Lesson Learned (Comic)


Finally, we reach a kind of resolution on our story. Shinny had spurned her dad, choosing to bring her doofy boyfriend to the game instead. As you recall, it went poorly. Now: a decision is made.


I get it, I really do. Some of us just have people for whom hockey is a vital part of the relationship. You can’t do hockey without ’em, and you can’t really be with them without getting into hockey at some point. For me, that’s my pal Johnny, who first got me into the Caps. For Shinny, it’s her dad, who carried her home from her first game at Caps Centre a billion years ago.

Silly little things like hockey can become just as indispensable as the people you share them with, and I suppose that’s the lesson Shinny learned here.

New story next week! Happy father’s day!

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