Photo: @WashCaps

The Washington Capitals let Tom Wilson and Michael Latta loose on their Twitter account Tuesday night. The roommates unleashed an endless barrage of tweets, answering questions and commenting on the final episode of EPIX’s Road To The Winter Classic (EP:RttWC?).

The friends, known for their chirping, made fun of everyone and everything they came across, including themselves. Below are some of our favorites.

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After the Washington Capitals concluded their first and only practice on the Winter Classic ice sheet, head coach Barry Trotz gathered his team in a semi-circle.

“They’re kicking us off the ice so we can let our families and let the people who helped us get here and the people you care about have some time on the ice,” Trotz said as the group disbanded. It was at that point dozens of friends, girlfriends, wives, and children came out onto the ice to enjoy a family skate with the Caps.

“This is Belle,” Braden Holtby said to EPIX cameras. “This is her first time on the ice.”

“Too bad you won’t remember this,” Holtby said, as he head turned to his new-born daughter. “We will.”

Brooks Laich could be seen skating with his girlfriend Julianne Hough. Trotz even got to say hello to Alex Ovechkin‘s mom and dad, Tatyana and Mikhail.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with your son,” Trotz said to Ovechkin’s parents, as the Russian machine translates. “I don’t know if it’s a pleasure coming back, but I know it’s a pleasure this way. I think we get along.”

“Happy New Year, health, good luck for the whole team and your family,” Ovechkin’s father responded back in Russian.

“The same thing goes for you,” Trotz said.

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Photo: Jeff Vinnick

On Thursday January 1, 2015, Troy Brouwer scored one of the biggest goals of his career. I’d say biggest, but he also scored in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Brouwer’s father Don, who had a stroke five years ago, was able to come to Nats Park to watch the moment firsthand. Our friends, the Brouwer Rangers, captured the goal with some terrific GoPro footage. This is a fairy-tale goal in many ways. I may never ever get sick of it– just like Joe Juneau’s Eastern Conference Finals goal way back in 1998.

So here are some new views of Brouwer’s goal. We’ve got the ref cam, the net cam, and then a bunch of awesome new photos you haven’t seen yet. #BrouwerPouwer

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On Friday, the NHL released the Gigapixel, an insane panorama photo from the Winter Classic that allows you to zoom in to everyone in the crowd. You can even get up-close and personal with Pierre McGuire, allowing us to creep on him for a change.

I asked you to send us some screenshots of who you found in the crowd. This turned out to be a very funny exercise.

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When news broke that the Capitals asked the US Army Chorus sing the national anthem, some wondered if it was potentially a cost-cutting move. In previous Winter Classics, famous, Grammy award-winning musicians have sung the Star Spangled Banner, including the Zac Brown Band last year and Patti LeBelle in 2012.

Instead, Caps anthem singers Master Sergeant Bob McDonald and Master Sergeant Caleb Green combined with Caps PA Announcer Wes Johnson to author one of the most beautiful pregame ceremonies and anthem singings I’ve ever seen. In fact, the whole thing was so dang perfect and well-done, I found myself overwhelmed. I sobbed by the end of it.

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RMNB’s Photos of the Winter Classic


Photos: Amanda Bowen

Unable to secure a photo credential for the Winter Classic from the NHL, we went on the open market to buy a ticket. Then we saw the prices (the most expensive in five years) and had a small panic attack. That is until reader Sarah Heffern reached out to us. One of her friends was sick, unable to come, and needed someone to claim the ticket. She offered it to us at a discounted price.

Because of Sarah’s generosity (read her account of the game), we now bring you these incredible photos from Amanda Bowen. She manages to capture nearly the entire experience. Below are photos from the  spectator plaza, the merch area, the USO Board, and inside Nats Park. She also brings you the Brouwer Rangers, Ovie the Bulldog, that sick flyover, Kathryn Tappen, and a celebrating Troy Brouwer.

We’ve linked to the high-resolution version for each photo, so we encourage you to click on your favorites. These are truly incredible pics. The shadows and light are crazy.

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Chalk Talk with Troy Brouwer

Photo credit: Mariah Mallon, 106.7 The Fan.

Just two days before scoring the game-winning goal with 12.9 seconds remaining in the 2015 Winter Classic, Troy Brouwer was opening one last Christmas present from his two biggest fans.

Brouwer joined 106.7 The Fan’s John “Cakes” Auville, Capitals radio announcer John Walton, and a handful of listeners and fans for a “Chalk Talk” event at the radio station. The hour-long discussion touched on a wide variety of topics, including Winter Classic anticipation, the Caps’ season, new coach Barry Trotz, what Brouwer thinks the team needs to be a Cup contender, and much more.

The undisputed highlight of the night came about 15 minutes in, when Cakes beckoned Ranger Ryan to the stage to present Brouwer with our gift.

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After the Winter Classic ended in dramatic fashion Thursday, Mike Green told reporters, “We were screaming so hard in the huddle I almost passed out. I could only imagine what the fans were doing.”

Now we know, thanks to Brouwer Ranger Ryan’s helmet camera.

In an undeniably prescient move, Ryan switched on his helmet cam as Blackhawks star Jonathan Toews headed to the penalty box for hooking in the game’s final minute. He would capture a moment of pure joy just seconds later, when Troy Brouwer picked up a loose puck in the left circle, loaded it into the Brouwitzer and shot it straight at poor Corey Crawford.

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Screen: @myregularface

While Karl Alzner’s sunglasses were a thing, Alex Ovechkin‘s new earphones demanded our attention during warm-ups before the Winter Classic.

The Russian machine wore Beats by Dre’s new Powerbeats2 wireless earbuds, becoming what I think is the first hockey player to wear headphones on the ice. Look at Ovi breaking down walls.

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In sad but true news, the following hashtag trended in Washington D.C. on Twitter: #WinterClasic. Yes, pound sign Winter (spelled right) Clasic (missing one s).

I know what you’re thinking: C’mon, Ian. There’s no way thousands upon thousands of people made the same mistake.

So let me show you some of my favorite tweets. The list includes some pretty famous people.

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