This guest post comes to us from RMNB reader Russell Kay, who planned one heck of a surprise at the Caps’ home game against Philadelphia on January 27.

Samantha and I have been attending Capitals games for years, so when the time came to take our relationship to the next level, the venue was easy: the Verizon Center.

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Editor’s note: Katie and Daniel recently welcomed a little bundle of joy into their lives in December, and they want to tell you about it.

I grew up in Northern Virginia. I’ve been a DC sports fan for as long as I can remember. My life revolved around the Redskins, Wizards, and the Caps and that will never change. My wife Katie, a Pittsburgh girl born and raised, and I met while in college.

While I’ve given it my best shot, I have never been able to change her mind when it comes to football, however hockey was surprisingly a blank slate. She would occasionally watch the Caps with me as I taught her the rules of the game and soon enough she was hooked, especially on the Caps.

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These Caps Fans Baked Dale Hunter’s Cookies


This guest post comes from reader Nicole (seen in the center of the photo), who was kind enough to reach out to us after trying one of the recipes from the 90s Capital Cuisine cookbook we featured recently. Thanks, Nicole!

If I had to choose, I’d pick my three top passions in life as baking, hockey, and writing. I’ve been baking and writing as long as I could hold the proper tools, but hockey is a much more recent interest. A friend of mine in high school got me hooked on the Caps during the 2012 playoff series against the Bruins. I cite Joel Ward’s game Seven overtime goal as the exact moment I became a hockey fan. I discovered RMNB not long afterward, and I’ve been a reader and commenter ever since.

As an English major in her junior year of college, it’s not hard to keep up with writing, but hockey and baking require a little more conscious effort. I had been meaning to make something from the Capital Cuisine Cookbook since the post was originally made, but moving back into college and starting a new semester got in the way of things. I was able to conjure up the ingredients I needed for Dale Hunter’s Hermit Cookies, but each day I arrived home exhausted and with assignments I had to prioritize over baking. However, on the night of the game against the Blue Jackets, with nothing due immediately the next day, I decided that it seemed as good a time as any to try out the recipe. After six hours of classes, I figured I needed something to take my mind off of things for a while. Hockey and baking sounded like just the trick.

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In the 2006 NHL Draft, the Washington Capitals selected tiny QMJHL centerman Mathieu Perreault with the 77th overall pick, and RMNB fell in love. During his time in Washington’s organization, Perreault won two Calder Cups in Hershey and played on the President’s Trophy-winning Caps team. He was a dazzling possession player for the Caps before the team had an analytics department. And we can’t forget about the #PerryCellys and onesies.

A few years ago, the Caps traded away the man we once called Perreaultcho-cinco to make room for first-round pick Tom Wilson. Now Perreault, continuing to blossom as a player, has a new biggest fan. His name is Matthew Perreault.

I’ll let his dad Danny Perreault explain.

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This weekend, long-time friend of the blog Eric Rigsby will be helping out with a two-day hockey tournament to benefit Frederick County’s Kline Hospice House. There’ll be good hockey to watch (I’ve watched these guys play; they’re semi-amazing) and a huge raffle with a lot of prizes.

I’ll let Eric explain.

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ERMAGERD. (Photo: @kellymw89)

There’s a Caps game on Thursday, but if you watch Jeopardy instead we’d understand. Caps fan Kelly Wright will be appearing on a pre-taped episode of the show.

Wright, who lives on a farm in Rocky Ridge, Maryland (between Thurmont and Emmitsburg), grew up in Frederick County. She went to Catoctin High School and graduated from McDaniel. She now works downtown for a company called PropertyRoom as a cataloging specialist.

As a kid, Wright learned to skate and play hockey at SkateFrederick. She says she fell in love with the Caps as a seven-year-old during the team’s Stanley Cup Final run in 1998. Her earliest memory was crying on the floor in her jersey when they got swept (hey, me too!).

Wright was kind enough to share her Jeopardy/Alex Trebek experience with us exclusively. It’s amazing.

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Photo via CSNMA

The day before Thanksgiving, in a special moment during Caps practice, a tiny Caps fan held up a sign that read All I Want For Christmas Is A TJ Oshie Hockey Stick. Oshie, the kind person that he is, noticed and gave his stick away after practice.

“It helps when it’s a good time,” Oshie said to the media. “It’s Thanksgiving right now. Little man had a sign out there and said what he wanted for Christmas was a signed stick. I only had two out here at the practice rink so I had to practice with it first and then skated over and gave it to him.”

Over the weekend, John Whittington reached out to RMNB. He told us just how excited TJ made his five-year-old son Landon and gave us video of the exchange.

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On Sunday Washington Capitals star TJ Oshie was granted a maintenance day by head coach Barry Trotz. Oshie missed practice, but he hit the ice anyway. That afternoon, Oshie drove up to the greatest city in all the land, Frederick, Maryland, to skate with some teeny tiny youth hockey players.

I’ll let Daniel Lerman, who snapped photos and had his son participate in the event, explain.

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The Tom Wilson #LotsOfTigers Carved Pumpkin


There were a lot of great carved pumpkins this year, but my favorite has to be by reader Emily K., who was inspired — like many of us — by Tom Wilson’s confusing #LotsOfTigers hashtag. Her reach may have exceeded her grasp, but dammit, it’s the thought that counts.

I’ll let her explain.

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Photos: @Fairest_Of_All & @OsRavensCaps

We have one last story from the Caps season ticket holder party Thursday and it’s, well, delicious.

Like J.R., Caps fans Jenn P. and her cousin Steph came to the amusement park on a mission. Just it wasn’t for tattoos. It was to deliver some amazing baked goods to two of their favorite players: Caps roomies Tom Wilson and Michael Latta.

I’ll let Jenn and Steph explain.

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