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Yesterday, Capitals general manager Brian MacLellan spoke to the media about the first half of the Caps’ season. A large chunk of the conversation revolved around Mike Green and his upcoming UFA status, which Adam Vingan documented on NBC Washington.

MacLellan was also briefly asked about the lopsided Filip Forsberg trade and what he thought of him as a player. He replied honestly.

“I think he’s played well,” MacLellan said. “Obviously he’s one of the leading candidates for the Calder Trophy.”

He continued, “If you’re asking if I would like to do a do-over [on the trade]? Yeah. Sure.” Then he nodded his head a few times and flashed a coy smile. This became a national story.

Is it even fair for MacLellan to have to answer to this deal nearly two years after it was signed off on by his then-boss George McPhee? RMNB investigates.

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What Is Barry Trotz Talking About?

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 10.56.57 PM

“I think we took our foot off the gas,” Jay Beagle said to the Washington Post’s Alex Prewitt after Tuesday’s loss to Edmonton. “[We] kind of let teams creep back in.”

Surrendering two two-goal leads in in the last few games invites that sort of comment, and the media pressed Trotz about the Capitals’ lack of aggression during the postgame conference.

Trotz’s response was so confusing I might have an aneurysm before I finish this.

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[Editor’s note: Eric Fingerhut is RMNB’s ombudsman. You can follow him on Twitter and read his other work on his blog here.]

I know everyone expects complaints and criticism from the ombudsman, but today, I want to start with some praise. The Winter Classic might have been the biggest day for hockey in Washington, D.C. history, and this website did a tremendous job chronicling it – before, during and after the game. Who did the best job of anyone covering the Caps in trying to figure out why Washington didn’t have an alumni game like other Winter Classic cities? Who did the best job covering the Caps alumni who came to town for the game? Who provided a constant stream of entertaining stuff to the lead up of the game – from players’ Instagram photos to reports from the family skate? Who provided a joyous recap of the game? Ian, Peter and Chris at RMNB did. The only complaint I could have about this site’s Winter Classic coverage is that there was so much of it, I found it hard to read it all. Really an amazing job.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I have nothing to complain about.

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Before tonight, back-up goaltender Justin Peters hadn’t played in an NHL game since November 29th. In 7 appearances which totaled just 401 minutes of ice time, Peters faced 172 shots and had an .872 save percentage.

Against Dallas on Saturday, Peter allowed five goals, including two back-breaking third period tallies within 16 seconds. Peters was not great. Karl Alzner summed it up pretty well post-game: “He did pretty good for not getting a start in a while.”

Long-time Caps back-up goaltender Brent Johnson had a distinct perspective on Peters’ performance during CSN’s post-game show. Remember, this is the same man who would sit for long stretches of time as Olie Kolzig handled the boatload of starts in Washington.

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RMNB’s Favorite Memories of Filip Forsberg


Photo: Homer McFanboy

Tonight the Washington Capitals will play the Nashville Predators for the first time this season. The big storyline heading into this game is Barry Trotz returning to his old stomping grounds.

Trotz spent 15 years as head coach of the Predators. He was the team’s first coach and might have even named them. Three of Trotz’s children still live in the city, and he left on the goodest of good terms over the summer. Like Brooks Orpik in Pittsburgh, Trotz will probably get a video tribute tonight. There will be lots of feels.

But let’s not forget the other storyline tonight: this will be the first time Filip Forsberg plays against the team that drafted him, and it’s going to be awful.

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Photoshop by Ian

Barry Trotz got hit by Marcus Johansson’s stick tonight. That was maybe the most exciting part of an otherwise dreary game, so Ian cranked out this photoshop.

And now, because Peter insisted…

RMNB’s Sorting Hat sorts the 2014-15 Capitals!

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The Awesome Index: The Winter Classic, Ranked


The lasting image of the Winter Classic, as far as I’m concerned (Grab by @myregularface)

The Winter Classic was awesome. So very, very awesome. I’ve got a lot to say about it that couldn’t be fit into a game recap, so here’s special, super-sized edition of the Awesome Index.

Get a comfy chair. This is going to be a long one, but it’s going to be awesome.

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The Awesome Index: Mutant Shootout, Roads, and Barry

Eliot J Schechter

Photo: Eliot J. Schechter

Alright, lemme just start with this, because if I don’t I won’t be doing the Awesome Index right.

The Caps haven’t lost a game in #rego in fifteen days. That one on December 2nd was kind of a lame one too. The Caps’ record ain’t bad. That’s awesome.

I’ve got some more awesome stuff for you below, including my 2014 “best of” list.

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You’ve been missed, Ovechkin back tattoos.

Did you guys watch the first episode of Road to the Winter Classic? We did! (If you didn’t, here’s how you can watch it now.)

A lot went down. Teows went to the quiet room, Trotz got in a spat with Devorski, Ovi’s back tattoos came back, and the Caps wiseguys stole the show. Come relive the memories with me and Ian, who almost agree about it.

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The Awesome Index: Loving Laich and Five Years of RMNB

Scott Audette

Photo: Scott Audette

I skipped the Awesome Index last week. There was nothing awesome going on. I tried to think of some, but then I had to wade through the internet’s putrid pools of pissypants to find any. Rather than do something insincere or making it the “awful index” for a week, I decided to take a week off. I’m glad I did. In the seven days since then, we’ve been inundated with Awesome.

The Caps are riding a three-game winning streak, all of it on the road, formerly ice cold players are denting the net, and one guy in particular is looking really good out there. And not just because he’s handsome. I’m talking about Brooks Laich, but before we get to him, we’ve got some other awesomeness to go over.

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