Caps vs Maple Leafs Pregame: Take Advantage

Tonight begins a stretch of games for the Caps against relatively weak competition. But there are no easy games in the NHL, and the Maple Leafs are better than their record shows, so it’s not as if there are any gimmes on the horizon for the club. Then again, tonight’s game is a perfect example of a game in which the Caps need to take advantage of the schedule. Seize the carpe, so to speak.

The Leafs are in town, fresh off an overtime loss last night to the Red Wings. Having played last night, and then travelling to DC after, Mike Babcock’s boys likely won’t be at their freshest tonight at the Verizon Center. Time to prey on the weak.

Check your local listings for channel, as the game is on CSN+ at 7 PM.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 9-3-0 55.3% 100.6 22.9% 86.1%
Toronto Maple Leafs 2-8-3 49.8% 98.8 12.8% 77.8%

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Caps vs Bruins Pregame: A Schmidty Situation


Fresh off being further embarrassed by the Tyler Seguin trade, the Bruins come to town to face a Caps team that’s looking to bounce back from an uneven performance against Rangers on Tuesday.

Before we fully shift our focus to tonight’s game, lets revisit the hug heard ’round the world. Non-Flawed Human Nate Schmidt spoke on the subject today and said that getting hugged by Alex Ovechkin is like getting hit by a bus.

Peter, who also speaks for me on this topic, is so excited that he’s tweeting about his nipples.

Back to the Bruins. Let’s check in on their psyche:

In your head, Krejci! In. Your. Head.

Schmidt’s team plays at 7 PM. The trusty CSN channel on your teevee has the coverage.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 8-3-0 56.1% 99.6 22.6% 88.2%
Boston Bruins 6-4-1 51.3% 99.7 34.2% 70%

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Caps at Rangers Pregame: Big Lights Will Inspire You

The Caps visit the Rangers in an absolutely huge, pivotal, supremely important, must-win battle for first place. Or, it’s November and, while it’s always nice to bank two points against a division rival, there’s hardly anything resembling a must-win this time of year. In fact, teams only face a must-win in the playoffs when they have already lost three games in a series. Or in the regular season if they are facing mathematical elimination from the playoffs. Nothing else is a must-win.

But anyways, it’s the Rangers, it’s MSG in NYC, and both teams are off to hot starts. So, this should be a fun one. You can find the action at 7 PM on CSN.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 8-2-0 55.5% 101.4 24.1% 87.1%
New York Rangers 7-2-2 49.3% 105.0 14.3% 87.9%

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Caps at Panthers Pregame: Halloween-Themed Title


Photo: Amanda Bowen

After winning a game last night in which the first period may have put you to sleep, the Caps visit the Panthers tonight to renew acquaintances with their old Southeast Division rival.

Enter predictable trick-or-treat pun here.

The Panthers played last night as well, so playing on back-to-back nights doesn’t put the Caps at a disadvantage.

Enter something about “dressing up a win” here.

CSN has your coverage for the 7 PM tilt.

Enter something dumb here about the game being in Sunrise but the fact that it’ll be dark out and the dark is spooky on Halloween oh my god this would be the worst joke ever I am definitely not going to do this.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 7-2-0 55.0% 101.7 25.9% 86.7%
Florida Panthers 5-4-1 49.6% 104.5 25.6% 76.2%

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Caps vs Blue Jackets Pregame: Torts Returns


Photo: Caps Outsider

It’s not even the end of October, but the Blue Jackets have already fired their coach and brought in John Tortorella. So, yeah. things have been bad for ol’ CBJ. They’ve won their last two, albeit against really weak teams (Colorado and New Jersey), and Sergei Bobrovsky won’t be the worst goalie on the planet for the entire season. So, don’t expect a cakewalk tonight.

As for your Caps, they are looking to bounce back after Wednesday’s loss to the Pens in which they played pretty well.

Welcome back, Joe B and Locker. We’re back on CSN and the action starts at 7 PM.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 6-2-0 54.7% 101.4 28% 85.2%
Columbus Blue Jackets 2-8-0 50.7% 94.7 20.5% 69.7%

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Caps vs Penguins Pregame: Viewer Beware

The Penguins come to town tonight. You already knew this, right? Or do you count on these game previews to inform you of the schedule? Please advise, reader.

