On Sunday Washington Capitals star TJ Oshie was granted a maintenance day by head coach Barry Trotz. Oshie missed practice, but he hit the ice anyway. That afternoon, Oshie drove up to the greatest city in all the land, Frederick, Maryland, to skate with some teeny tiny youth hockey players.

I’ll let Daniel Lerman, who snapped photos and had his son participate in the event, explain.

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The Tom Wilson #LotsOfTigers Carved Pumpkin


There were a lot of great carved pumpkins this year, but my favorite has to be by reader Emily K., who was inspired — like many of us — by Tom Wilson’s confusing #LotsOfTigers hashtag. Her reach may have exceeded her grasp, but dammit, it’s the thought that counts.

I’ll let her explain.

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Photos: @Fairest_Of_All & @OsRavensCaps

We have one last story from the Caps season ticket holder party Thursday and it’s, well, delicious.

Like J.R., Caps fans Jenn P. and her cousin Steph came to the amusement park on a mission. Just it wasn’t for tattoos. It was to deliver some amazing baked goods to two of their favorite players: Caps roomies Tom Wilson and Michael Latta.

I’ll let Jenn and Steph explain.

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On Sunday, longtime RMNB reader/commenter Owen Johnson went to Caps practice and defenseman Nate Schmidt did something super cool for Owen’s nephew.

I’ll let Owen take it from here.

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BrouwerRangersCapsCasinoNight (6 of 24)

Editor’s Note: Welcome to Part II of Friend of RMNB and certified dancing queen Ben Scarbro’s investigation into what the Brouwer Rangers will do now that Troy Brouwer is no longer a Washington Capital.

Yesterday, I proved to you a bunch of things you can’t argue with because I wrote this article a week ago and it’s too late to change my mind. And you don’t need to pay a translator to see that I’m right (and yes that’s a non sequitur and a call back to like 2012).

By that, I mean that I narrowed down the list of players the Brouwer Rangers may select as their next target object of praise to a manageable six. To recap: We eliminated defensemen and goalies (because the Brouwer Rangers seem to prefer goal-scoaring ability) plus any forwards who either won’t get enough playing time or who represent to significant a commitment in terms of contract length and size. That left us with Jay Beagle, Brooks Laich, Justin Williams, Evegeny Kuznetsov, T. J. Oshie, and Andre Burakovsky.

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IanBrouwerRangers (7 of 11)

Editor’s Note: The Washington Capitals have made a ton of moves this offseason, from acquiring T.J. Oshie and re-signing restricted free agent goaltender Braden Holtby to wishing a fond farewell to unrestricted free agents Joel Ward and Eric Fehr, among others. But there’s one burning question yet to be answered: What will become of the Brouwer Rangers? That’s where we turn things over to Friend of RMNB and man-bun aficionado Ben Scarbro:

Now that Troy Brouwer is headed to a city whose nickname sounds like a British person’s bathroom, it’s time for the Brouwer Rangers to retire the fanny packs and the spandex onesies. In order to determine where they’re headed next, we have to take a quick look into their past. Continue Reading



On July 3rd, Julianne Hough’s Move Live Tour made its way to Wolf Trap, and there was a special Caps-related surprise during the show. I’ll let RMNB reader Topher Gee explain.

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Photo: Nick Wass

Editor’s Note: Derek Miller’s back with some pretty graphs. You can read more of Derek’s stuff at Capital Precession. Please give him a warm RMNB welcome.

Peter was willing to let me bore all you with a ton of plots again, so buckle up for the season-sized comparison. I’m going to look at a lot of the same plots/data I ran last time RMNB had me on, but this time I’ll include the Isles’ data with the Caps’. I’ll try to keep things consistent, where the Caps’ data will be the navy blue and red traces, while the Isles will be royal blue and orange.

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Ed. note: Peter here. One of my favorite reads this season has been Derek Miller’s Capital Precession. Derek crunches hard team data, visualizes them handsomely, and then talks about them like an actual human. It’s very refreshing. I’ve asked Derek to give us a report on the Caps as we head into the trade deadline. Where do they stand? What’s working? What’s not? Derek’s got the answers.

I’m going to make what is probably a very safe assumption and say most of those reading this on RMNB have never seen one of my posts before, so I’ll explain the format quickly. I’ll throw up a few graphics that are typically related, and each data series will have two graphs– one will display the season cumulative data, and then below it will be a plot of the same data but just of a 10-game rolling average. Then I’ll provide some commentary on what I’ve observed.

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Last night, Alex Ovechkin was once again generous, giving away a bunch of pucks and his gear after the All-Star Skills Competition. We’re happy to report that the person who received Ovechin’s stick is actually a Caps fan.

Michael B., who goes by the nickname Moose, tells us that Ovechkin sought out him and his wife after the event.

I’ll let him explain.

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