Photo: Michael Martin

ESPN is allergic to hockey, but on Thursday night Alex Ovechkin‘s big goal in Colorado was strong enough to justify keeping an EpiPen and some Benadryl at hand in Bristol.

John Buccigross narrated Ovechkin’s game-winner as SportsCenter’s top highlight of the night.

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Photo: Doug Pensinger

Alex Ovechkin stepped into the offensive zone alone.

The game tied, both teams down a man, the Russian machine faced three Colorado players.

Solo, he deked and moved past all three. He put a backhanded shot on net.

A miss, but no matter. The boards at Pepsi Center were alive; the puck returned to Ovi.

Avs goalie Reto Berra was out of position; this was Ovi’s moment.  He tucked the puck over the goal line with a killer’s calm.

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Eric Fehr Scores OTGWG, Ends Suffering (GIF)


Yey! (Photo: Mark J. Rebilas)

The Capitals have been a chore to watch lately. They lost both games of a back-to-back over the weekend, managing to score just one goal in the efforts. Through 180 minutes (through the end of rego on Tuesday), the Caps had scored just two goals in three games. Boring.

Three minutes into overtime agains the Coyotes, Brooks Orpik and Eric Fehr combined to end our suffering. That two-game losing streak is over and, yay, three goals in three games. I can smile again.

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Like I don’t even know what to say.

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During Friday’s first intermission, Craig Laughlin and the rest of the Comcast Sportsnet crew presented Joe Beninati with a birthday cake. In typical Locker form, however, the cake from Clyde’s had been destroyed before arriving in front of Beninati, who is celebrating his 49th birthday.

“We had a little accident, everybody,” Laughlin said laughing. “You know what my mom says? ‘It’s always the thought that counts.'”

Laughlin tipped the cake over to the camera.

“I can read it,” Laughlin continued. “It says ‘Happy Birthday.’ There was ‘Joe B’ below that, but… this is sort of what happens to you [in your life], right?”

“That’s my story in a nutshell,” Beninati deadpanned.

Later, Laughlin struck a match and lit a candle on the cake. As he blew out the match, the candle on the cake sitting in his lap was blown out.

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Epix, that new, weird television channel the NHL is forcing us to watch, has released a teaser trailer for its four-part Road To The Winter Classic series. The footage is like 75 percent players pumping iron, but hey, whatever, NHL. It’s something. I’m excited.

I went ahead and GIF’d literally every clip of the Caps in it. There’s something comforting and hypnotic about watching infinite weightlifting and fist-pumping.

If you sign up for Epix now, you’ll be able to watch the series. You should probably do it right now (and give the Epix people the marketing material they need to be in more homes). The series starts Tuesday, December 16th at 10 PM.

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Photo: Caps Instagram

After Wednesday’s practice concluded, Braden Holtby took his son Ben out on the ice for a father/son skate. Much like Cale Chimera’s cameo Monday, it was adorable.

Tiny Ben, who is like ten million times cuter than this horrifying photoshop we once made, took the ice for the very first time with a tiny stick and a gigantic bicycle helmet.

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Photo: Luis M. Alvarez

Nine minutes after his five-on-three tally, Alex Ovechkin scored again. This time it was due to a beautiful, well-timed drop pass from Jay… Beagle?

Wait, what? Did I really just type that?

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Photo: Geoff Burke

It took the Washington Capitals nearly 80 seconds, but they did indeed score on a five-on-three powerplay against one of the most dreadful (and undermanned) teams in the league. And tell me if you’ve heard this one before, Alex Ovechkin scored from The Ovi Spot. Hey! Even the Capitals are calling it that now.

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On Monday, Washington Capitals players got a special treat at practice. Cale Chimera, Jason Chimera’s adorable six-year-old son, came to the rink and hung out with the team.

Or at least I thought it was something the players would enjoy.

“I stay away from him,” Karl Alzner said to NBC Washington, terror in his voice. “He has too much energy for me. If he’s anything like his dad, he’ll be able to go for days.”

During practice, as Caps captain Alex Ovechkin left the ice, he met Cale at the bench. Ovi went for a wrestling move. It ended up being a poor decision on Ovi’s part.

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