Photo: @Ovi8

Do Ovechkin, Kuznetsov, and Orlov realize Burakovksy isn’t– like– Russian? What is going on here? I have so many questions. I just hope they feed him.

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In episode one of The Road To The Winter Classic, Tom Wilson and Michael Latta revealed that they are protective of their on-ice dad, Nicklas Backstrom. In episode two, Backstrom showed a rare glimpse of his life away from the rink, where he is actually a dad. The segments featured Backstrom’s daughter, Haley.

After returning home from New Jersey, Backstrom and girlfriend Liza took their one-year-old daughter to the park. “We were just on a road trip for six days,” Backstrom said. “You’re kind of like, ‘I wonder if she recognize me now?'”

The Swedish dad pushed Haley on a swing and rode down the slide with her. It’s adorable.

“It’s one thing to have a good group of guys on a team,” Backstrom said. “We’re all family, but it’s awesome to come home from games and enjoy her.”

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Photos: Eric Brooks

RMNB reader Eric Brooks, AKA the Ovechkin Beard Guy, was at Verizon Center last night. He appeared to have a good time. We saw him twice: first in a selfie during warm-ups with Ovechkin in the background, and then again when his beautifully coiffed crumb catcher made an appearance during CSN’s intermission.

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Capitals Auction Off Ugly Sweaters from Holiday Video

CapsChristmasSweaters (5 of 13)

Photos: Chris Gordon

The Capitals offered a special opportunity for fans at Monday’s game against the Senators. The team auctioned off the ugly sweaters the the players wore during their recent holiday video. And really, who wouldn’t want to hang up these hideous things in their living room year round?

There’s Braden Holtby’s Christmas sloth, Michael Latta’s “filthy animal,” and Marcus Johansson’s X-Mas themed Space Invaders sweater. But here’s where I warm your heart. These sweaters helped the Caps raise $3,050 total for Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic.

Chris was at Verizon Center and snapped photos of the auction items. Take a look!

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Santa Clause Sang the National Anthem Tonight and Killed It


Photo: @capsredrockers

On Monday, the Washington Capitals broke out a special surprise for the seventh day of Hanukkah. Before their game against the Ottawa Senators, Santa Claus sung the national anthems. In sonorous tones reminiscent of Bob McDonald, Santa, who was definitely not Bob McDonald, belted out “The Star-Spangled Banner” and “O Canada” to the hundreds of fans in attendance, who cheered with bewilderment and amusement.

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Heeeey, girl. (Photos: Katie Brown)

When I think of the Winter Classic, I think of hockey, snow, and my favorite pastime returning to its roots. Monday afternoon, District Sports Page’s Katie Brown discovered newly installed advertisements at the Navy Yard Metro stop, and it appears Reebok has a much more liberal idea of what the Winter Classic means.

Featuring hockey player models Joel Ward and Marian Hossa, Reebok tells (or potentially warns) us that Winter Is Coming. We then find The Big Cheese sitting half naked in a slushy lake and hauling a giant tree up a mountain. Yes, for those of you who have always thought that the NHL needed to more closely associate itself with lumberjacks, you’ve gotten your wish.

This whole thing is strange and odd, especially considering the players they chose to feature.

Anyways, below are all of Katie’s shots. Follow her here. They are a wonder AND a delight.

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Photo: @WashCaps

This morning, Washington Capitals skaters practiced in their blue Winter Classic pants, red helmets, and red socks. That’s cool, but take a closer look at Braden Holtby. The Holtbeast wore his custom catching glove, blocker, and pads for the Classic and they are awesome. Also, his new helmet.

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All photos via BrooksLaichyear.com

A lot of national media have called Alex Ovechkin selfish, among other awful things over the years. With that said, let’s talk about Ovechkin’s Saturday night in New Jersey.

The Russian machine had one of the most dominant performances of his career, including a sensational tally we’re calling The Goal Part II.

So how did Ovechkin celebrate? By thinking of someone else of course.

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Introducing the John Kerry/RMNB Selfie

Kerry Selfie

John Kerry is now a friend-of-the-blog, I guess. Like us, he shares a passion for hockey. Kerry has been playing his whole life, from the varsity team at Yale to the Lawmakers team he led during his years in the Senate. A few days before the Bruins White House appearance in 2012, Kerry appeared at the State of the Union with two black eyes and a broken nose, injures he suffered during a pickup hockey game.

Back in February, I interviewed him before he dropped the puck as part of a ceremony honoring the Olympic athletes from the Jets and Capitals. We chatted just off the ice in the private quarters of Capitals owner Ted Leonsis.

“You know this guy?” Ted asked Kerry. Indeed he did.

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Photo: @CapitalsPR

Before the Caps and Panthers faced off in Sunrise, Alex Ovechkin, in those ridiculous yellow spandex shorts, met up with some joe schmo during warmu… OMG, that’s Bobby Orr!

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