High Crimes (Comic)


At this point in the year, we all know what tension is about. The Caps-Rangers series is mostly a low-scoring affair, a goalie battle if you will. And in a goalie battle there is one matter that eventually comes up.

And there’s one guy who spoils it for everyone.

This is the story of that guy.

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Now I don’t think that saying “shutout” causes a goalie to give up a goal. I don’t think anyone actually believes that, and if they do I am saddened if those people have the right to vote. But the “shutout” ban isn’t about superstition, it’s about social cohesion. It’s manners and culture, a tiny little society that has created customs and traditions with which to regard themselves.

Shouting “shutout” doesn’t make you a jinx; it makes you a troll. If you know better, than invoke the s-word is akin to belching out loud or peeing in the swimming pool. This is the society in which you choose to participate, and it would behoove you to learn its customs.

Shinny’s boyfriend isn’t a troll. He’s just clueless. Almost adorably so. But… ugh! Did he have to?!

P.S. Check out the cameos by Walton and Wes and Sam and Joe and Craig and Sam and everyone else. Rachel really killed it on this one!

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  • http://twitter.com/pthread Jim Kelly

    Great explanation, I like it.

  • Akay15

    LOL love the Bylsma and Oates part

  • lrhflute

    This is brilliant, as always!! :)

  • http://twitter.com/knxvil Christie Rears

    Bylsma wishes he really had that much hair left…

  • http://www.facebook.com/davidr.wahnish David R Wahnish

    Greatness Again, RC!

  • http://twitter.com/ngreenberg Neil Greenberg

    “Shouting “shutout” doesn’t make you a jinx; it makes you a troll.” Oh really?