Ovi watches fan metro’ing home. (Photo: @of_elk)

Tonight, the Washington Capitals gave away Alex Ovechkin bobbleheads to everyone in attendance. Before the game (inspired by Reader Greta) we asked you guys to tweet us your own personal photos with the Ovi bobblehead. Some of them were really clever – such as the one of Ceramic Ovi pointing to The Ovi Spot. And some, like the above photo, kind of made us wonder.

Like why did someone break their bobblehead? They could totally get like $40 for that ish on eBay! Why does the person sitting in front of it not seem bothered at all that a decapitated ceramic head is staring back at her? Also, how did someone manage to perfectly wedge that noggin in-between the seat railing. I have so many questions.

Regardless, here are my favorite 20 photos you guys sent us. Keep being weird, you weirdos.

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Photo: @LoriPampushky

Not only is Troy Brouwer adept at scoring goals, he’s also an accomplished photo-bomber. Check out these beauties. Our latest example comes from Sunday night when a Caps fan took a picture in front of the glass during warm-ups.

Brouwer turns around and cheeses for the camera. Note the eyebrows.

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Brooks Orpik’s Nosebleed, Dammed (Photo)


Photo via @NHL

Alex Ovechkin wasn’t the only Caps player to get banged up on Sunday. At some point during the game against the Ducks, Brooks Orpik got whacked in the face and had his Brooksie beak bloodied.

No matter, Greg Smith shoved something up Orpik’s nose so he could return to play…


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Photo: @JulianneHough

Brooks Laich and Julianne Hough have been dating for a little over a year, and it seems to be going well despite it being a long-distance relationship– with Hough in Los Angeles and Laich in northern Virginia. Opposite coasts!

On Saturday, the couple, which I will refer to as Broolianne for the rest of this post, got to spend time together during Valentine’s Day– just because the NHL’s schedule-maker was kind to them.

During the day, Laich spent time at Hough’s home, and Broolianne took some lovely pictures for social media.

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Photos: Amanda Bowen

A few weeks ago, during All-Star Weekend, Alex Ovechkin went on a seemingly bizarre quest to add an eighth automobile to his fleet of fancy cars. After failing to win it during the Fantasy Draft and All-Star Game, Honda relented, giving Ovechkin the car once they learned why he wanted one so bad: he wanted to donate it to Ann Schaab, a young girl he went out on a date with earlier in the year, and her team, the Washington Ice Dogs.

It’s the feel-good moment of what could be Ovechkin’s fourth MVP season.

On Monday, Ovechkin accepted the vehicle at a special event held at Bill Page Honda in Falls Church, Virginia. Schaab got to sit in the car. She did interviews with local media. There were plenty of adorable moments.

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Fan Asks Why John Wall Is Not Playing


Photo: Meg Hasken

Where is John Wall?

For starters, this is hockey, and Wall plays basketball.

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Photo: Mike Hickey

After Sunday’s All-Star Game, Alex Ovechkin made a sweet gesture by teaming up with Honda to donate a car to Ann Schaab and her hockey team, the Washington Ice Dogs. A few days later, after the Capitals shut out the Pens, Ovechkin met up with Ann and a few of her teammates in the Capitals locker room. They took photos together. It was cute.

What makes it even cuter is Ann’s stern words for Ovi. According to team president Mike Hickey, while Ann was happy to see her date again, she was not so happy with Ovi starting a nine-player scrum late in the Pens game.

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Photos: Under Armour

Just like RMNB, Under Armour was founded in Maryland. And just like RMNB, Under Armour has an inordinate amount of Maryland Pride.

Last week the clothing company put online two new styles of basketball shoes that any Marylander positively must own. Named after Baltimore’s Mobtown, the limited edition shoes feature a clear rubber outsole showing the Maryland flag design. You won’t want to walk in the mud in these. The inner sole and back of the shoe feature Maryland flairs as well.

The shoes come in red and black and are part of the Mobtown series, which was first released to the public in 2011. They are Under Armour’s first casual sneaker. You can get them on UA’s website for $99.

Check out these photos.

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Photo: Steve Oleksy’s Instagram

Hockey players are tough; here’s another story about that.

Let’s go on a trip to PPL Center, where the Hershey Bears on Wednesday night took on the Lehigh Valley Phantoms. Thirty-two seconds into the game, Steve Oleksy took a rough run from defenseman Brandon Manning.

Binky was like oh hell no and dropped his gloves. As Manning and Oleksy pawed at each other in the corner, Oleksy’s helmet came off. Manning’s stayed glued to his head.

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Photo: Frederick Breedon

Last night, as I wrote about Alex Ovechkin fulfilling the birthday wish of a five-year-old at practice, I noticed something in the bottom left corner of Chuck Gormley’s photo. (My crazy art school eagle eyes see all the pixels.) It was a glove, and that glove had a special inscription.

I fired up the RMNB Enhancing Machine.

Turns out it’s Evgeny Kuznetsov‘s glove and it is stitched with the name KUZY. Take a look.

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