Save $20 on Playoff Tickets Using SeatGeek


The Capitals have defeated the Flyers (finally), so now is the time to secure your tickets to the Caps vs the Pittsburgh Penguins in the second round. For the first time 2009, we’ll see Alex Ovechkin vs Sidney Crosby in the playoffs. I’m so nervous I could vomit.

Using SeatGeek, the top mobile ticket app, RMNB readers can get $20 back on their first order using the promo code RMNB.

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Win Seats to Capitals vs. Penguins on December 1st

Esteemed pest control company, American Pest, protects your home from all kind of varmint. Let’s — hypothetically— say you cooked up two trays of red Jello shots for the playoffs and then accidentally left them out on your counter with a nearby window open, and then ants roughly equal in number to the cast of Ben-Hur began an occupation of your kitchen. American Pest can help.

American Pest is also a Washington Capitals sponsor, and they’re running  a contest whereby you can win tickets to the Capitals-Penguins game on December 1st. The contest, in all its byzantine logic, is described below:

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