This photo is 100% fake but imagine if it wasn’t? (Photoshop by me)

You guys, Pope Francis just arrived at Joint Base Andrews and as predicted, he looked sick unbelievable. Sporting the proper Papal regalia, a cassock under an Alex Ovechkin Caps jersey, the pope walked off his plane and was immediately greeted by another hockey fan, President Obama.

The Pope will be in DC through Thursday, so have fun with the gridlock traffic.

We have only two wishes.

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Photo: @capsroomies

Last year the Washington Capitals installed a display at Verizon Center honoring all the hat tricks scored at their home barn since 2008. It was a fantastic idea, especially featuring fans’ hats that had actually been thrown on the ice in celebration. The Caps expanded on that this offseason.

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Photo: KHL

InGoal Magazine released its Top 50 NHL Goaltending Prospects for the 2015-16 season. The Washington Capitals were well represented, featuring two draft picks in the top 20.

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Wayne Gretzky has never been a fashion icon. Now, thanks to Sears Canada, you can dress like him.

On September 9, Sears Canada announced the No 99 Wayne Gretzky Collection. It features “better casual clothing” which “will keep men looking neat, handsome, and fashionable.”

So what are these neat, handsome, and fashionable things?

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Photo: @pt_andreas

Sunday afternoon, injured first-line center Nicklas Backstrom traveled to FedEx Field like Tom Wilson and Michael Latta did last week, to watch the Washington Redskins take on the St. Louis Rams. After a surprisingly drama-free week out of Ashburn, the Redskins won their first game of the season, 24-10, and are now 1-1.

Backstrom went to the game with his daughter Haley, his girlfriend Liza Berg, and his new personal trainer, Andreas Öhgren, visiting from Sweden.

Öhgren is helping Backstrom train at Kettler while recovering from hip surgery. In a recent interview with arbetarbladet.se, Backstrom gushed about Öhgren’s work with him.

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Photo: Amanda Bowen

While Andre Burakovsky was one of the team’s top possession wingers last year, he will begin the preseason at center – just like he did as a rookie. Last season, Burakovsky tallied 12 points in his first 15 games, most of which he spent up the middle.

“I’m going to start at center,” Burakovsky said to NHL.com’s Katie Brown after his on-ice session Saturday. “I’ve been practicing at center, I was at center today, and it felt good. I have some chemistry with [Marcus Johansson] and [Garrett Mitchell]. It felt good out there. It’s a lot more responsibility but it felt good.”

With Nicklas Backstrom slated to potentially miss the entire month of October recovering from hip surgery, Evgeny Kuznetsov is the most likely candidate to move up and center fellow countryman Alex Ovechkin. That will leave Burakovsky, Brooks Laich, Jay Beagle, Michael Latta, and Derek Roy all battling it out to center the team’s other three lines.

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Photo: Washington Capitals

For the last eight seasons, Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom have been one of the league’s top performing duos– the cheese to one other’s macaroni, if you will. Friday, on the first day of the Capitals’ 2015-16 Training Camp, the straw-haired Swedish superstar center was asked just what it is that makes number eight so great.

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Photo: AP

Alex Ovechkin, 30, started today’s press conference with a question: “Where’s my happy birthday?” Eventually, he was asked about his birthday presents.

“In Moscow, they gave me a ship,” Ovechkin said, as reported by NHL.com’s Katie Brown. “It’s [at] my country house right now. It’s kind of funny.”

A ship is an extravagant gift. A ship isn’t necessarily funny. A ship is usually stored in the sea, not at country houses. This is confusing.

“I didn’t see [it yet],” Ovechkin continued. “I have a picture. A picture is one thing but to see in in real life is maybe a different thing.”

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Hurricanes President: We ‘Paid Alex Semin to Go Away’


Photo: Montreal Canadiens

Alex Semin made his debut in a Montreal Canadiens jersey today (ew #13) after signing a one-year, $1.1-million deal in late July. But just as with his career in Washington, controversy continues to dog Semin.

While speaking to the Raleigh Sports Club on Wednesday night, Carolina Hurricanes President Don Waddell explained why the team bought Semin out of the remaining three years of his five-year, $35-million extension. And it’s vicious.

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Photo: @KgriggsPhoto

Wednesday afternoon, hockey got even closer as the Caps announced their 64-man roster for training camp. Players must report for physicals and testing on Thursday. Friday is the first on-ice and open-to-the-public practice. It begins at 9:30 AM.

Here is the full roster in both alphabetical and numerical order.

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