RMNB9 O RLY: Saturday, April 9 at RFD!


Note: Orly won’t be at the party. He’s got a game that night.

We’re nearing the end of the greatest regular season in Caps history, so now it is time for the greatest party in RMNB history.

Come party with us at RFD on Saturday, April 9! We’re calling it #RMNB9: O RLY!

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#RMNBPartyGr8: Saturday, March 21 at RFD!


Prepare yourselves. It is time.

We haven’t thrown a real party since last March–when the Oates!Caps won in San Jose. That was way too long ago. We gotta do it again.

Come party with us at RFD on Saturday, March 21st!

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On Friday night, we hosted a private party at a bowling alley in Frederick, Maryland, to say thank you to all the readers who donated to help make RMNB last. We raised nearly $26,000, which is going to go a long way towards helping us do some special projects and improve in general.

But let’s talk about the party. It was a frigging blast and that’s not just because I got gifts for my 30th birthday (thanks, Sarah!). Around 80 of you drove up to our hood and bowled while the Terrace Lanes’ crew blasted unspeakably bad 90s music over the loud speakers. There was lots of drinking (a tenet of a good party), a lot of bad dancing (another tenet of a good party), and some unintentionally synchronized outfits.

We originally planned to end the party at 11:30 PM, but reader Charles just was like eff that, and extended everyone’s lanes until 12:30 AM.

That’s just the type of readers we have.

Amanda Bowen did us a solid and photographed the first hour of the party. Check those out, and please if you have any photos of your own, share them in the comments below.

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The Brouwers with all three Brouwer Rangers. (Photo: Sheena D.)

9/8 Update: With post-event bake sale money and online donations included, the total raised actually comes to $2,800!

Thanks to everyone who braved the wicked traffic to come out to PARTYZORD: The Brouwer Rangers/RMNB ‘Legends of Ice Dancing’ Tour de Pouwer (to Support Fort Dupont Ice Arena)™ on Saturday morning. In just two short hours, we raised more than $2,100 for Friends of Fort Dupont Ice Arena! Can you believe it?!

That includes money contributed through the raffle, bake sale and silent auction, and surpasses the total donation we made along with the Brouwers last year! Even better is that the real total is probably even higher than that, thanks to folks who couldn’t make it out to the party but still donated online. (If you’d like to do that now, head over to FDIA’s donation page.)

We think Emily put it best:

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Fort Dupont Ice Arena Needs (And Deserves) Your Help


Skaters on the ice at Fort Dupont Ice Arena. Photo: Friends of FDIA

This Saturday, Sept. 6, RMNB and the Brouwer Rangers are hosting #PARTYZORD: The Brouwer Rangers / RMNB ‘Legends of Ice Dancing’ Tour de Pouwer (to support Friends of Fort Dupont Ice Arena)™.

Between the special guests (ahem, Troy and Carmen Brouwer, anthem singer Bob McDonald, etc.), the raffle prizes and sundry shenanigans (e.g. Ian fulfilling his Ice Bucket Challenge), it’s going to be a lot of fun. But it’s also going to raise money for a really worthy cause. We wanted to take just a minute to tell you more about it.

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This is just some of the stuff we’re raffling off at #PARTYZORD!

#PARTYZORD: The Brouwer Rangers / RMNB ‘Legends of Ice Dancing’ Tour de Pouwer (to support Friends of Fort Dupont Ice Arena)™ is just 2 days away! In the extremely unlikely event you need more reason to come than just hanging out with us (and Troy and Carmen Brouwer, and Bob McDonald) and ice skating, we wanted to give you a sneak peek at what you could be taking home from the rink.

We’ve had a great response from local businesses that wanted to join us in supporting Fort Dupont Ice Arena by donating gift cards and other goodies to the raffle. Here’s what we’ll be raffling off (as pictured above):

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Anthem singer Bob McDonald, not in spandex, and the Brouwer Rangers. (Photo: @CAPLDY)

Yesterday, we announced that Troy and Carmen Brouwer will be joining us this Saturday, Sept. 6, for  #PARTYZORD: The Brouwer Rangers / RMNB ‘Legends of Ice Dancing’ Tour de Pouwer (to support Friends of Fort Dupont Ice Arena)™. But if hanging out with the Washington Capitals’ best player* and his cool wife isn’t your thing, maybe our next VIP guest will be.

We’re excited to announce that the one and only Bob McDonald – star of stage and screen, part-time wine snob and certified American hero – will be kicking off the festivities with his beloved rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner,” a.k.a. our national anthem, promptly at 10 a.m.

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#PARTYZORD: The Brouwer Rangers / RMNB ‘Legends of Ice Dancing’ Tour de Pouwer (to support Friends of Fort Dupont Ice Arena)™ will be held this Saturday from 10 am to noon, and it’s stacking up to be pretty epic. You should RSVP to it and stuff. In addition to 2 hours of open skating time at Fort Dupont, we’re offering a mouthwatering bake sale menu and will be raffling off more than $550 in prizes (more on both later this week), all to raise money for one of the Capitals organization’s favorite nonprofits promoting hockey and other ice-based sporting activities in the community.

As if you needed more reason to attend, we’re also super excited to announce some special guests who will be partying with us.

Can you guess who it is? Go ahead, guess! (No cheating by looking at the headline of this article.)

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RMNB Party 7: PARTYZORD! Sept 6 at Fort Dupont Ice Arena


[Editor’s note: Here’s Nathan of the Brouwer Rangers, here to make fun of me and also invite you a party. – Peter]

Remember that one time when we ran an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for local hockey-related charities, and you guys responded with such absurd generosity that each charity ended up getting $2,020.20, and you guys ended up getting some fun Brouwer Pouwer swag like t-shirts, jerseys and even some fanny packs?

That was fun. Let’s do it again!

But it’s kind of boring to do the exact same thing again. Plus, crowdfunding is totally played out. Just ask Zack Danger Brown. Instead of just repeating something that was relatively easy (not-to-mention wildly successful beyond our hopes and expectations), we decided to try something new that might not work at all!

That’s why we blackmailedtalked the RMNB guys into joining forces to throw what is guaranteed to be at least the 7th best RMNB Party yet1, and we’re calling it:

PARTYZORD: The Brouwer Rangers/RMNB ‘Legends of Ice Dancing’ Tour de Pouwer (to Support Fort Dupont Ice Arena)™2

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RMNB Meetup: Hockey Night at the Frederick Keys!


Ian and I were born and raised in Frederick, Maryland, which is the greatest city on the face of the Earth. This is relevant information, because now we’re inviting you to town.

Our hometown baseball team, the Frederick Keys, are having their hockey night on Saturday, April 12. We’ve missed the event two years in a row, but we’re definitely going this time– because Craig Laughlin and Alan May will be there! And we want you to come too.

We’ll eat peanuts, drink beers, talk hockey, watch baseball, and generally have a blast.

Who: You! Us! Craig and Alan! Glynn Davis!

What: Hockey night! Keys vs Lynchburg Hillcats! (Boo Hillcats! We don’t like them!)

Where: Harry Grove Stadium, 21 Stadium Dr, Frederick, MD 21703

When: Saturday, April 12, 2:00 PM

Why: Because the weather is nice, the people are good, and the hockey makes us sad.

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