At the morning skate today, I asked Joe. B for a preview of his suit for the season opener. “Molten red” was his reply.

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Photos: J.R. Ebling

On Thursday, the Washington Capitals held their annual season ticket holder party at Six Flags America. Many amazing things happened, such as TJ Oshie meeting TJ Yoshie for the first time.

Here’s another wild story.

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Photo: @stacelac

On Thursday the Capitals held their annual season-ticket holder party at Six Flags America. Two and a half years after performing the greatest soccer trick shot in carnival game history, Alex Ovechkin moved his talents to the whack-a-mole station. Naturally, he dominated.

Here’s the essential (but vertical) video from Melissa Allen.

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Photo: NY Times

Alex Ovechkin has been an elite goal scorer since he first set foot in the NHL. He’s also has been one of the most feared body checkers in the league too. For instance, in Ovechkin’s first game as a Capital 10 years ago, he dislodged a pane of glass while hitting a Columbus Blue Jacket player behind the net.

In an interview with Graham Bensinger (which airs in its entirety this weekend), Ovechkin was asked what his biggest hit was.

“Probably [Jaromir] Jagr in Olympics,” Ovechkin said.

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TJ Yoshie

After months of rampant speculation (by pretty much only me), RMNB can report exclusively that the super fans formerly known as the Brouwer Rangers are now TJ Yoshie.

Which is what pretty much everyone guessed they would be.

I got the chance to sit down with Ryan (né Ranger Ryan) and Nathan (né Ranger Nathan) to talk about the transition and give us a sneak peek of their new getups. A lightly (and skillfully) edited version of our conversation is below.

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Not visible: the player with the puck. (Photo credit: Chris Gordon)

On Friday night, Verizon Center debuted its new “skycam,” the first such camera permanently installed at an NHL and NBA building. Now it appears the expensive device may not be so permanent. A CSN Washington spokesman told RMNB the camera will not be in place for the next Capitals home game. It received a deluge of criticism from fans.

“The product was being tested last night and is not scheduled to be used Sunday,” Brian Potter, the director of communications for the channel, said in an email. “It hasn’t yet been determined if it will be used further. Many factors will be considered, including feedback from fans.”

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Photos: @double00evan

Four years ago, Evan Markley — a Blackhawks fan from Chicago — moved with his family to Edgewater, Maryland. The move forced the teenager to make new friends. In eighth grade he met someone who would become very special to him: Jessica.

Jessica and Evan had a lot in common. They both played soccer. They both loved hockey. Jessica was a diehard Capitals fan; her family owns season tickets.

Markley grew fond of his new area team. “The Caps are definitely my second favorite now,” Markley tells me.

He also grew fond of Jessica.

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Photos: Amanda Bowen

On Tuesday afternoon, the Capitals celebrated all twelve months of the year with Homeward Trails’ Animal Rescue dogs for the 2015-16 Caps Canine Calendar. Each month had its own silly theme based on a season or holiday, with the players and dogs dressed accordingly.

Here’s a quick preview: Caps roomies Tom Wilson and Michael Latta celebrated Valentine’s Day by putting roses in their mouth for February; Braden Holtby wore a sombrero and poncho for Cinco de Mayo; and Karl Alzner dressed in a skin-tight skeleton costume with his dogs for Halloween in October.

January models Andre Burakovsky and Marcus Johansson had problems. By the time the photographer was ready for them, the puppies they were carrying fell asleep in their arms. Adorable, but improvisation was needed. The New Years theme became “falling asleep before midnight.” After two rounds of throwing balloons, the crew tried popping confetti champagne bottles that startled the two pups awake in the middle of the take. The Swedes handled it well: with many puppy kisses.

After the main sets, the photographer did sessions with the player families that wanted their own set of photos. #SquadGoals.

Prepare yourself for enormous amounts of adorable. We can’t wait to buy this calendar.

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Capitals in Awe of Bus Elevator at Barclays Center


Photo credit: Bruce Bennett

The Washington Capitals played in the final game at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum on April 27. The Caps lost that contest to the New York Islanders, but their Game 7 victory in Washington put an end to hockey at the Coliseum. It was a glorious moment. Six months later, the Islanders have left the brutalist circular abode behind, moving to the opulent Barclays Center in Brooklyn. After closing out the Coliseum, the Capitals got the chance to play one of the first games in the new place, beating the Isles 3-1 Monday night.

The differences between the two buildings are striking. While the old concrete blob featured notable amenities such as rat poop and a TV angle that seemed to be coming from St. Louis, the new barn has a bus elevator, which is a freaking elevator for buses.

“I’ve never been on a bus elevator,” Jay Beagle told RMNB. “At first we were kind of like, what’s going on here? And then we realized it was an elevator for a bus, so that was kind of cool.”

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Photo: @tom_wilso

In July 2013, Andre Burakovsky, an 18-year-old Swede drafted earlier that year, joined the Capitals for the first time during the team’s annual development camp. Burakovsky, with his tenuous command of English and an unfamiliarity with peanut butter, was placed in the care of Tom Wilson to adjust to North America.

When Burakovsky made the Capitals roster full time at the end of last year, he went right back to Wilson, staying with the bruising Canadian forward and his roommate, center Michael Latta. While Wilson and Latta are inseparable, even during the offseason, they took time to take Burakovsky under their wing. The trio’s exploits provided continuous amusement to Caps fans with Twitter or Instagram accounts. That time, however, has come to an end.

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