Do Not Overinflate (Comic)



Week two already! Let’s delve deeper into the relationship between Shinny and her boyfriend, an enthusiastic young man who is blissfully unaware of certain hockey protocol. For example: there are certain gifts that should not be given to fans of teams who have not won the Cup.

It’s the fan version of the player superstition: one does not touch the Cup until one wins the Cup.

I’m not into superstition personally, but man oh man Rachel is. And so is Shinny, our titular mohawked hero. But more on that later. For now, we have to deal with the inchoate conflict between Shinny’s dad and her boyfriend. The PuckBuddys say the boyfriend is cute, and that cracks me up.


PANEL 1:  BF holds the gift box out to Shinny.

BF: As your boyfriend, I have learned that I am sometimes supposed to buy you things.

This is one of those things.

SHINNY: Tell me you didn’t…

PANEL 2:  She is aghast; BF is beaming with pride.

BF: …It’s an inflatable Stanley Cup!

We can put it in your bedroom, and you can keep your jewelry in it.

PANEL 3: Shinny is furious.

PANEL 4: BF is confused. Dad is stern.

BF: I did something wrong, right?

PANEL 5: Dad leans in on BF.

DAD: Until the Caps win the real thing, this abomination is like a black cat stapled to an albatross glued to a broken mirror. She won’t touch it.

Now what’s this about you in my daughter’s bedroom?

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  • mike

    These are absolutely terrible.

  • Peter Hassett

    Thanks for the feedback,

  • Rhino40

    A black cat glued to a broken mirror
    …on top of a hat placed on a bed under a ladder on Friday the 13th…

  • Ian Oland

    Rachel uuuu rrrr sooooo talenteddddd

  • Ryan O

    I agree with Mike. Mostly because Shinny is very hard to look at. It has artistic value though.

  • Peter Hassett

    Thank you for your valuable and constructive feedback.

  • mike

    It is mostly that I don’t see how this content fits in with the rest of the site. I come here for a witty take on Caps news, not so much for original content. I could (possibly) see this having been a regular feature had it been done during the lockout, but with hockey back on, I’d like a return to the regularly scheduled programming.

    Although the art style doesn’t appeal to me, on a second look, there are a number of nice touches (the bit of french on the box was particularly amusing); but nonetheless I’d prefer if this was either not in the RSS feed, or more obviously tagged in the article title so that i could more easily pass it if I weren’t in the mood.

  • Peter Hassett

    Oh well that actually IS good feedback. Thanks. Maybe we could set the comics off better? I appreciate it.