The general manager of Dynamo Moscow and the Russian national team, Andrey Safronovspoke with Dmitry Nesterov of Sovetsky Sport in an interview published on Tuesday night. In the piece, Safronov dismissed the possibility of Caps captain Alex Ovechkin’s returning to his club.

The quote itself is a bit confusing, but we’ll make sense of it.

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Alex Ovechkin’s Tribute to Dynamo Moscow


Photo: @a0gr8

Early Sunday morning DC time (2 AM), Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin instagrammed a photo. The Russian machine stood in front of some sort of Dynamo Moscow shrine (I assume in his mansion), smiled, and held up his finger. He wrote:

с Днем рожДения, роДное Динамо!!!я очень горД что я Динамовец!….Люблю..Горжусь…я очень горжусь что вся моя семья Динамовцы!!!!

I had no idea what that said, so I asked Igor and Fedor. This is how it translates.

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Photo: AP

Two years ago, Igor and I visited Caps 2012 seventh round pick Sergey Kostenko in Reading, PA for an interview. Kostenko, who sadly is no longer with the Caps, previously played in Metallurg Novokuznetsk’s system in Russia and had a lot of great stories.

My favorite story was about newly honored member of the Hall of Fame, Dominik Hasek. The Dominator wasn’t just smart, he was an athletic freak.

A partial transcript from Igor’s interview follows.

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Photo: Phoenix Coyotes

George McPhee let Mike Ribeiro walk after a one season with the Capitals. Based mostly on his power-play work, Ribeiro signed a lucrative deal with the Coyotes. He was promptly bought out for poor on-ice performance and poorer off-ice behavior.

Now, on a reclamation deal with the Nashville Predators, Ribeiro is doing pretty darn well.

None of that has anything to do with this startlingly antagonistic interview Ribeiro granted to Canadian francophone newspaper La Presse. Speaking with Mathias Brunet, Ribeiro shared some Milbury-esque and McGuirean opinions about his former team.

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No, Alex Ovechkin is Not Going to the KHL, C’mon Dude

Like the changing of the seasons and the turning of the tide, you can depend on rumors of Alex Ovechkin returning to the KHL to pop up on a regular basis. You can set your watch to it, if you want your watch to be really unreliable.

On Thursday afternoon, we got our latest dose of Ovi-back-home panic, as quoted by Slava Malamud.

The full text of the interview isn’t quite so inflammatory.

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Photo: Sergei Belski

After the Capitals defeated the Chicago Blackhawks 3-2 Friday, Sovetsky Sport’s Leonid Varshavsky spoke to Caps rookie Evgeny Kuznetsov. The talented forward, scratched for the first time in his NHL career that night, spoke about his relationship with Barry Trotz and how he’s been adapting to life in America.

All in all, you see a player who readily admits that he still has a lot to learn before he becomes a great player in the NHL. “The hockey is different,” Kuznetsov says. “I understand now that you can’t compare KHL and NHL. It’s entirely different.”

“There’s little use for what you learned in the KHL,” he added. “You learn everything from scratch.”

RMNB’s Fedor Fedin has your translation below.

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Photo: @areva8

On Monday afternoon, we learned a Russian teen named Denis got this Alex Ovechkin tattoo on his arm. The story broke on the bro-iest of brosites to ever eat pineapple pizza, Barstool Sports. The story spread like wildfire, showing up on Puck Daddy and CBS Sports.

When you’re a bro, sometimes you miss stuff right under your nose. Barstool missed the coolest part of the story: Ovechkin himself not only liked the photo, he also commented on it in Russian. Whaaaaa.

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Photo: Amanda Bowen

In May, Dmitry Orlov suffered a broken left wrist at the 2014 World Championships, ending the young defenseman’s first appearance on the top Russian national team early. Though hampered by the injury over the summer, Orlov rehabilitated in New York City with former Caps forward Alex Semin before coming to Washington for training camp.

Orlov originally was slated for an opening-night roster spot after being one of the team’s best defensemen last season. Orlov said his wrist is pain free, but he is still wearing a yellow non-contact jersey during training camp.

According to Orlov’s agent, Mark Gandler, the complicated nature of Dima’s surgery is at least part of the reason his rehabilitation has been taking so long.

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The best moment of Caps Rookie Camp didn’t happen on the ice. It happened on Monday in front of a podium. That’s where one Czech, Jakub Vrana, who knows some English, helped another Czech, Vitek Vanecek, who knows virtually none, speak to the media.

The result was a five-minute press conference full of laughing, inscrutable Czech banter, and one-sentence English translations for the media.

Curious as to what Vrana and Vanecek were actually saying to each other in their native language, I reached out to Darina Sameková, a bilingual Czech, and asked her to translate LITERALLY EVERYTHING.

The result is a stressed-out Vrana desperately trying to get good answers out a joking Vanecek. It’s just the best. You have to trust me and read this.

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On Wednesday, CSN aired a feature by Jill “Sasha Whisperer” Sorenson on Washington Capitals prospect Nathan Walker. It’s a fascinating piece.

Sorenson documents just how difficult Walker’s road to the NHL has been. There are only 22 ice rinks on the entire (!) continent of Australia. The rink closest to Walker was 45 minutes away– we assume that’s drive-time in a V8 Interceptor Pursuit Special.

But the best part of the story was when Walker told a story about Jakub Vrana from rookie camp.

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