The Washington City Paper published an item by Matt Terl on Thursday that called the phrase behind this li’l ol’ blog right here as one of the best sports phrases in DC.

Terl also calls RMNB “one of the best local hockey blogs,” which is very nice, though it was a lot nicer when there were like 78 local hockey blogs instead of the three and a half we have now.

You’ll have to read Terl’s article to see the other four phrases, so go do that. For now, here are five more phrases that are even better than “Russian machine never breaks.”

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Chris Gordon NYT oh shit son

FREDERICK — RMNB’s favorite son, Chris Gordon, is published in today’s paper and web editions of The New York Times, where they do fancy datelines and type it as N.H.L. instead of NHL. Gordon writes about what tonight’s pivotal Game Five portends for the Capitals’ miserable habit of early playoff exits.

Today is also the Kentucky Derby, and today’s newspaper contains the betting lines, so I expect a lot of eyes on the Gray Lady and Chris’s article today. Like, millions.

Congratulations, Chris. Your success is hard-earned and well-deserved af. We love you.

Read Chris Gordon in the NYT!

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Braden Holtby Strums Mellow 90s Tunes Before Games


This is not Braden Holtby, but he is also a goalie, and he also plays guitar, so it kinda works.

Braden Holtby saved every one of the 19 shots that came his way on Thursday night on the way to his third career playoff shutout. The secret behind that performance: the mellow jams he shredded on his acoustic before the game.

I direct you now to an article by Caps beat alumnus Alex Prewitt, now of Sports Illustrated. Earlier this week, Prew wrote of Holtby’s pregame passion: strumming up some mellow 90s tunes for the boys.

Click this mondo link to read Prew’s article, bruv.

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Mike Richards Played in a Beer League Last Year


Last summer, two-time Stanley Cup champion Mike Richards was unemployed. Terminated by the Kings due to his drug possession charges, Richards had to reboot his whole life. He also had to fill the hours of the day, which is where the Caseys Hockey League’s Kenora Kings come in.

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Photo: Yury Kuzmin

Derek Jeter’s Players’ Tribune has published an article by Evgeny Kuznetsov. Kuznetsov touches on his deep-seeded passion for the sport, the differences between Russian hockey and the NHL, and his experiences with Alex Semin.

I’m just going to blockquote my favorite parts, but please read this whole article because it’s amazing.

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Los Angeles Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick contributed to Derek Jeter’s blog, The Players’ Tribune, on Wednesday and tried to explain why some of the NHL’s best goal scorers are just so dang hard to stop. Naturally he brought up five-time Rocket Richard trophy winner Alex Ovechkin.

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A few years ago in Hershey, I told Dmitry Orlov that he should totally get a Twitter account. I explained that he could read our terribly-written bloggy blogs, post selfies with his friends, and be on top of everything – from world news to what Caps fans are saying about him.

Orly looked at me bashfully and said, “No, No, no. That stuff’s not for me.”

Whelp three years later, I’m happy to report a social media miracle has happened. This afternoon, Orlov got on Twitter. He confirmed the news to RMNB.

You can now follow him here at @orlov_09.

(And please do it, we may or may not have a bet going with him that we can get him a few thousand followers by the end of the night.)

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Photo: Doug Mills

Your boy Chris Gordon is in The New York Times again, where they call it “Game 7” instead of “game seven.”  This time, Chris writes about the would-be hero of Game 6 (see?), Joel Ward. Ward scored one goal and assisted on two more in Washington’s 4-3 loss to New York. He’s a big-game player, and games get no bigger than the one tonight. Read all about it.

Goodness, this certainly is a large link to the article.

Congrats again, Chris. Please tell Maureen Dowd and David Brooks I said hey.

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Photo credit: John Walton

Last week, I gave Braden Holtby his due in feature for The New York Times that appeared on their website. Over the past week, I’ve also contributed to their game recaps. But today is the big one: I’m in print for the first time.

The article focuses on Andre Burakovsky and Evgeny Kuznetsov. They’ve played some good games lately, which has lifted the pressure off Washington’s stars. But you already know that.

This is giant link to the article.

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Photo: Bruce Bennett

Little ol’ Chris Gordon has a big ol’ byline today. Over at the New York Times, where they spell NHL as “N.H.L.” and number one as “No. 1,” Gordon tells us the tale of Braden Holtby, a humble farm boy who rose to become the Washington Capitals’ most important player.

Give it a read by clicking on this mondo link.

Congratulations, Chris. You’ve made the Grey Lady look better than ever.