Nothing Else Matters (Comic)


Last week, we gazed into the past. Today, we’re face to face with the stormy present. The Caps are DFL in the Southeast, struggling to establish a new style of play. It’s all drama all the time in Caps town, but there’s at least one thing fans can rely on– and Shinny’s boyfriend is here to remind us of that.

Ladies and germs, there’s Alex Ovechkin, looking demented and delighted, riding a bear. The timing for this bad boy couldn’t be better, fresh off a hat trick and hungry for more.

I really do believe that while Caps are surely having a rough transition, there’s still a lotta good stuff in the future. Stay fast and we’ll make it through the Tampax together.

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  • Hockeynightincanada

    Despite what some people have been saying, I am actually a fan of Oates and the system he uses. Despite me being a bit of a darksider towards this team, I wasn’t joking around when I said Dale Hunter was the best thing to happen to this team.

    Any hockey team will play better when they have a plan in place, just like what they did under Hunter and his defense first system. I truly believe that had Hunter stayed, he would’ve worked on the offense this year. After all, the Knights aren’t all about defense. People were critical towards Hunter in the same way some are critical towards Oates, but Hunter only had enough time to work on one thing, and defense is critical in any sport to form championship teams. Then Oates went on to bring in a system of his own without a real training camp or half of a season to do it.

    All in all, any hockey team that has a system to follow will be better, because it means that players all know their responsibilities, communicate on the ice better, and know the opposing man to cover. It’s only something the Caps have been doing for a year now, because under Boudreau, they had every player basically focus on a one-dimensional aspect of the game where there was little responsibility. It was exciting and brought a lot of regular season success, but never transpired in the playoffs. I guess we’ll leave the final decision in that on how far the Ducks go this year. Like I said before though, Hunter was the best thing to happen, and now Oates is taking them to the next level that Hunter would’ve done.