Caps vs Islanders Pregame: Every Game Ovi


Photo from the Capstragram

I officially renounce my every-other-game theory about Alex Ovechkin. For a few weeks, Ovi would do something ridiculous in a game and then take the next night off. Except now he’s doing it every single game. Not to be greedy but the Caps are gonna need even more of Ovi’s magic for Saturday’s matinee match-up against the New York Islanders.

Saturday’s is the first of three games within the Metropolitan division, in which the Caps currently find themselves in second place. It’s gonna be a big week.

The game is on CSN. Puck drops a little after 12:30.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 32-17-10 51.9% 100.1 24.4% 81.4%
New York Islanders 39-19-1 54.4% 99.5 19.1% 74.7%

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Caps vs Jets Pregame: Ovi on Top

I thought a picture of Ovechkin laughing is appropriate right now.

The Capitals are finally home after their longest road trip of the season. The Caps took 6 out of 8 standings points on that trip. That smiling goof in the GIF above– he scored 8 points.

And yet the team still isn’t where want them. Holding onto a wild card spot is too humble. The Caps will play three of their next four at home and against three division teams. Now would be a good time to climb the standings.

Let’s start with the Winnipeg Jets, who aren’t really as bad as I have said. Puck drop at 7 PM on CSN.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 31-17-10 52.0% 100.2 23.6% 81.0%
Winnipeg Jets 30-19-10 54.0% 100.0 18.3% 80.9%

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Caps at Penguins Pregame: 120 Minutes of Awesome


From Caps Instagram: “My name is Alex Ovechkin, I lead the nhl in goals.”

The Capitals have had the Penguins number so far this season, and that number is zero. In 120 minutes of hockey, Washington has outscored Pittsburgh seven goals to none.

But the Penguins of February 17 are healthier than previous versions, and Holtby has been averaging 3 goals against over the last 10 days. It’d be a nice trick to end the road trip with another blowout over a division rival, but the Caps are gonna have to bring the ruckus to get it done.

The lineup makes me think they might pull it off. Puck drop at 7 PM on CSN.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 30-17-10 52.0% 100.3 23.1% 80.8%
Pittsburgh Penguins 32-15-9 53.1% 100.4 20.7% 85.7%

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Caps at Ducks Pregame: Everybody Plays!

Valentine’s Day didn’t work out well for the Caps, but they’re gonna have to get over it quickly. Reminds me of the Replacements’ song, “Valentine.”

Well if tonight belongs to you, tomorrow’s mine

I think Paul Westerberg meant something different by that, but last night certainly belonged to the Kings. Tonight at 8 PM on CSN, the Caps get a chance to own the day against the Ducks of Anaheim.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 29-17-10 52.0% 100.3 23.2% 80.3%
Anaheim Ducks 35-14-7 51.6% 100.1 18.3% 81.0%

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Caps at Kings Pregame: It’s Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, humans. I hope you’re blah blah insincere message goes here.

The Caps father-accompanied road trip through California continues tonight in Los Angeles. We last saw the Kings on February 3, when the Caps gave the reigning champions a 4-0 drubbing. I called that the best game of the season. If you’re willing to stay up late tonight, maybe the Caps try to top it.

If your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/special friend of any kind is willing to stay up late with you to watch, you know you’ve got a good one.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 29-16-10 52.2% 100.4 23.5% 80.0%
Los Angeles Kings 24-18-12 55.3% 99.5 19.2% 78.0%

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Caps at Sharks Pregame: Fathers’ Trip Begins

NHL: San Jose Sharks at Washington Capitals

Brown vs Volpatti, last season (Photo: Geoff Burke)

The Capitals have had two full days and then some to recover from that lowly effort against the Philadelphia Flyers. That loss capped off a successful but busy week for Washington, and now they start another busy week– this time in California, going up against some of the best teams in the league.

For starters: the San Jose Sharks, who the Capitals last year defeated on the road for the first time. Maybe they could do that again?

It’s a late game, so get all your homework done before you tune in. 10:30 PM on NBC Sports.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 28-16-10 52.4% 100.4 23.1% 80.4%
San Jose Sharks 28-20-7 51.9% 99.1 20.6% 81.5%

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Let’s hope this goes better this time around (Photo: Geoff Burke, USA Today Sports)

Pity poor San Jose. So close to San Francisco, and yet so powerfully, profoundly uncool. So flooded with tech start-ups and venture capital money, yet unable to afford anything interesting downtown. So little meth, so much meh.

The exception that proves the rule in this case is the San Jose Sharks. Even before the era of the awesome Todd McLellan, the Sharks were and remain perennial challengers in the playoffs. Their roster isn’t exactly packed with brand-name star power, but that hasn’t held them back any– this year or those previous. Hey, any team that takes the ice through the mouth of a giant shark while Metallica blares is OK in our book.

Both the Sharks and the Caps might enter tonight’s game thinking they’ve got a little something to prove. For our part, Sunday’s smothering by the filthy Flyers at Verizon stung– at least, we hope it stung enough for the Caps to step up their game.

Today we have the treat of hearing from David Pollak, who covers the San Jose Sharks like a blanket for the San Jose Mercury News, with his views of Todd McLellan’s squad, and how things might shake out at the Shark Tank tonight.

Pollak is one of the sharpest hockey reporters around, and better still, he didn’t make fun of us for our lame questions.

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NHL: Washington Capitals at Philadelphia Flyers

Photo: E Hartline 

I could use this space to talk about how Caps-Flyers games tend to devolve into nastiness and how Washington hasn’t really beaten Philadelphia yet as soundly as they should.

Instead, I want to talk about Al Koken, whose 30 years covering the Caps for CSN (and HTS) will be celebrated today. Is there anyone outside the team who knows them better than Al? He’s an institution; his voice has been a part of my experience with the Caps since the beginning. Before that even: Koken covered the Caps in their inaugural eight-win season.

A lot has changed, including the name of the network he works for. Also we eradicated smallpox somewhere in there.

Sunday’s broadcast will find Al in all sorts of roles: he’ll do play-by-play for one period, analysis for another, and ice-level reporting for the third. Game starts at 3 PM on the station formerly known as Home Team Sports.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 28-15-10 52.5% 100.8 23.4% 80.9%
Philadelphia Flyers 22-22-8 48.5% 100.6 23.3% 75.0%

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The Ducks are the most interesting team in the league. Using the validated, near-consensus measurement for small-sample 5v5 success– i.e. puck possession– the Ducks are nothing special. Their perch atop the league is perhaps due to their record in one-goal games, which all you thousands of Orioles fans know isn’t something you can sustain forever.

But there’s also this widespread belief that Bruce Boudreau is somehow making his team better at scoring without making them better at having the puck. I’m skeptical, but it’s undeniable that they’re a fun team to watch.

That’s exactly what we’ll do at 7 PM tonight on CSN. Go Caps.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 27-15-10 52.4% 100.8 23.5% 81.2%
Mighty Ducks of Anaheim 34-12-6 51.5% 100.5 17.8% 81.5%

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Caps at Senators Pregame: In The Other Capital City


Bobby Ryan, Erik Karlsson, and some other guys! The Ottawa Senators are competing hard for the team-I-care-about-least award, pulling way ahead of the Stars since the summer and going neck and neck with the Canucks right now.

Tonight at 7:30, on CSN Plus, the Caps will try to extend their amazing one-game winning streak.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 26-15-10 52.2% 100.5 23.7% 80.8%
Ottawa Senators 20-20-9 49.8% 100.6 16.8% 83.0%

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