovsky!” Ringtone


Sergei Bobrovsky stopped 39 of 41 Caps shots on Thursday night to give his Columbus Blue Jackets a much-needed win in enemy territory. As your boy JP pointed out, the Capitals fired 18 shots on Bob during the power play alone but got rewarded for just one. It was a huge performance for the Lumbus backstop, a stolen win that deserves celebration– despite how much it hurts us as Caps fans.

And no one is better at celebrating Bobrovsky than Jay Onrait of Fox Sports 1. You’re off the case, Bobrovsky!

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Who are these people?

This Washington Capitals team features two prominent foreign rookies: Swede Andre Burakovsky and Russian Evgeny Kuznetsov. You’d think these names are not that hard to pronounce, but I guess not. Television people butchered them last week.

Our first offender is ABC 7’s Tim Brant, who is a cool dude, but must now get a timeout.

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Ovechkin Fist Pump

Photo: clydeorama

Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin scored his first goal of the preseason. It is literally exactly how you’d imagine it.

Powerplay goal? Check.
At or near the left circle? Check.
The goalie knew it was coming and still couldn’t stop it? Check.

Look at this ish.

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On Monday, CRL host and beer aficionado Alan May went on Elliot in the Morning to discuss all the recent hubbub regarding the Capitals.

May, who’s not really reserved when on TV, released the kraken on Adam Oates. It’s almost like he’s been waiting months to say this.

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Alex Ovechkin is the first player to hit 50 goals in five seasons in a couple decades. His powerplay goal (naturally) in the first period of Tuesday’s game against St Louis introduced Ovechkin to the company of eleven storied scorers– including names like Gretzky, Lemieux, and Bossy.

Number fifty was nifty– a quintessential Ovi shot from the Ovi spot, clanging off the crossbar on its way home. Ryan Miller didn’t stand a chance.

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This is just about the best photo ever. (Photo: Rob Carr)

Eight games into his NHL career (which feels absolutely appropriate), Evgeny Kuznetsov has scored the first goal of his NHL career. It was a big one.

With under a minute to go and with the Caps shorthanded and with their goalie pulled, Kuznetsov whacked Alex Ovechkin‘s rebound past Jonathan Quick. That goal tied the Los Angeles Kings and Washington Capitals at 4. It unleashed a raucous celebration in Verizon Center. And it gave the Caps one very badly needing standings point. Call it clutch.

Kuznetsov now has six points in his eight games as an NHL player. I don’t know about you, but so far he looks to me like he has the potential to be a superstar in this league. This dirty goal was just a taste.

Now onto the media extravaganza!

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Peter Talks Olympics and Playoffs on Balls Hogs Radio


Happy hump day, humans. I was on Ball Hogs Radio last night. I joined the dudes to revisit the mess that was Olympic hockey, talk about Ryan Miller and what moves GMPH would make, take a stab at the team’s chances to make the postseason, and a whole of other stuff that made me look like Oscar the Grouch. It was a lot of fun anyway.

Listen to Peter on Ball Hogs Radio!

Thanks to Adam and the guys for having me on!

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Peter Was on the Break the Ice Podcast for Like Two Hours


I was a guest on the well done Break the Ice podcast on Monday night. For darn near two hours, I talked with Demick about every topic under the sun: the hidden magic of Baltimore, the worst fans in the league, the wonderful women of Pittsburgh, the worst liquor in the world, the best and worst announcers in the country, Pauly D and the hidden downfall of the Caps, RMNB’s social media strategy with Pinterest, the HFStival, and more. We also talked about hockey for a moment or two.

If you need a hockey fix between this morning’s games, here’s a good way to fill the hours.


Thanks to Demick for having me on. Go ahead and give Break the Ice a follow and check em out.

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