Becoming, Part II (Comic)


And here’s the story I’ve been so excited to tell. In part I the boyfriend wondered aloud how hockey fans are made. This is our answer.

But, as I hope this story that Rachel has beautifully rendered tells, being a fan is more about the connections between people than the connections between people and teams.


There’s Shinny (pre-nickname I assume) at the Cap Centre with her dad, watching the Capitals take on the Flyers. She’s a disaffected little girl, distant from everything around her– particularly her dad.

And then a switch gets thrown. A little girl invests herself in the same silly game as her dad, and now they’ve got something to share. Something lasting. And she begins forming an identity for herself– deliberately– as all kids should be able to do. You build yourself into what you want to be, even if it’s something with a mohawk and an un-ladylike passion for hockey violence.

That’s the off-ice story we like to tell at RMNB. The story of building bonds with a team, with each other, and within yourselves.

Well done, Rachel.

— P

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  • Hockeynightincanada

    Been a long time since anything hockey related made me laugh. Well done and so true!

  • jennrubenstein

    wow, love this!

  • Slava Malamud

    Hmm… If it’s a Caps home game, and October 1996 was before they ever had an alternate uni, shouldn’t they be wearing white? (Sorry… Had to do this. A uniform buff)