Poll: Which Local Baseball Team Do You Root For?


Today, the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals completed their battle of the beltway series, with the Nats winning the rubber match 3-2. During the game, the Washington Post’s Scott Allen tweeted a photo of a “Go Caps” sign which I retweeted on the RMNB account. Apparently it was a Caps Fan Club outing today at Camden Yards.

It made me wonder, as a Caps fan which baseball team do you root for? Vote below, let’s test a hypothesis.

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Will Alex Ovechkin Rally Down The Stretch?


Photo credit: Richard Wolowicz

Coming into this season, I referenced PDO and why it would be responsible for the Caps’ offensive woes this season. The good news is that the pendulum swings the other way too, so while this season has been quite a disappointment — even more so than I thought it might be — I think the final stretch may progress to the mean.

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Was Mike Green’s Suspension Too Harsh? Vote Below.

Since everyone is discussing on Twitter, please let us know what you think of the Mike Green suspension. What would you have done? Here’s the Russian Machine’s Take. Lastly, if you want to help Mike Green make up for the 81k he lost due to the suspension, please buy these autographed bobbleheads from his online store for $80!. We only need 1,000 of you to buy to make it happen. Easy.

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