The Tom Wilson #LotsOfTigers Carved Pumpkin


There were a lot of great carved pumpkins this year, but my favorite has to be by reader Emily K., who was inspired — like many of us — by Tom Wilson’s confusing #LotsOfTigers hashtag. Her reach may have exceeded her grasp, but dammit, it’s the thought that counts.

I’ll let her explain.

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Happy Halloween From Ann Schaab


We’ve known for awhile that Ann Schaab has great taste in men, but how about Halloween costumes?

Last weekend, Ann’s family traveled to Connecticut for a hockey tournament which her brother Matthew played in. Melissa, Ann’s mom, explained that there’s usually time to kill between games and a need to get away from the rink. So the family went to Target to try and find Halloween costumes.

Ann tried on the Left Shark costume. It was fun, but just wasn’t her.

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A Rare Sight: The Capitals Practice Rink All Fogged Up


Photo: @ChuckGormleyCSN

Halloween is just a few days away, and in the true spirit of the holiday, the Caps arrived at their practice rink at Kettler Capitals Iceplex this morning to a very unusual and spooky sight: Fog on the ice.

Check this out.

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TJ Oshie Urges Another Blues Fan to Upgrade to the Caps


Photo: Meg R.

When St. Louis Blues fan Meg R. attended the Capitals’ recent game against her hometown Calgary Flames, she hoped to meet up with her favorite former Blues player, TJ Oshie. She got a lot more than that, including some fandom advice from Oshie himself.

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Photo: @nastyashubskaya

For the first time this season, Alex Ovechkin didn’t score in Friday’s monster win over the Edmonton Oilers. Instead he had to settle for two assists — and apparently a puppy. In an Instagram photo shared Saturday evening, Ovechkin and fiancee Nastya Shubskaya posed with their new dog, a flopsy black puppy named Blaik. “Get to know the new member of the family,” Ovechkin writes.

And one more thing: Ovi is dressed like Batman. That’s because the Capitals are having their Halloween Party tonight. Oh yes.

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Ah, yes. Just some late-night hockey for the Caps. Thursday night finds the team halfway through their trip through western Canada, a routine road game in Vancouver. Nothing to see here.

Wait. What the deuce.

Computer! Enhance quadrant 72-aught-niner!

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Photo: @WashCaps

Alex Ovechkin scored his 900th point Tuesday night in a brilliant 6-2 Caps win. It’s a milestone that has never been accomplished by a Capitals’ player in the franchise’s 41-year history. Ovechkin (764 games) is is also the second-fastest to reach the 900-point mark among active players (Jaromir Jagr 681).

“It’s a huge milestone,” Ovechkin said to The Washington Post’s Isabelle Khurshudyan. “I love my teammates. It’s hard to do by yourself in this league.”

“I didn’t know it was my 900th,” he continued. “It’s a special moment for me.”

Ovechkin posed with his 900th point puck after the game. The two players who assisted on the play– Evgeny Kuznetsov, who won a defensive zone face-off, and Brooks Orpik, who wrapped a pass down the boards to Ovechkin –also were in the picture. Kuznetsov sported a Russian smile while Orpik cheesed big for the camera.

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Look What Winnipeg Has Done to Mathieu Perreault

Mathieu Perreault

By its absence of parks and its low temperatures, Winnipeg has corrupted our sweet, kind, winsome Mathieu Perreault into something dark and cold. His eyes, which once relayed a love for all things verdant and true, now chill the very marrow in your bones. He’s become indifferent to the joys of life. He seeks neither companionship nor romance. Perreault lives only to smote the ruin of his foes upon the park-less wasteland that is Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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While the Caps won a hockey game tonight, something else more important happened: Bensten Schone returned to Verizon Center after his tragic accident last January.

While sledding, the six-year-old Bensten accidentally went into the road and was struck by a car. He was taken to the hospital where he stayed in a coma for nearly two weeks. The RMNB community and, later, the entire Caps community, responded, getting behind the hashtag #pray4bman, where individuals posted selfies with hand-written well wishes. Eventually, Bensten pulled through and even sent the team motivational videos during the playoffs.

“He’s working really hard, really really hard and doing really really well,” his mother Heather told RMNB’s Chris Gordon. Bensten goes to Churchill Road Elementary School in Fairfax County, where he receives individualized teaching to help get him back to where he was before the accident.

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Photo: Washington Capitals

Braden Holtby will wear a special lavender goalie mask again when the Capitals host the Pittsburgh Penguins for Hockey Fights Cancer Night on Wednesday, October 28. The team released photos of the special-edition mask today.

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