Peter Talks Caps Hockey on Baltimore Sports Hockey Podcast

Peter was on the Baltimore Sports Hockey podcast last night to chat about the Capitals and the playoffs. Peter tried his best to mask his pessimism, and much merriment was had on topics such as:

  • Brooks Laich’s “guarantee” and the Caps’ playoff chances
  • What’s wrong with Alex Ovechkin?
  • What kind of offseason changes do we want to see?
  • Are there any Washington Capitals fans in Baltimore?
  • Peter’s favorite Joe Beninati suit
  • Predictions for the playoffs and the Pittsburgh Penguins

Peter’s segment starts around 15 minutes in, but the BSR guys are funny throughout the show.  The only problem is Georgia the bulldog snoring audibly in the background. Check it out and Go Orioles!

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Merch Alert: Alyssa Milano’s Washington Capitals Jeans

Maybe this is just news to us, but whoa!

Alyssa Milano, star of Embrace of the Vampire and Poison Ivy 2: Lily,  has a clothing line called Touch. Touch has designed blue jeans with a Caps weagle on the butt. Now I’m not saying this is a must-buy, but you literally MUST BUY THESE.

From the product description on Modell’s:

Want everyone to know what your favorite team is while out on the town? In these Washington Capitals denim jeans from Touch by Alyssa Milano everyone will know. The traditional washed jeans have vintage leather team logo appliques on both back pockets and team logo embroidery on front pocket.

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Saturday’s Washington Post comes with a five-page feature on Alex Ovechkin and his great decline. Former Caps beat writer Tarik El-Bashir and Rick Maese list a gamut of explanations– tactics, work ethic, bad attitude, weight, family, partying, schisms with teammates, and more. It’s what the kids call a “must read.”

Read: Alex Ovechkin: What’s wrong with the Washington Capitals superstar?

There’s a lot of anonymous sourcing in there, but the conclusions line up well with what we’ve been observing here for a long time. What do you think?

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Link: Read Puck Buddys’ “The Thin Blue Line”

Hopefully you’ve noticed that RMNB engaged the Puck Buddys website in a partnership this season. Their pregamers and features have been clever and kind-spirited, and we’re honored to count them among our friends.

Over at their site, the Puck Buddys have been running The Thin Blue Line, a long-read profile of a gay player in high school. The series culminates with this weekend’s installment, which is transcendentally good and we strongly recommend you read it. They’ve got a lot of big stuff cooking too, but we’ll get to that soon enough.

Read “The Thin Blue Line”

Our website is for Everyone, and we believe hockey should be that way too. It makes us happy beyond words to align ourselves with people who not only believe the same, but actually work to make it happen. Bravo, guys.


Joe Beninati: The Year in Suits

Whether we like it or not, we carry profound memories of last season. We’ll be taking a few opportunities to revisit the Capitals’ 2010-2011 campaign soon, but we thought we’d start with the most important matter of all: Joe Beninati’s suits.

We at Russian Machine Never Breaks are the Ken Burnses of Joe B. fashion. We’ve been documenting every green blazer, every ostentatious houndstooth and argyle combo, and every– let’s be honest– pimp suit. The esteemed Beninati was your guide through a spastic season, and now we return the favor. Here are (awful cell phone) photos of Joe’s suits from every telecast this season– with links to our gamers.

So let’s take a stroll down memory lane with the sharply dressed, silver-tongued man himself.

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The Machinist: February 19, 2011

Important RMNB news of week? Well, that has to be the fact that 64 people reached the site searching for “Alexander Semin Unibrow”. We’re perplexed yet oddly not surprised by this development.

Down on the Hershey front, Kathryn spoke with goaltender Jared DeMichiel who picked up his first career AHL win last Friday. Head over to SHOE and give it a read!

Now, let’s do the Machinist!

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The Machinist: January 29, 2011

The Machinist has been moved to Saturdays to accommodate Neil’s springboard to his new advice-column career, Feed the Machine.

What happened this week? Yeah, we picked up photog supreme, Chris “Caps Snaps” Gordon, but the real big news is our Facebook “LIKE” button! Russian Machine is slowly wrapping its greasy tentacles around every corner of your social media world.

It’s All-star weekend, baby, I’m about to have me some fun. Let’s do the Machinist.

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The Machinist: January 21, 2011

This week we created the Russian Machine tumblr site. We promise never to post anything not completely pointless there. Hop on over, giggle at silly photoshop jobs, and carry on with your day.

219 people reached the site looking for Ovechtrick, and all of them were disappointed. 27 people were looking for Charissa Thompson, and I guess they took a wrong turn somewhere.

SHOE alert: Do yourself a favor and read Kathryn’s recap of Hershey’s shutout SHOOTOUT (my bad!) loss to Lake Erie. Kyle’s photo of Holtby pouting in the paint is priceless.

Now, let’s do the Machinist.

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The Machinist: January 14, 2010

Tough week.

Most Read Posts This Week

  1. A Special Birthday Cake For John Carlson’s 21st
    After Nour’s success with the cake, expect to see a confectionary clustereff at RFD tonight.
  2. Caps Care Casino Night, Year Two
    Emily dons a dress and hangs out with the boys for a good cause. Great photos, too.
  3. Evgeny Kuznetsov: “Next Up is the Stanley Cup”
    Igor hooks us up with two interviews that reveal Kuz is not wanting for confidence.

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The Machinist: January 7, 2011

We’ve passed by the holidays, but the Winter Classic is still in our rear mirrors. Peter, for example, has yet to find anything interesting to write about it that someone else hasn’t already written. But here we stand, facing down a gauntlet of hockey games before the All-Star break.

Traffic is up 120%, which is insane. Ovechkin should do two commercials a week every week. Goal for this year is to beat Facebook.

Recommended with prejudice: SHOE’s guide to AHL All-star voting

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