Tonight’s game worries this writer. The Caps are shooting 12.4 percent at 5v5 this season, a number they won’t be able to sustain all season. The Penguins are shooting 4.9 percent at 5v5 this season, a number that is too low to be sustainable. So, will the PDO gods visit DC tonight to normalize things? Hopefully not. Hopefully, like Wilson Phillips, they can hold on for one more day. But if the percentages do normalize tonight, let the viewer beware.

Speaking of viewer beware, tonight’s game in on NBCSN at 8 PM.


Watch on CSN if you can. Sike. You can’t.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 6-1-0 55.1% 103.2 31.8% 83.3%
Pittsburgh Penguins 4-4-0 47.9% 98.7 7.1% 84.6%

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Caps at Oilers Pregame: Tinder Hockey

We’re back at it for another night of hockey action, kids!

Today is Friday and tonight’s game is at 9 PM, so this one might bleed into your late night Friday social plans. We’ve got you covered with two options of how to combine these activities:

  • Option One: Gather up your bros and/or ladies and head to your local watering hole to watch the game. The game ends a little before midnight and BAM, the dance floor is just a few feet away.
  • Option Two: Use the second intermission, around 10:45 PM local time, to hit up Tinder. Swipe right and message. By the end of the game, you should have a lucky someone lined up for drinks and whatever else it is that you Tinder people do.

The Caps play the Oilers tonight. The Oilers have won the draft lottery 5,792 times in the past few seasons and have a lot of high-end forward talent stockpiled. In DC, we needed that to happen only once to become a legitimate NHL team.

Puck drop at 9. Fire up CSN, charge your cell phone, and get ready to swipe right for a Caps victory.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 5-1-0 55.2% 103.6 27.8% 83.3%
Edmonton Oilers 3-4-0 46.4% 99.3 17.4% 92.0%

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Caps and Canucks Pregame: Caffeine Bulking

The Caps visit the Canucks tonight for a 10 PM game in what is often hailed as one of the cooler cities in North America.

Bro, you know how you go into bulking mode and eat a ton more calories than normal when you’re trying to put on some muscle? Do that today, except with caffeine instead of calories. Or just go to bed at your normal time and come back to RMNB tomorrow for a full recap. Or take an evening nap.

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Caps at Flames Pregame: U Up?


Photo: Amanda Bowen

The Flames are off to a terrible start, going 1-4-0 with a minus-9 goal differential through their first five games. The Caps come to town fresh off a successful homestand, save for one stinker against the Sharks, looking to extend the Flames’ misery.

The Flames made the playoffs last season despite being one of the worst possession teams in the league. Puck luck was on their side last season, as the Flames PDO, a flat 101, ranked fifth in the entire league. This left the analytics crowd predicting the Flames would come back down to earth this season, unless they somehow managed to get the bounces again in 2015-16. So far, the Flames have been a miserable possession team and haven’t had any puck luck.

Despite the fact that Brandon Bollig is a third line forward and Deryk Engelland tries to pass as an NHL defenseman, this isn’t a team the Caps should take lightly. They are a hardworking team due to start catching a break or two. Here’s to hoping those breaks don’t come tonight. Puck drop is at 9 PM on CSN.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 3-1-0 52.7% 101.1 38.5% 84.6%
Calgary Flames 1-4-0 43.9% 94.9 21.4% 81.3%

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Caps vs Hurricanes Pregame: Welcome Back, Nicky!


Photo by Amanda Bowen

The cure for anything that may be currently ailing you: It’s Saturday and Nick Backstrom is returning to the Caps lineup.

The Hurricanes are in town. They’ve played pretty well this season, but have had mediocre luck and terrible goaltending. Let’s hope tonight is not the night that the PDO gods decide to smile upon them.

Game time is 7 PM and ya crew at CSN has the coverage.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 2-1-0 48.6% 102.8 27.3% 77.8%
Carolina Hurricanes 1-3-0 56.8% 93 12.5% 88.9%

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