You’ve been missed, Ovechkin back tattoos.

Did you guys watch the first episode of Road to the Winter Classic? We did! (If you didn’t, here’s how you can watch it now.)

A lot went down. Teows went to the quiet room, Trotz got in a spat with Devorski, Ovi’s back tattoos came back, and the Caps wiseguys stole the show. Come relive the memories with me and Ian, who almost agree about it.

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The Awesome Index: Loving Laich and Five Years of RMNB

Scott Audette

Photo: Scott Audette

I skipped the Awesome Index last week. There was nothing awesome going on. I tried to think of some, but then I had to wade through the internet’s putrid pools of pissypants to find any. Rather than do something insincere or making it the “awful index” for a week, I decided to take a week off. I’m glad I did. In the seven days since then, we’ve been inundated with Awesome.

The Caps are riding a three-game winning streak, all of it on the road, formerly ice cold players are denting the net, and one guy in particular is looking really good out there. And not just because he’s handsome. I’m talking about Brooks Laich, but before we get to him, we’ve got some other awesomeness to go over.

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“Just like an interception, I bet you didn’t see this one coming.” That’s how pizza chef/party animal Papa John Shattner begins his latest commercial with Peyton Manning.

The ad promotes Papa John’s new Fritos Pizza. The chili pizza has fritos sprinkled on the top of the pizza’s cheese.

The commercial has aired infinity times during Caps games over the last week. Every time I’ve seen it, it makes me want to hurl. To me, it’s a disgusting idea and it appears that Papa John’s is trying to take advantage of the success (maybe?) Taco Bell had with its Doritos Taco Shell.

Anyways, this Caps game is no fun, so I asked you what you thought. Like always, you delivered.

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The Washington Capitals have gone to major lengths to promote Barry Trotz since hiring him this summer. And while Trotz is certainly an improvement over former coach Adam Oates, the Caps still find themselves as a middling team (after a scintillating October), with fans finding little to be excited about for the future.

Check out the conclusion of Peter’s recap last night.

Sigh. Am I all alone in thinking that Caps fans are kind of at a low right now? The team is still way better than the Oates!Caps, but this ain’t exactly working either. All the great stuff the Caps were doing in October is gone now, and all the inefficiencies in the lineup are costing goals on a nightly basis.

We’re one month out from the Winter Classic, but the community seems melancholic. I don’t blame ‘em; at some point wins are needed to justify enthusiasm. The Capitals have let you down.

Meanwhile, Trotz’s former team, the Nashville Predators are undergoing a renaissance without their former bench boss. The irony is miserable.

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The Awesome Index: Thanksgiving Special


Technically, this is a dinosaur. You are eating dinosaurs.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. The Caps lost in OT last night, but there are still a great many awesome things. There is no better time to take stock of all the awesome things in our weird little universe than today.

Let’s change the format today. Let’s throw the ranking out the window and do it like a grocery list. There’s too much awesome for a top five.

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Appreciating Brooks Orpik


Photo: Christian Petersen

Reading a recent Adam Vingan piece on Brooks Orpik made me reflect on how hard I’ve been on the Caps defender. Maybe I haven’t been completely fair. Don’t get me wrong: I stand by what I’ve written on Orpik. But there are also positive things I can and should say about him.

I want Orpik to succeed. I’m a Caps fan, and I root for Caps players to do well. On top of that, I also try to be a decent person, so I avoid wishing failure upon fellow persons.

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The Awesome Index: We Needed That

Friends, I am having a bit of a day: Flat tire, bad weather, nasty cold, traffic jams, wah wah wah. In short: everything sucks.

But then I remember overtime, and Eric Fehr seizing victory from the jaws of mediocrity, and I can’t help but think: Man, that was awesome.

Maybe being badly-needed is an essential property of Awesome. Maybe, when things suck, awesome things become even more precious. In this week’s awesome index, only the most indispensable awesome things shall be indexed. And you’re damn skippy I am starting with Fehr.

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Photo: Geoff Burke

[Editor’s note: Eric Fingerhut is RMNB’s ombudsman. You can follow him on Twitter and read his other work on his blog here.]

It’s pretty clear what most needs to be addressed this month: RMNB’s cheerful and optimistic outlook on the Caps, an attitude not yet shared by many of this site’s readers. Peter has written a number of times over the past few weeks that this current Caps team is not only much better than last year’s Adam Oates-led squad, but also, as he wrote in a November 3 post, “is capable of being really, really good.

Is this team better than last year’s team?  I think Peter’s on pretty solid ground there, and I don’t even think you need to cite advanced statistics to argue that point. Unlike last year’s team, this team doesn’t spend most of the game fending off dozens of shots in its own zone, is actually able to breakout of that zone in an orderly and efficient way, sustains offensive pressure in the other team’s zone and regularly scores even-strength goals, so I think it’s pretty clear the team is certainly better than last year’s train wreck (even if it was hard to tell during this weekend’s two debacles.)

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Finding Roles for the Caps’ Misfits

Evgeny Kuznetsov is among the players for whom Barry Trotz has struggled to find a consistent spot in the line-up. (Photo: Bruce Bennett/Getty)

To break out of their slump, the Capitals needed offensive contribution from their second line. Marcus Johansson and Andre Burakovsky scored four points each in the last three games, all Caps wins. Before that, when the Capitals struggled to get points, their third line featuring Joel Ward and Jason Chimera shone. Right now, the Caps have an eight-plus goal-scorer on each of their top three lines in Alex Ovechkin, Johansson, and Ward.

Coach Barry Trotz has found three successful pairs so far: Ovechkin-Backstrom, Johansson-Brouwer, Chimera-Ward. Andre Burakovsky seems to have secured second-line center position for now, which leaves two main vacancies in top nine: top-line right wing and third-line center.

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I’m not going to dedicate this week’s Awesome Index to Jay “top-line” Beagle, though his pass to set up Alex Ovechkin’s goal during Tuesday’s game against the Blooj was irrefutably awesome.

But a successful Capitals season depends on Alex Ovechkin spending almost 60 percent of his time on attack. Last night he spent just 30 percent of his time on attack. Top-line Beagle isn’t awesome in the long term, which is one of the principal lessons we should have learned from the last guy to stand behind the Caps bench, whose name I don’t want to mention in the Awesome Index, lest it be sullied.

But there’s plenty of other awesome stuff. The Caps have won three in a row, which is absolutely awesome. And while the ways in which they’ve won those games haven’t been particularly awesome, what with the noted lack of SCOAR MOAR GOALS once they get a lead, maybe I’m just thinking about it wrong.

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